Washington Free To Make Stuff Up Beacon Is Making Stuff Up Again, This Time It Is About Iran

The Washington Free Beacon is the news paper that originally hired Fusion GPS to find dirt on Trump.

Now they are claiming that Iran has a missile with nuclear capabilities, which is dangerous war mongering propaganda.

Under the Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action known also both as the JCPOA and as the Iran deal,  weapons inspectors are checking the grade of uranium.

Iran has uranium enriched to 3.67%, however weapons grade uranium is usually enriched to at least 85%.

One cannot have a nuclear weapon without weapons grade uranium, which Iran is not in posession of. Under the agreement, Russia is reprocessing spent nuclear fuel, which almost every country us sending to Russia as the result of lobbying by The Clinton Foundation, and the US was also.

According to Wikipedia:

“From October 2015 to May 2016, the Washington Free Beacon hired Fusion GPS to conduct opposition research on “multiple candidates” during the 2016 presidential election, including Donald Trump. The Free Beacon stopped funding this research when Donald Trump had clinched the Republican nomination.”
Here is the irresponsible propaganda headline that the Washington Free Beacon ran with:
“Homemade Nuclear-Capable Ballistic Missiles Amid Massive War CelebrationsAs Tehran cracks down of protesters, military rolls out nuclear technology”
This is what Iranian Cars News Agency has reported:
“The missile can carry different types of ‘Blast’ and ‘MRV’ (Multiple Reentry Vehicle) payloads to destroy a range of targets. The new version of Qadr H can be launched from mobile platforms or silos in different positions and can escape missile defense shields due to their radar-evading capability.”
Here is part of the agreement of the JCPOA from Wikipedia:
“Under the agreement, Iran agreed to eliminate its stockpile of medium-enriched uranium, cut its stockpile of low-enriched uranium by 98%, and reduce by about two-thirds the number of its gas centrifuges for 13 years. For the next 15 years, Iran will only enrich uranium up to 3.67%. Iran also agreed not to build any new heavy-water facilities for the same period of time. Uranium-enrichment activities will be limited to a single facility using first-generation centrifuges for 10 years. Other facilities will be converted to avoid proliferation risks. To monitor and verify Iran’s compliance with the agreement, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) will have regular access to all Iranian nuclear facilities. The agreement provides that in return for verifiably abiding by its commitments, Iran will receive relief from U.S., European Union, and United Nations Security Council nuclear-related economic sanctions.”


“Here is information on uranium enrichment and weapons grade uranium from Wikipedia:

Highly enriched uranium (HEU) has a 20% or higher concentration of 235U. The fissile uranium in nuclear weapon primaries usually contains 85% or more of 235U known as weapons-grade, though theoretically for an implosion design, a minimum of 20% could be sufficient (called weapon(s)-usable) although it would require hundreds of kilograms of material and “would not be practical to design”;[4][5] even lower enrichment is hypothetically possible, but as the enrichment percentage decreases the critical mass for unmoderated fast neutrons rapidly increases, with for example, an infinite mass of 5.4% 235U being required.[4] For criticality experiments, enrichment of uranium to over 97% has been accomplished.[6]

The very first uranium bomb, Little Boy, dropped by the United States on Hiroshima in 1945, used 64 kilograms of 80% enriched uranium. ”


Andrea Iravani

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