The Israeli Deal Has Only Given America Body Bags, Bloodshed, National Debt, and International Disgrace

President Trump is making a series of colossal and deadly miscalculations, on a multifaceted level. The ramifications of these miscalculations will reverberate not only throughout international, and our own national history, but throughout his and his descendants histories  as well.

President Trump has refused to approve the JCPOA, Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action, referred to in the media as the Iran deal, despite the IAEA’s repeated inspections which have verified that Iran is in fact, fully in compliance with the agreement.

Donald Trump says that the U.S. got very little out of the deal. This line of thinking can only be justified if one were to compare it to a pick-pocketer that stole someone’s wallet, was apprehended with the victim’s wallet, the apprehender then gives the wallet back to the victim, and the pick-pocketer says, ” I got very little out of the deal.”

Trump is evidently living in a bubble, and this has happened to every president, and it is understandable how something like that would occur. Perhaps a vacuum is a more appropriate comparison.  Presidents are surrounded by their advisors, which they have chosen, because the advisors agree with the President’ s world view.

The vacuum then becomes an echo chamber, and those in the echo chamber become convinced that their beliefs and perceptions are not only correct, but believed to be correct by the majority of the population.

Group think and delusions are the effects of living in an echo chamber.

One only needs to revisit how the echo chamber and its mind altering capabilities worked out for the DNC, and main stream media, to see where this is heading.

The echo chamber is similar to a fun-house of mirrors. Everyone in it mirrors everyone else. Nobody in the house of mirrors is looking at reality, but merely everyone’s misperceptions of reality, the confirmation bias of the misperceptions replacement with what is actually taking place convinces the house of mirrors residents to act and respond not to reality, but to the misperceptions of reality, and it results in their own destruction.

Outsiders witness the self-destructive policies, because the outsiders see the reality that the house of mirrors residents are blind to.

To the outsiders, the behavior of the house of mirrors residents appears to be a self-destructive, freak-show, circus act.

John Kerry has recently stated that the deceased Saudi King Abdullah, former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak,  and Benjamen Netenyahu had attempted to coerce the Obama administration to bomb Iran.

Cute! Israel is a nuclear power, and they asked the U.S. to bomb Iran, so that they would be immune from any and all retaliation from Iran.

RT reports:

The JCPOA is not a bilateral agreement. It was also signed by the U.K., Russia, France, Germany, and China.

Since the JCPOA, trade between the EU and Iran has increased by 93%.

Iran has been fighting the ISIS terrorists, which Israel just announced that they would ally with, to fight Iran,  the nation that fought ISIS, the nation that fought against the brutality in Yemen, and that had also freed the Israelites.

Iran, Syria, and Lybia have government owned central banks, in addition to North Korea and Venezuela.

Almost every country in the world has a privately owned central bank charging a bank tax on citizens, for which they have no right to claim. It is no coincidence that the federal income tax and the Federal Reserve Act were both adopted in 1913.

Know your enemy. It is not Iran, Russia, or even North Korea. It is the central bankers, the MIC, the deep state,  and Israel.

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In conclusion, it was not the Iran deal that America got the short end of the stick on, but the Israeli deal. The U.S. has foolishly defended the absolute brutality and barbarism of the Israeli government,  given $131 billion of borrowed money, that we do not have to Israel, while there is a horrendous poverty and homelessness EPIDEMIC IN AMERICA, have spent trillions of dollars defending Israel, and millions of gallons of our own blood has been spilled defending Israel and it’s terrorism. It has hurt us internationally, because the rest of the world has recognized this, and the U.N. has cited 70 claims of international law, and human rights violations against Israel.

So, President Trump, what does America get out of the Israeli deal, other than body bags,  international disgrace, and bankruptcy?

This article has been retitled, and first appeared as the following:

The United Puppets of Global Bankers, Israel, and Saudi Arabia – Andrea Iravani


Andrea Iravani

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