60 County Governments in Wisconsin Sue Big-Pharma and Plan To Keep the Award For Themselves While Running Debtors Prisons!

Sixty Wisconsin county governments in Wisconsin are suing Big-Pharma for the opioid crisis and plan to keep the money for themselves, giving NOTHING to the actual victims and their families or the property tax payers!

If any additional costs have been incurred, they have already been paid for through property tax increases! They are not proposing property tax reductions, or victim benefits!

Don’t get me wrong, I am certainly no defender of Big-Pharma! The only things more despicable than what they are doing, is the CIA and military importing $1 trillion worth of heroin every year, Congress and the previous administrations taking bribes from Big-Pharma to loosen regulations on subscription practices, the AMA for not having the brains to see what was going on and was equally guilty of creating a generation of drug addicts, and now government wants to profiteer off of the misery and suffering of others like the fucking vultures that they are, and give the victims and their families nothing?! F U wretched scum bags! You disgust me!

Why We’re in Afghanistan- It’s the Hroin Stupid!


Explained here:


Wisconsin runs a debtors prison system for failure to pay fees, court costs, private bail bondsmen, and attorneys, which is actually illegal at the federal and state level.

Made worse in 2013 explained here:


Two thirds of the US prison industrial complex population are being held hostage in modern day debtors prisons for failure to pay fines, fees, court costs, attorneys fees, and private bail bonds men!

This local and state tyranny must stop!

Be warned! You are far less powerful than you think! People can hold ballot initiatives to unincorporate, which is what I recommend because you are evil psychopathic tyrants that actually belong in jail yourselves ! You are dangers to society! You are wicked psychos!

Explained here:

It Is Time For American Laws To Reflect Virtue And Ethics
And here:
Don’t Decentralize! Unincorporate! The Largest Unincorporated Municipality of 91,000 People Is the 15th Safest City in America!


The illegality and unconstitutionality of debtors prisons from Harvard Law Review:

“Avoiding broad commentary on the general validity of various state recoupment statutes,79× the Court nonetheless expressed concern with the classification drawn by Kansas’s recoupment statute, which “strip[ped] from indigent defendants the array of protective exemptions Kansas ha[d] erected for other civil judgment debtors,”80× including state exemptions from attachment and restrictions on wage garnishment.81× While a state could prioritize its claim to money over other creditors (say, by giving its liens priority), “[t]his does not mean . . . that a State may impose unduly harsh or discriminatory terms merely because the obligation is to the public treasury rather than to a private creditor.”

Against that baseline, the tradition of Bearden simply mandates that once a sentencing court has imposed a monetary obligation, it may not convert that obligation into imprisonment for failure to pay absent a special finding, a basic threshold that ensures the defendant isn’t invidiously punished for being poor.

Imprisonment-for-debt claims would impose a heightened requirement on financial obligations that, unlike traditional fines and restitution, really further noncriminal goals — despite being imposed from within the criminal system. Regulatory offenses are assessed to deter low-level misbehavior, and costs are assessed to replenish the coffers of the criminal justice system, or to fund the government. Indeed, costs function more as fees for service or taxes than as punishments. More problematically, these monetary obligations, unlike most taxes, are not indexed to wealth, income, or any other proxy for ability to pay. They therefore impose the burden of funding the government on those individuals and communities least equipped to bear the weight. Conceptually, then, imprisonment-for-debt claims would regulate the new debtors’ prisons along a fundamentally distinct dimension and should join Bearden claims as a way to challenge unconstitutional imprisonment.

Now, the imprisonment-for-debt claims wouldn’t challenge the propriety of assessing such charges in the first place. The proper textual and analytical hook for that question is the Excessive Fines Clause.163× They would, however, challenge a state’s use of collection methods unavailable to civil creditors. Where a state has chosen to ban debtors’ prisons, it shouldn’t be able to welcome them back in surreptitiously, by grafting them onto the criminal system.164×”


Please consider hosting a Mayday anti-war party on April 28th!

Andrea Iravani
Wisconsin is totally corrupt! It is the most corrupt state that I have ever lived in! I had lived in Illinois too, and Wisconsin makes Illinois and Chicago look like it’s run by the Boy Scouts! I noticed the corruption from the start of moving to this state in 1986! I moved here in 1985, and it just gets worse every year! I have lived in 4 municipalities in Wisconsin, all of which are totally corrupt! Wisconsin government makes Al Capone look like a law abiding citizen!

Grafton Wisconsin’s Demonously Corrupt Self-Serving Government – Andrea Iravani


The only thing to look forward to is death. It is the only means of escaping this country of corrupt and diabolically evil extortionists and sadistic fasists for those who are not wealthy.
Andrea Iravani

One thought on “60 County Governments in Wisconsin Sue Big-Pharma and Plan To Keep the Award For Themselves While Running Debtors Prisons!

  1. It appears that the Wisconsin Division of Motor Vehicles is selling people’s data to Mylife. com since mylife. com has posted some people’s birthdates and the year, model, and manufacturer of cars that they have owned, who have never had mylife accounts.


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