Our Allies Barbecue People, But Our Military Interrogates the People Before They Are Barbecued

Our allies barbeque people on a rotisserie. In secret prison chambers underground in Yemen, controlled by the UAE, our military interrogates the people first, but they don’t barbeque them per se, they just don’t stop it. 
The Iranian sponsored Yemeni Houthi Rebels are rebelling against a government that barbeques human beings after repeatedly sexually torturing and raping them.
The US is fighting the Houthi rebels that Israel and Saudi Arabia has decided are terrorists.
I guess that they enjoyed the barbeque.
Now the US government will open a military base in Israel to fight against Hezbollah and  Hamas,  an elected government that refuses what the entire world has refused to accept, illegal Israeli settlements beyond the green line of the 1967 borders that have driven Palestinians to dig tunnels for survival to transport food, water, and self defense, against the occupying terrorists and human barbecuing, and children decapitating allies.
Think Tanks in America are controlled by former prominent politicians like John Ashcroft, Steve Bannon, George Soros, and  Leon Panneta, and recieve tens of millions of dollars annually from Middle East countries that barbecue people, and decapitate children.
These individuals who are willing to take money from those nations,  are at the front of the propaganda machine for the Council on Foreign Relations consisting of about 4,900 journalists,  retired elected parastic government officials, and prominent business leaders.
Reported by AP News:

“At one main detention complex at Riyan airport in the southern city of Mukalla, former inmates described being crammed into shipping containers smeared with feces and blindfolded for weeks on end. They said they were beaten, trussed up on the “grill,” and sexually assaulted. According to a member of the Hadramawt Elite, a Yemeni security force set up by the UAE, American forces were at times only yards away. He requested anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the matter.

“We could hear the screams,” said a former detainee held for six months at Riyan airport. “The entire place is gripped by fear. Almost everyone is sick, the rest are near death. Anyone who complains heads directly to the torture chamber.” He was flogged with wires, part of the frequent beatings inflicted by guards against all the detainees. He also said he was inside a metal shipping container when the guards lit a fire underneath to fill it with smoke.”


UAE Embassy in US states:

“The United Arab Emirates and United States are close friends and strong allies. With shared interests and common values, the UAE and USA work together to promote regional security, create economic prosperity and address pressing global challenges. To learn more about the history and depth of this bilateral cooperation, please explore the pages below.”


CIA World “Fact” Book states:

“the UAE is a member of a US-led global coalition to defeat the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and a coalition partner in a Saudi-led military campaign to restore the government of Yemen.”


Israel announces that it is normalizing relations with the UAE:





These are some of the organizations involved with the Middle East receiving tens of millions of dollars annually:






These organizations have lobbied the MTCR for the UAE to now purchase drones.





The Intercept Reports:

“In its description field, the invoice reports that the payment was made for “Support for the Center’s Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) Study.” The MTCR refers to a 35-nation agreement that governs the export of certain large military-grade weapons. Countries can apply for membership in the MTCR and become eligible to buy these weapons. The MTCR has been a headache for the drone industry because some of its products are classified as missiles, which makes them more difficult to export. The agreement has also irritated U.S. allies, who would love to get their hands on sophisticated, American attack drones.

The UAE is one of the countries that ran into a roadblock in the MTCR. The Obama administration blocked the sales of some weapon systems to the Emirates because the MTCR prohibits their sale beyond close allies. Some lawmakers have pushed the Trump administration to allow for the sales.

Part of the campaign to allow the UAE to buy these drones has involved think tank work. According to emails obtained by The Intercept, Otaiba commissioned a private paper on the MTCR from CNAS. In a June 24, 2016, email to Otaiba, Flournoy wrote, “Yousef: Here is the CNAS proposal for a project analyzing the potential benefits and costs of the UAE joining the MTCR, as we discussed. Please let us know whether this is what you had in mind.”



Please read this outstanding summary of current Middle East affairs by Tyler Durden from  Zero Hedge :




“Earlier this week, al-Sisi warned against a military escalation in the Middle East, saying his country is opposed to strikes on Iran or the Lebanon-based Hezbollah group.”
Reported by Press TV:

Iran’s role in Syria

“The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman also said that Iran’s presence in Syria had been based on a request from the Damascus government.

“Once Daesh is routed, we (Iran and Syria) will continue cooperating, but the format of this strategic cooperation would change,” Qassemi said.

Iran has been offering the Syrian government advisory military help since conflict erupted in the country in 2011.”


More from Press TV:

“On Sunday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Palestinian resistance fighters in Gaza against conducting retaliatory attacks in response to the tunnel’s demolition.

The remarks echoed an earlier warning issued by a high-ranking Israeli military commander.

In an Arabic-language video published on late Saturday, Major General Yoav Mordechai, the head of an Israeli ministry unit responsible for activities in the Palestinian lands, warned Palestinian resistance fighters against carrying out an attack in revenge.

Israel and the Egyptian military have launched a campaign to destroy the tunnels, preventing the people in Gaza from bringing most of their basic goods like construction materials, food, and fuel into the coastal enclave.

The Gaza Strip has been under an Israeli siege since June 2007. The blockade has caused a decline in living standards as well as unprecedented levels of unemployment and unrelenting poverty.

The Israeli regime denies about 1.8 million people in Gaza their basic rights, such as freedom of movement, jobs with proper wages as well as adequate healthcare and education.”




The Dark Brutality of Israel – Andrea Iravani


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