Stop the Charade! Economy is FUBAR Squared! Everyone Knows!

David Stockman had an excellent article in The Burning Platform, please take the time to read it:

My response to David Stockman’s analysis is the following:

Ha. Well, what is the alternative to ending the Plunge Protection Team? Trump stated that maintaining gone to plaid is a national security priority. Why? Because the alternative is to let the government employee pension plans with over 50% of their portfolios in equities suffer even more shortfalls than they already have, and also to admit that the 190,000 corporations listed as defense contractors receiving government subsidies by the defense department, not even remotely involved in defense is a complete scam, con, and swindle!

Fine by me. As a humanitarian, I believe that Kevorkian was the best doctor and he is just what this gangrenous economy needs.

Makes me laugh that the most ramped up capitalists are living in a corporate communist system and are 100% clueless about it!

The US has been debt free only in 1835, and had Andrew Jackson not made the error of adopting the gold standard, we would likely still be debt free, prosperous, and without the bloody war history that we have had.

Under the current system, the national debt has increased every year. Is anyone noticing a pattern after 105 years?!

Luxembourg, with the second highest per capita income in the world,of $104,000 annualy, after Qatar, has an external debt to GDP ratio of over
7,000 %! Seven thousand! Not a typo! We know where this is heading. Try looking at a 100 year table of compounded interest . Choose your rate.–of-nominal-gdp

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The Swamp Creatures That Ate Over 2/3 of GDP

Compounded interest is the eighth wonder of the world. Those who understand it earn it, and those who do not, pay it. – Albert Einstein


Andrea Iravani

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