America’s Spirit Has Left This Land Before Mine Has

America’s spirit has left this land before mine has. I never envisioned it to turn out this way, and I do not like what I see one bit.

This brings two books to mind, one about Pol Pot entitled First They Killed My Father, and another about North Korea under Kim Jong Il.

I have known people who have witnessed the destruction of their nation, and fled to America in order seek relief from the brutality of revolution and the sudden change that it often brings. Ironically, it appears that after decades of patience with an entirely corrupt and self serving establishment, the only way out of this brutal oppession is to either move to another country,  or live through a revolution. The truth is, that this psychopathic establishment has gone to extraordinary lengths to maintain their tyranny, and most appear to have zero intention of accepting the fates that are presented before them. Hillary Clinton and Robert Mueller are two infamous examples of this. George Soros is another. There are millions of them. Over four million with security clearance alone, spying on and terrorizing us.

In the book about Kim Jong Il, and please, do not use this as war propaganda, because he is dead, and is not in power, the author was writing about how Kim would say on a weekly or monthly basis, next week, we will go to war against the United States. At first people thought that he was crazy, then they started to fear him, then they just got sick of listening to him and sick of living under the threat of war with the country with strongest military power. Life became unbearable, always waiting for the other shoe to drop, and never being able to experience any hope or normalcy and a happy life, due to the constant threat of war, and the subsistence rationing for the rest of society, in order to support the military and the government. The author got to the point after years of living under this threat, FINE! JUST GO TO WAR, AND GET IT OVER WITH!

Many Americans are at that point now, with the civil war that this evil establishment has been trying to throw us into, and it would only serve the needs of the establishment. That is what many on the left and right do not realize. Had I not personally known people who have lived through such things, I may feel differently. While I call for a reversion to the Constitution, and a government that represents the interest of the citizens over the corporatocracy, I do not look forward to upheaval.  I dread it. However, the over whelming majority of Americans have clearly reached their breaking point. It is treasonous that this establishment has just made their lives more difficult, adding insult to injury, with the CIA importing heroin into our country, and then incarcerating people that they sell it to, in a for profit prison system, by adding thousands of ridiculous laws that we are forced to comply with, and cost hundreds or thousands of dollars a year, like emissions testing and license plate renewals on new or fairly new cars. Like the soda tax and all of the crazy nanny state laws. It is insane. Businesses are shutting down in record numbers, because the consumer is out of money, new businesses are not being created. There aren’ t enough decent jobs in America.  It really upsets me when I hear people on the right blaming the unemployed for being unemployed when there aren’t enough jobs. Nobody signed up to be born.

As long as the left is bashing the right for asking conservative speakers to speak at a college event, and as long as the right is bashing the left for supporting social safety net programs, the evil establishment wins, and they think , oh good they’e fighting each other, and not us, we’re safe.

I understand how easy it is to get frustrated with people over political activism when they disagree with views that I hold. I cannot understand trying to revoke someone’s civil rights as a result of my opposition to their views, and I cannot understand wanting a civil war and violence because I disagree with their views.

Baltimore, Detroit, and Chicago are now near third world cities. This is a blood curdling nightmare that we are living through, and it is maddening that the government is financing people to spy on us, and is spending trillions of dollars in military escapades in almost every country on earth!

There are many to blame. I do not blame the voters. I certainly blame the media that has been lying to the voters, the government, and the elite establishment that the government serves!

My father was an only child,  and when my brother and I were really young and would argue, like most siblings do over stupid things like which TV show to watch, or space in the car on a road trip, my Dad would get so sad that we were arguing. You could see the hurt in his eyes. He would tell us, I wish you wouldn’t argue and would support eachother.

I think of Jesus and the many readings in the bible. I think of the golden rule, and am I my brother’s keeper, if not you, then who? I think of my four grandparents who lived through the great depression and two world wars, the Korean war, and the Vietnam war, the race riots in the sixties, the assassination of JFK and Martin Luther King. I think of my father and mother, and I think that when they  died, America must have died with them,  because I don’t recognize this country anymore.


Andrea Iravani


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