Cults and Group-Think Have Destroyed America and Americans

American group-think and cultist  insanity is alive and thriving in America and is largely responsible for a great deal of the whacky establishment insanity that has reached dizzying heights, as they failed to get their way, that being, electing the most corrupt political candidate for president in US history.

We can attribute a great deal of this mind altering establishment display of lunacy induced propaganda to the Citizens United ruling, effectively changing the term bribery into free speech, with the creation of tens of thousands of 501 and 503 c 3s collecting money from the donor class and heavily lobbying- bribing Congress to allow their respective groups to actually write the laws of our nation. Politicians are now nothing more than ambassadors between the vested monied interests and the voters. Congress does not even bother to read the legislation that they pass, let alone write It!

There are just too many cults in America. People don’t even realize it. Just all of the 501 and 503cs alone! Thousands of them! Then they combine, and you get the DNC and RNC, which essentially have reunited into the Democratic-Republican party since the Clintons, rallying around permanent war, unfettered trade, Wall St. dominance, anarcho-corporatism, police state fascism, and both parties with their conned sheeple freaks and varying fringe groups rallying around the same principles, and totally clueless.

I have had personal experience with the effect that these groups have had on the political process. First I was involved with the RNC and abandoned them at the speed of light after TARP. I actually volunteered 40 hours a week for the RNC in 2004 for over 6 months, and minimally in 1992, since I was working about 50 hours a week at that time.

I joined the DNC in 2010, and never voted for Obama, since he passed TARP also, and because I had read about the Utah Data center in Wired Magazine, prior to Snowden dox release, had warned friends in the DNC, who basically thought that I was nuts when I told them that the NSA was collecting data on all of us on our communications and basically every move. That article appeared prior to the 2012 election.

While in the DNC, I was elected to the Resolution and Platform Committee of the Wisconsin Democratic Party. Granted, political platforms are often ignored by politicians,  but it did give me an insight into the way that the various 501 and 503c3s attempt to subvert the political process. Suddenly, to be a Democrat means to support all of their 501 and 503cs which really have such small fringe groups uniting together, forcing their agenda on the majority,  and the same thing goes for the RNC with vested fringe groups forcing their agendas on the majority that could in most case care less about those particular platforms.

So now all Democrats are supposed to unite around bathroom choices of people’s choosing and all Republicans are supposed to unite around ” I’m an energy voter?!” Of course those are just two examples of the hundreds of issues that these vested interests force on both parties, and it is also why people are leaving both parties in droves!

This is what we must do to save ourselves and our country:

Unite the Sane and Independent Center! – Andrea Iravani

The ironic thing is, that I suspected that the government would use the internet to spy on us from the onset of the internet, and wasn’t even online until less than a decade ago.

One valuable lesson  that I have learned in life is that when you have the insight to see the behind the scenes manipulations and blatant crimes taking place, which I have personally witnessed and discovered many,  and have the guts to talk about it, it creates so much cognitive dissonance with people who do not want to accept these brutal realities, so they decide that you must be crazy, because if you are crazy, you imagined it, therefore it is not true, because that reality would be completely unacceptable and intolerable.

Well, very powerful forces have gone to extreme lengths to silence, isolate, intimidate,  and discredit me, but thanks to certain people like William Binney, Ted Gunderson , Dr. Robert Duncan,  too name a few in the surveillance industry, and to online activists like, I can know that I am not alone in this fight against the diabolically evil and Orwellian establishment. I’ m not sure who is targeting me. I have been very vocal and politically active for my entire life.

My smart meter has been getting my appliances to be singing extremely annoying songs that don’t make sense and have no meaning what so ever. It is simply done to annoy, intimidate, disrupt, torture, and harrass.

The fact that the establishment has gone to such extraordinary lengths to do this to me and evidently so many others that there are online and community support groups for victims of these American terrorists is proof that they are extremely weak, don’ t have a legal leg to stand on and have no intellectual argument what so ever to counter my many criticisms of this demonstratively corrupt system.

So, establishment, whoever you are. I suggest that you know when to fold them and walk away, and leave me and the thousands or millions of others alone. Your evil histories will exist past my and your other victims deaths. We are not your enemies. You are your own enemies, and you are too stupid to realize It! The truth will still exist after all of our deaths! It will continue to be discovered, and people will continue to be outraged by it and fight against it. Your own moral and intellectual failures  are your enemy.

I have also been gang stalked and attacked by online trolls so terrified of their own incompetency, stupidity and evil histories. They gang up and Group attack.  I have experienced this from the right and the left. They never have anything intelligent to say, and usually resort to referring to me as a stupid cunt or crazy person. So what. I really don’t care.

To any other victims or people who care about victims, please learn the facts here:

Here is proof of  this unbeliveable Orwellian fascist surveillance state by ex intelligence agents.



Please watch all ten epidodes of Ted Gunderson, ex FBI agent.

Watch ex FBI agent Ted Gunderson 9/11 truth symposium

It Is Time to Crash the Surveillance State That Has Destroyed America and Increased Crime – Andrea Iravani
You Are Powerful!
Andrea Iravani

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