It Is Time To Stop Enabling Israel and Saudi Arabia

Being rational and logical have never been part of the foundations of the neoconservative, neoliberal foreign policy, or even domestic policy.

There is actually a valid reason for the glaringly obvious lack of logic and reason in the decision making process of our government and establishment.

We have been embroiled in an entirely disfunctional relationship with Israel, ruthlessly defending them, regardless of whether their actions deserve defending or not. This rush to defend, appease, and justify unjustifiable Israeli behavior has also caused decades of non-stop wars in the Middle East and North Africa, as well as a sense of international outrage that the overwhelming majority of Americans are totally oblivious to.

The behavior of the Israelis is literally unjustifiable, tyrannical, oppressive, inhumane, terrorism with every neighbor in the Middle East and North Africa.  The Israelis have managed to sway Saudi Arabia and Egypt to their side in certain aspects, however these alliances are fleeting, and I can guarantee that there is not a drop of loyalty or love shared among those countries, and is simply temporary, the enemy of my enemy is my friend being the sole basis for these fleeting alliances.

Israel has managed to also enlist other countries in its two-faced manipulation, and the Israelis have no sense of loyalty to anyone other than Israelis. They have no qualms with exploiting weaknesses in our international relationships and pitting them against us. It is a fools errand to waste another second with this totally amoral, self-serving regime. Even if Netenyahu leaves, this ideology of self-entitlement is engrained in the fabric of their society and is exhibited in the Knesset, the Mossad, and the IDF.

When France supplied Iraq with a nuclear power reactor, we went to war against Iraq at the urging of the Israel lobby,  and we did it again after 9/11.

Israel is a paranoid nation, and they are paranoid because of guilt for the immense civil asset forfeiture of the Palestinians, and for manipulating the U.S. and NATO to launch wars against other countries on their behalf.

It is totally outrageous that Netenyahu addressed the U.S. Congress at the request of the Republicans in an effort to undermine the peaceful foreign policy goals of a sitting president.

Iran has not invaded any country. They are in Syria because they were invited by the democratically elected Assad government. The truth is that Iran would not even be in Syria in the first place, if Israel, Saudi Arabia, the U.S. and NATO forces were not there supporting the Al Nousra Front, ISIS, terrorists and attempting to overthrow Assad and destroy their country until they relent.

Now Israel once again caused Trump to renege on the JCPOA, despite Iran being in full compliance all along.

Any sane person would realize that alliances with Israel and Saudi Arabia are literally sleeping with the devil. Neither country observes humanitarian policies towards citizens in their own countries, neighboring countries, and neither country feels compelled to change course on this demonic path after repeated urging and diplomatic wrist slaps from the U.N. denouncing this grotesque and amoral behavior, in fact, they are more committed to it and emboldened by getting away with it for so many decades. They literally feel not only unaccountable for their actions, but entitled to have no limits on their behavior what so ever, in addition to no boundaries for their behavior in both the literal and figurative senses.

As you can see by this map, they have awarded themselves rather exceptional liberties to at the expense of others:

That territorial invasion of outright land theft is just the beginning for their vision of taking over the Middle East and North Africa.  Netenyahu actually had the audacity to tell Jill Stein that he would like to expend into Yemen, ( where we are also at war against the Houthi rebels rebelling because of the most barbaric behavior conceivable by a ruthless government that America is defending. Netenyahu also wants to expand into Libya, you know, ” we came, we saw, he died.” And into Afghanistan as well. It is totally outrageous that Netenyahu claims that Iran wants to take over the Middle East! Iran has been a good neighbor, it has minded its own business, unless specifically invited by an elected government.

You can see Netenyahu telling Jill Stein his plans for MENA domination here:

If we had a rational and logical foreign policy, we would be allying with Russia and Iran, which we have alienated both of by the extreme and unrelenting lobbying effort of the Israel lobby. We would also be trying to convert to renewable energy because fossil fuels are not only filthy and pollute land, air, and water, but they are also finite and will never naturally replenish in our lifetimes.

Please read the truth about the total barbarian behavior of the Israeli government,  written by Jewish journalists here:

The Israeli Deal Has Only Given America Body Bags, Bloodshed, National Debt, and International Disgrace – Andrea Iravani
And here:
The Dark Brutality of Israel – Andrea Iravani
Please read about our repeated abuses against Iran here:

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Please read the truth about Yemen and the UAE here:

Our Allies Barbecue People, But Our Military Interrogates the People Before They Are Barbecued – Andrea Iravani

It is outrageous and totally unbelievable that Trump has been claiming that Iran is a threat, while supplying Saudi Arabia with hundreds of billions of dollars in weapons and oil contacts. The rest of the world has stated that they will maintain the JCPOA and have a Saudi Weapons embargo! Excuse them for being logical and basing their decisions on evidence instead of propaganda!

EU Passes Arms Embargo on Saudi Arabia and US Should Join It – Andrea Iravani


Andrea Iravani

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