The U.S. Treasury Was Seeking Business Contracts With Foreign Nations Employing Forced Child Labor Requesting Oral Only Contracts

When Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin had announced that he was going to have the most transparent treasury in history early last summer, I went to the website in an attempt to find out what federal government employee pension payments were, which were not previously on the website.

On the home page, I had noticed a link for small business contacts, which seemed curious to me, so I clicked on it wondering what small business contracts the U.S. Treasury could possibly be used for.

There was a document dated 2013 seeking oral only contracts with foreign nations that employ forced child labor, child labor, and forced adult labor, and was also seeking contracts for gold, oil, and other commodities! I called the White House in total shock and disgust and was not sure if Trump was aware of this or not and I was told to email the White House which I also did, and the link was removed from the website, thankfully!

I was posting the wording on Zero Hedge and Fox news with the link attempting to draw attention to the most dire and evil situation that could be imagined.

Despite the link being removed, it was still active and I called and emailed the whitehouse again.

My phone started being hacked,  so I disconnected my WiFi service and opted for unlimited internet service through my mobile carrier, Verizon.

Then my phone was hacked and disabled, so was my email, LinkedIn, ITunes, Zero Hedge, Discuss, and Fox News, and my car also stopped working.

The night that my phone was disabled, the loud screeching and ringing in my ear that I have experienced since I was unconscious in St. Mary’s Ozaukee Hospital on March 27, 2014, suddenly started somehow broardcasting crazy chants, like enjoy the stock market and join the stock market, apples learning how to fly, and many other crazy things, that are a form of psychological torture, being broadcasted to virtually anything with a motor. There is a large cell tower near my home, and I had confirmation from a Dairy Queen employee when I went there, that the freezer was playing a type of electrical calypso music, I asked him what was wrong with the freezer, and he said, it’s old. I’ve been around for over half a century, and that is not the traditional breakdown of a motor, but I wasn’t about to argue, and was just relieved that he acknowledged it.

After roughly three weeks of being stranded, without contact with the world, a county employee was kind enough to take me to Verizon, whose employees were no help at all. I spoke with two employees who kept asking for passwords to my phone, and Verizon account, which were also hacked, and they refused to accept a valid drivers license. The manager came out and was demanding passwords for Gmail and other accounts which I refused to give to him. He kept on saying, don’ t you have one password that you use for everything? After the third time I raised my voice and said NO! HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU?!

He raised his hand in fury, and pointed and yelled THAT’S IT! GET OUT!

I bought another phone from another store that day because he even refused to let me open a new account to buy a new phone there, and my account was not delinquent.

In May of 2015, I had sent a FOIA request to the NSA for any and all of Hillary Clinton’s emails since she wiped them from her server.

I also became involved with the DNC in 2010 because I was disgusted with the TARP Bail out and Scott Walker, and was a former Republican volunteer in the ’92 presidential election, and the 2004 presidential election, voted for Nader in 2008, and became involved with Jill Stein in 2012, since I had read about the Utah data center in Wired Magazine a few months prior to the election, and was also disgusted with most of Obama’s policies.

In the spring of 2015, started texting and emailing all of my political contacts every morning with 3 positive news articles on Bernie Sanders,  and 3 negative news articles on Hillary Clinton,  and would write a brief two or three paragraph summary. I did that every day and sent it to hundreds of political organizers and organizations, because my hatred for the Clintons went back to 1992, and Hillary Clinton only became worse in every way over time. The news media was not even acknowledging that Bernie was in the race, and when I started, he was polling at 7%. When the two were neck in neck in the polls, every media outlet stopped writing about him, or Google simply refused to show any search results, so I just started writing about him myself, pulling information from his website, but still writing negative articles on Hillary, until the end of the primary, and then just started writing negative things about Hillary. Jill Stein seemed to become too flaky to me, and her VP totally lacked experience, and Hillary was screaming about Russia and insisting on creating a no fly zone over Syria which Putin had stated that he would not agree to, so, just two or three weeks prior to the election, I had decided that I would vote for Trump, and informed my contacts what my reasons were, most of whom I have lost contact with as a result of my phone and accounts being hacked, as well as political diffrerences.

I am quite convinced that there have been numerous murder attempts on my life as a result of this, including my microwave turning on when I was in another room. It would not turn off. I had to unplug it. If i plug it back in, it turns on again. My smart meter read ddd-ddd which was a default code, and when I called WE Energies,  the woman said, oh, don’t worry about it. I said what do you mean, its broken, I am charged every month for the meter, and I expect to be able to read it. She said, you can just call us anytime you want to know what your reading is. I asked to speak with the manager who told me that I would need to hire an electrician for inside the home, and that they would send one to replace the meter.

Then the police showed up, and told me that WE Energies had called them, and tokd me that I should stay in a hotel until an electrician could come.

This is extremely strange, but one morning I placed a coffee cup on the counter, poured coffee, and it split like a laser. I got another cup, poured coffee, and it did the same thing. I  believe that stray voltage from the lightsockets caused it. I still have the cups.

I was on the Resolution and Platform committee of the Wisconsin Democratic Party, the Events Coordinator for the Ozaukee Dems, was on the 6th CD committee, the steering committee, and held and attended fund raisers for candidates, and met most of the candidates at various functions on at least several occasions, so it is not as though I was under their radar, and suspect that it may have something to do with these apparent assassination attempts against me.

I realize that all of this sounds completely crazy because it is, but I am not, whoever is doing this to me is.

Fourth Major Bad Experience With Dangerous “Smart” Energy Meter – Andrea Iravani
Andrea Iravani




6 thoughts on “The U.S. Treasury Was Seeking Business Contracts With Foreign Nations Employing Forced Child Labor Requesting Oral Only Contracts

  1. A funny thing happened that evidently a hacker tried to prevent me from posting. I guess that the snowflake hacker was upset to find out that he/she was not qualified. Lol.


  2. I had tried to post this on Twitter, which would not post, referring to qualified immunity in John Whitehead’s article.
    I guess that the hacker is upset that he’s not qualified, or NSA and CIA don’t want their agents to know that they’re not qualified.

    I don’t have qualified immunity, but my logic tells me is that those who believed that they had it have found that belief turned on its head, although not nearly as often as it should happen! The CIA agents know that they can be prosecuted for their crimes. Ike Feldman disclosed.


  3. After that, I tried posting here, and lost internet service for what seemed like a few decades. I’m worried about Julian Assange. What they have done to him is unforgivable!


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