Zuckerberg – The Wolf That Cried Boy

It is truly astounding how out of touch silicon valley is with the rest of the world. I believe that many of the sickest, most evil people on Earth work at Facebook, it is not limited to Zuckerberg.

As a revolting display of their objectification of people,  they are proposing a data tax, on companies, that would continue selling user’s and non users data as well, which can be swept up from real life contacts with Facebook accounts, and pay a dividend to every American.

They just don’t get it. People and their private information does not belong to Facebook to sell, or any other company for that matter.

I would imagine that some users data has a higher value than others. They must notify all users and non users who their data was sold to, how much it was sold for, and reimburse them for the full amount!

The average Facebook employee’s salary is $236,000, almost eight times the average American salary of $30,000, and Mark Zuckerberg has a 600 acre Hawaiian estate. If they are so interested in leveling the playing field, sharing, and equality,  let them have $30,000 salaries, let Zuckerberg donate his Hawaiian estate to native Hawaiians.

Furthermore, Mad Scientist Zuckerberg now wants to pimp  users, and suggest matches for them. If you don’t agree with his Orwellian world view, I wouldn’t be surprised if it involved a secret mind control program, assassins, thieves, or venereal disease.

Zuckerberg also stated today that users privacy will be protected again for the twentyith time. Ha !

Facebook’s and Silicon Valley’s Business Model:


From Wikipedia:

According to Wikipedia:
  1. Instrumentality – treating the person as a tool for another’s purposes
  2. Denial of autonomy – treating the person as lacking in autonomy or self-determination
  3. Inertness – treating the person as lacking in agency or activity
  4. Fungibility – treating the person as interchangeable with (other) objects
  5. Violability – treating the person as lacking in boundary integrity and violable, “as something that it is permissible to break up, smash, break into.”
  6. Ownership – treating the person as though they can be owned, bought, or sold
  7. Denial of subjectivity – treating the person as though there is no need for concern for their experiences or feelings.




















Andrea Iravani

2 thoughts on “Zuckerberg – The Wolf That Cried Boy

    1. When Facebook and other companies earnings reports have come out, selling user’s data has never been listed as a revenue source. They always refer to advertising sales. So, how much revenue has been earned through user’s data sales?!

      This is fraud, 4th amendment rights abuses, and contract violation! Tell each user who you sold their data to and for how much you sold it for, including non-users whose data was swept up by users!! Psychopaths! Fuck you! Intellectual property rights mother fuckers!


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