Fourth Major Bad Experience With Dangerous “Smart” Energy Meter

Today has marked the fourth experience with smart meter vulnerability that I have experienced, aside from the usual heating of the home, not in accordance with my thermostat setting and singing appliances that sing crazy annoying songs that make no sense, which I hear throughout the neighborhood. I have had lights turn off and on by themselves, and had my garage door open by itself.

The first near fatal occurrence was the turning on of my microwave oven, when I was in another room.

The microwave would not turn off, and it was an expensive three year old microwave. I had to unplug it. If I plug it back in, it automatically turns on and will not turn off. I also turned off the circuit breaker for extra precaution.

The second near fatal experience that I suffered from was a coffee cup that split in half as if it were split by a laser. It was sitting in front of an empty light socket on the kitchen counter. I grabbed another coffee cup, and that one also split. Nothing like that had ever happened in the past, and it has not happened since. If the coffee cup had not been there, I would have been zapped.( New laser surgery, right in your home. )I also placed baby protector caps in all light sockets after that, to prevent electrocution.

The third near fatal experience that I suffered from with my smart meter was extremely expensive. I had noticed that the meter read ddd-ddd. This was a default code. I called WeEnergies,  the Wisconsin energy company and told the We Energies employee about the default reading and the employee  said, oh don’t worry about it. I said what do you mean? I am being charged every month for this meter, and I expect to be able to read it. She said no,  you aren’t charged. You can just call us and ask us anytime that you would like to know your reading. I called back and spoke with the manager, who sent the two police officers to my house, and told me that it was not safe to stay here and I had to stay in a hotel for 4 days, until an electrician could come to the house. We Energies also replaced the meter with another smart meter.

Today, flood lights attached to the outdoor sockets were suddenly off. I checked the flood lights, which worked when I plugged them in inside of the house. I called We Energies and was told that it isn’t their responsibility, and that I should hire an electrician for repairing the outdoor light socket. After turning off the circuit breaker, and main breaker, it started working again. Luckily i didn’t listen to the We Enerigies employee.

I have done a bit of research on these smart meters today and was completely shocked to learn that they in fact can be hacked. Initially, I thought that someone had used Apple home to control my appliances when I was gone. They can also be hacked to explode.  That’s cute.

Here is some of the information that I found out about these stupid meters, and the stupid energy companies and stupid governments that force us to use them, or be without electricity. If you live in California,  you are lucky, because you are allowed to disconnect, after complete dissatisfaction by customers.

The Register reports:

“You can communicate with and control any device in the house from way across the street, open up locks, cause a short in the electricity system, whatever we want to do. A simple segmentation fault is enough to crash the meter, causing a blackout at the premises,” Rubin said.”


The Guardian reports :

“He can do billing fraud, setting your bill to whatever he likes … The scary thing is if you think about the power they have over your electricity. He will have power over all of your smart devices connected to the electricity. This will have more severe consequences: imagine you woke up to find you’d been robbed by a burglar who didn’t have to break in.”

“But even if you don’t have smart devices, you are still at risk. An attacker who controls the meter also controls the meter’s software, allowing him to cause it to literally explode.”

More info:

PG&E to let customers disable their smart meters — for a price

It’s time to ban the stupid and deadly meters once and for all, nation wide!

Update below  : 11:45 am CT December 11, 2017

The outdoor floodlight and garage have been hacked again. They will not turn back on after turning circuit breaker and main breaker off and on again. I left a voicemail with management that I have dealt with in the past at We Energies who will be returning to work tomorrow.

Update 11:57 am CT December 11, 2017 i The instruments were unplugged and plugged back in they work again.

I guess that I will have to go back to sleeping during the day, and staying up all night, until We Energies corrects this.

Adding this on 06/29/18 2:32am  Ex FBI video by poisoned to death with arsenic Agent Ted Gunderson opponent of smart meters who concurred that they are DEATH METERS!



Andrea Iravani

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