The Most Expensive and Deadly “Healthcare” System in the World

Medical spending accounts for 18% of GDP, 12 % of GDP spending is totally wasted in a medical establishment free for all that is killing tens of thousands of Americans each year!

* In 2015, medical spending reached $10,000 per person! This isn’t healthcare! It’s robbery!*

Everyone knows that the medical community is first and foremost and also for most, a snake venom racket that profiteers off of the misfortunes of others!

2/3 of prescription drug spending is spent on psychiatric drugs ! Not only have they been proven not to work,  they make the underlying psychiatric ailment worse, and also cause extremely dangerous and costly health problems! 20% of patients use 80 % of the medical benefits! These drugs have been proven to  lead to obesity, diabetes,  heart disease, chronic pain,  and many other severe and frequently life threatening health risks such as the potentially fatal neuroleptic malignant syndrome. Atypical antipsychotics have also been proven to increase obsessive compulsive behavior including compulsive gambling and substance abuse. There is currently a class action lawsuit against Abilify for this!

Watch “Suicidal Tendencies – “Institutionalized” Frontier Records” on YouTube

There is zero incentive for anyone in America to discuss this because they are all making trillions off of it!

Under stress, the brain activates the fight or flight response. Since we live in a fascist society which has the worst human rights abuse record on the planet, the majority of people opt for mental flight. They stay where they are, but mentally check out through the use of drugs and alcohol!

All treatment centers rely on 12 step programs that have a 6% success rate, effectively showing a 0% success rate since 5% simply quit on their own without treatment, this is a  statistically insignificant increase in recovery success in contrast to no treatment. These programs have high suicide rates and add to the increased depression and alienation of those who question the “wisdom ” of Bill Wilson!

Since treatment centers make $12,000 to $50,000 for treatment, they are highly content with the revolving door policy of alcoholics and addicts relapsing and returning!

The problem with 12 step recovery programs is that they are fascist in nature, increasing the fight or flight response and subsequently,  relapse.

They promise a new freedom and a new happiness while trying to prohibit free speech and take control of new comers thought processes  and daily lives.

The 12 steps in and of themselves are excellent, but the Big Book which members place above the bible is completely insane and new comers whose lives have been turned into shambles are told that everything is exactly as God intended it. What could possibly be more antithetical to humility than the belief that everything is exactly as God intended it while living in luxury or comfortably while so many others are suffering and are in misery not of their own making? Also, if that is the case, I guess that if they drink or use drugs, that is God’s intention,  so why even bother going to AA? The newcomers  are also mentally assaulted if they reject the flawed ideology. They say the serenity prayer, but only believe that they are supposed to accept all of the injustices of the world and have been brainwashed into believing that they cannot change people, places, or things. If you have ever cleaned a house, or have done any gardening,  you know that is a lie! If you have ever had a discussion with someone, and either your own mind, or theirs was changed as a result of the information exchanged,  you know that is a lie! If you have ever read anything, or written anything and had your own mind changed by what you have read, or changed someone elses mind by what you have written, you know that is a lie! They expect you to have a sponsor who has ruined their own life, micro-manage yours!

Bill Wilson was a delusional, demented, psychopathic, predatory, sex addict that cheated on his wife until the day that he died. He never had an honest moment in his twisted life. AA used to have to send people following him, to prevent the sexual harrassmemt, assault, and exploitation of women. The fact that AA chose, and chooses to this day, to sweep all of that under the rug, and idolize him, is a testimony to their complete hypocrisy and dishonesty. Bill Wilson also had his spiritual awakeningon LSD, and craved alcohol until the day he died. The Big Book and the book called The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions authored by Bill Wilson, offer a glimpse into the mind of a mentally tortured egomaniac with delusions of grandeur and an incredibly twisted obsession with sex that controlled every aspect of his life. That is not someone that I would ever willfully consent to follow, or adopt the thought process, or world view of.

They say that politics cannot be discussed, even though the 12 traditions only say that the GROUP  does not endorse or oppose any causes! All issues are political. It is not merely talk of individual politicians that they forbid, they prefer a world view that blocks out everything except their own connection to it, essentially denying the existence and reality of almost the entire world. 

It is my hope that treatment centers, 12 step program central offices and groups will do a serious 4th step so that they are no longer exacerbating the situation in light of this national crisis!

It is estimated that alcohol abuse kills 75,000 people a year.

Watch “Neil Young – Needle and the Damage Done” on YouTube

Profiteering drug dealers AKA big pharma prevent the cost effective, medically effective alternative of marijuana, CBD and THC preferring to charge people $475,000 to treat cancer! “More recently, scientists reported that THC and other cannabinoids such as CBD slow growth and/or cause death in certain types of cancer cells growing in lab dishes. Some animal studies also suggest certain cannabinoids may slow growth and reduce spread of some forms of cancer. There have been some early clinical trials of cannabinoids in treating cancer in humans and more studies are planned. While the studies so far have shown that cannabinoids can be safe in treating cancer, they do not show that they help control or cure the disease.”

THC is also a far more potent analgesic than opioids and it is not physically addictive!

We feel your pain in our wallets! Love the AMA and pharmaceutical industry!

CBD and THC have also proven to be more effective at reducing anxiety disorders,PTSD, ADHD,as well as depression and other psychiatric disorders!

From the Journal of Neuropsychopharmcology:

With the CIA involved in heroin dealing, should this surprise anyone?!

This is a retitled reprint of What’s Up Doc?!
What’s Up Doc? –
Added 6/04/18- medical errors are the third leading cause of death in America estimated to be between 250,000 & 440,000 fatalities a year from medical errors! 6/04/18 1:00pmCT
The Zuckerberg Thought Police, and How the Mad Scientists Are Inducing Mental Illness and Suicide – Andrea Iravani

Andrea Iravani

*added Forbes article and accompanying paragraph at 7:08 pm CT 7/15/18

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