RINOs Call For Full Blown Communist Military Dictatorship While Shakedown Across Corporate America Is Underway

I guess that calls from Republican radio show hosts and Watchdog Group USA for a full blown communist military dictatorship involving civil asset forfeiture under military tribunals of the Rockefeller and Rothschild family fortunes, in addition to the escalating government shakedown of businesses across the country ranging from Facebook, Big Pharma, banks and Wall Street firms, not to mention the environmental lawsuits against many corporations including the fossil fuel industries is a pretty clear indicator that we now have nothing more than a corrupt banana republic of self-serving tyrrats battling each other at the various levels and branches of this entirely corrupt, bloated, incompetent, evil, treasonous kakistrocracy for the remaining remnants of a once prosperous, proud, and ethical nation.

Don’t get me wrong,  in no way do I support the businesses that are being sued, I loathe them,  and have been severely critical of many of their practices, businesses, and industries as a whole, but when these businesses are being sued,  fined, or black mailed for complying with laws passed by the government, or, when the same corrupt businesses, just keep paying fines every year and growing, like Wells Fargo – for example, it is impossible to believe anything other than that the government is just asking for its “fair share.”

The money from these lawsuits never solves anything, and rarely makes its way to the true victims of these practices.

I’m still waiting for my fair share from the tobacco lawsuits!

In the case of Facebook, the government allowed what it will now be suing Facebook for under Obama,  and increased government surveillance through the years, and also passed laws allowing tech companies to sell our personal data.

Since Mark Zuckerberg has been given security clearance under the NSA for surveilling the world,  and only the Gang of Eight have Top Secret security clearance, he may be legally prohibited from being honest testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee, which is truly a crime in and of itself!

How is it possible that the government has failed to recognize the fact that the constitution limits THEIR powers, NOT OURS? The constitution has been completely ignored and desecrated. Every year the constitutional violations become asymetrically more egregious, to the point where I sincerely believe that to bring a child into this country is a form of child abuse and child endangerment.

Here is the link calling for Sahakedowns of Rockefeller and Rothschild in military tribunals:


Here is a list of lawsuits and articles about some of the things mentioned in this article:


60 County Governments  in Wisconsin Sue Big-Pharma and Plan To Keep the Award For Themselves While Running Debtors Prisons!
Watch Shakedown Street by The Grateful Dead on Youtube:
Please host an anti-war Mayday party on April 28th!
Andrea Iravani

2 thoughts on “RINOs Call For Full Blown Communist Military Dictatorship While Shakedown Across Corporate America Is Underway

  1. On a lighter note, I had to laugh at this article in Market Watch shocking the establishment that millenials are by and large avoiding the stock market because they find it scary and intimidating! What would ever give them that idea?! Lol!

    The best sales pitch made to millenials in the article is that they should invest in it because, ” It isn’t the biggest risk in life.”



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