The Medical Mafia, Eugenics, and the Silent Civil War

There is a silent civil war that has been taking place in America, at least since 1998 when my father was murdered by the Medical Mafia, and then they murdered my mother in 2015, and now they have moved onto me.

Ground zero is in the hospitals and in medical testing! Colonoscopies, PAP smears, mammograms, MRIs, CAT scans, etc., all of which Obama mandated increased spending in use nuclear “medicine” in many of the tests and people who have felt perfectly healthy, are suddenly diagnosed with a fatal disease, that is extremely expensive to treat, and yields no guaranteed positive outcome,  and uses nuclear “medicine” as the cure, in addition to poisonous chemical “therapy”.  I actually recieve telemarketing calls from Aurora Medical Center for mammograms, even when I was not of age to get them, have no family history of breast cancer, am not an Ashkenazi Jew, and never took hormone replacement therapy!!!! The Wisconsin North Shore has one of the highest breast cancer rates in America! It’s a racket, and a silent civil war! Serving the AMA, and the political elite! I still regularly recieve harassment calls from United Healthcare, despite the fact that I have changed my phone number!!!

Eugenics started in Wisconsin in the early 1900s. One of Wisconsin’s largest exports to Canada is medical samples! After being unconscious at Columbia St. Mary’s Ozaukee, I abruptly stopped menstruating, and believe that they stole my eggs to sell them, and illegally implanted an active RFID device in my left ear, since I have been tortured by excruciatingly loud screeching and ringing noises in my left ear. The village president of Grafton, where I live is James Brunnquell, who holds zero office hours in the village, and is a manager at Froedert Hospital fulltime!

With the increased medical testing, mandated under Obamacare the white mortality age fell for the first time under Obama. Other racial groups mortality age rose during the same time frame.
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Andrea Iravani

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