It Is Time For Trump To Fire John Bolton!

It is time for Trump to fire John Bolton! It has been less than a full day in office, and America has already been besieged by John Bolton’s campaign of lies! John Bolton’s self-professed world view is that, ” The Truth ought to be protected by a body guard of lies.” John Bolton is the male version of Hillary Clinton!

We are back to the OCD laundering of the Russian conspiracy hacking meme for about the 400th time! Still, the evidence remains!

See Trump run. See John Bolton lie. See John Bolton destroy truth, and take Trump down with him here:

Here is the campaign of lies!
Here is where the campaign of lies was sourced today:
The truth is, that the Russian behind all of this was none other than Moscow born Crowd Strike cofounder Dimitri Alperovitch, hired by the DNC, who claims that Russians hacked into their computers, despite evidence proving otherwise!
Here is forensic proof that the Gucifer 2.0 leaks were downloaded onto a thumb drive, and then onto a computer on the east coast!
Here is Kim Dotcom stating that he will provide Congress with evidence that Seth Rich was the leaker,  which Congress has ignored!
Who will you choose to believe, the government, or  forensic evidence from the forensicator, Julian Assange,  and evidence provided by Kim Dotcom, as well as Kim Dotcom?!
I know that I will not be choosing the government!
Very strange that I had a nearly 2 or 3 hour internet service interruption just prior to posting this, as well as triple hacks since service has been restored!
I strongly suspect that Crowd Strike and Gang Stalk are synonyms! I receive up to eight calls a day at times from United Healthcare,  and often and coincidently coming in at the same time as other calls, preventing me from receiving my calls!
11:14 PM CT  update 3/11/18
For the third time I was locked out of my house while in the yard. The door locked behind me. Since it happened twice already, I had my keys with me, which would not unlock the door! I had to go in through another door! Also, I forgot to mention that when my internet service was disrupted, I called my provider who attempted to get me to bring my phone to their store, I told them that the internet was the problem. Two different store employees from two different stores told me that there was no service disruption when I asked. After the employee at the second store told me that, I asked to speak with the manager and asked if he could contact the central office for me to notify them of the disruption.  Suddenly, he told me that there was in fact an internet service disruption in the area. When my previous phone was hacked and disabled in June, I had been going through similar attacks and incidents, when I was posting anonymously in the Zero Hedge comments section!
Update 3/24/18 7:04 am CT
Here is more visual proof of why trusting and supporting the Israelis is stupid! See the map of land owned by Palestinians and Israelis over time!

Andrea Iravani

One thought on “It Is Time For Trump To Fire John Bolton!

  1. One of the tactics employed by the MIC/surveillance state that I have noticed, is that when visiting websites blacklisted for embarrassing the establishment with the truth, on Prop-or-Not, which by the way the US Army college have termed fact inconvenient, fact perilous, and fact toxic, my device is bombarded with invasive pop-up ads that hijack my entire screen from Amazon and Facebook saying congratulations, and claiming that I have won a prize, which I simply ignore and clear from my device.

    If the facts are inconvenient and toxic to the government, MIC, surveillance state, deep-state, and establishment, will it ever dawn on them that it is in fact their policies, actions, and statements which are inconvenient, fact perilous, and toxic, and not those who report the policies, actions, and statements? Everyone else knows! This is your wake up call! Change or die a slow death! Not in the literal sense, but the death of America brought on by your policies of war, corruption, tyranny, and mass surveillance! Do you seriously expect to do more of the same thing and get different results?!


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