Chumps – Trump and Congress- Redefining Stupidity and Bad Deals

Trump and congress have decided to award America’s homicidal maniacs with $700 billion dollars for new weapons and a homicidal maniac pay raise.

Everyone in the world knows that the U.S. military does not fight for anbody’s freedom. They fight to end freedom, including for Americans. They are deviant homicidal maniacs. So are Trump and congress for enabling their quest for blood, torture, murder, and unprecedented human suffering, and human rights abuses.

We should not build our military up. We should break our military down. Having  700 permanent foreign bases and 400 temporary military bases is purely assinine.

It is complete bullshit. No country other than Saudi Arabia has attacked U.S. soil in most of our lifetimes, and they were just awarded with a $115 billion weapons contract. F<(× that! America gains nothing from this enormous expense other than the largest national debt in world history and national security threat elevation.

If you thought that the $700 billion homicidal maniac  fest was stupid, the U.S. has just handed over $700 million to Israel for a missile defense partnership. Israel is so corrupt, that the Israeli government sent a cable to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security warning of Israeli Mafia corruption which is on Wikileaks.

RT reports:

Congress approved $705 million for missile defense programs the US is developing jointly with Israel, including  $290 million for purchases and $268.5 million for research, development and testing – $558.5million more than the administration requested.
Wikileaks: Israel: A Promised Land for Organized Crime

“Lappin told conoffs that the new style of crime features knowledge of hi-tech explosives acquired from service in the Israeli Defense Forces, and a willingness to use indiscriminate violence, at least against rival gang leaders. New OC business also includes technology-related crimes, such as stock market and credit card fraud, and operates on a global scale.

8. (SBU) As the reach of Israeli OC has grown, so have the stakes. Crime families are working further from home and exporting violence abroad. Older gambling schemes have grown to include sprawling casino franchises in Eastern Europe. The Abutbul family began its gambling business in Romania over a decade ago, and now owns the Europe-wide Casino Royale network. In 2002, Israeli OC turf wars spilled into Europe when Yaakov Abergil and Felix Abutbul were killed two months apart. Abutbul was gunned down in front of his casino in Prague in a show of force by the Abergils as they attempted to capture a portion of the European gambling market.

26. (SBU) As recently as March 2009, Zvika Ben Shabat, Yaacov Avitan, and Tzuri Rokah requested visas to attend a “security-related convention” in Las Vegas. According to local media reports, all three had involvement with OC. Post asked the applicants to provide police reports for any criminal records in Israel, but without such evidence there is no immediate ineligibility for links to OC. Luckily, all three have so far failed to return for continued adjudication of their applications. Nevertheless, it is fair to assume that many known OC figures hold valid tourist visas to the United States and travel freely.”

I found someone with more fake news than the U.S. media in Israel. The Jerusalem post claims that they are purchasing $3.3 billion worth of weapons from the U.S. each year. That’s funny! The U.S. claims that we donate them. Both of these can not be true. Is the U.S. selling them to Israel and our government is pocketing the money for themselves? It would hardly surprise anyone!
We happen to have a major homelessness and poverty epidemic. How will this $700 billion trickle down? How will this help the third world conditions of Baltimore,  Chicago,  and Detroit? How will this keep our aging population in their homes? How will this $700 billion swindle do anything positive for anyone? It is like burning everything that there is, literally. It builds no wealth. It builds no capital. It Will Not Make America Great Again.  It will Make America Hate Again.
It is an absolute waste. It is a plan for homicidal maniacs and their deviant enablers.
The only wars that are ever won, are the wars that were averted through diplomacy.
Andrea Iravani

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