The Demise of American Gullibility As A Young Nation Grows Up

America is a very young nation with a relatively short history which can easily explain the gullibility of Americans to believe establishment propaganda in contrast to the rest of the world.

We were taught to believe that we were the champions of freedom, justice, benevolence, and democracy, and willing to sacrifice our own lives, lives of decendants, and financial resources, as well as our own national security in a call to arms to fight evil, and it was easy to believe for the majority of Americans, though not all.

America’s geographic distance from the old world West, as well as the old world East, in the Northern hemisphere, in addition to the numerous language barriers barring England who we had always taken cue from made this long campaign of deception even easier.

Most Americans have caught on, and the elite establishment is not accepting the fate chosen for them by the overwhelming majority of Americans, who may have opposing view points with respect to many policies, but have conclusively agreed with astounding force that the elite establishment has totally lost all credibility, which was brought about by an unrelenting obsession to manipulate, control, and deceive. They are now busted beyond belief. The elite establishment has not yet come to terms with this and are still oscillating between anger and denial.

Virtually everything that the elite establishment has told us has proven to be totally false.

Trump is likely to have his head served to him on a political platter for continuing the establishment campaign of deception, since Trump was elected by many voters not for a border wall, but because he was not part of the lying political elite leading us to war year after year on false pretenses.

Thankfully, most Americans have been WOKE  and now support the JCPOA!

It is entirely unbelievable to Americans that America has any noble reason to interfere in the affairs of the sovereign nation of Iran while supporting brutal dictators and thrones throughout the world.

This is not an American population that is in support of the ruling Muslim clerics in Iran, but it is also not an American public that supports the brutal beheading regime of Saudi Arabia, the brutal human barbecuing regime of the UAE, or the brutal apartheid driven theocracy in Israel either!

It has been said that in China, there are two histories, the history as told by the communist party leaders, and the people’s verbal history. The brutality  of Tiananmen Square is not available to the Chinese public ( from what I have read, I have never been to China ) but, every Chinese person is fully aware of what transpired.

The Trump Administration has made the colossal misjudgment of believing that since Americans elected Trump, they would continue to believe the lies now coming out of his mouth, rather than their mouths. Nope. Bad call Bolton and Haley. Nobody believes the bullshit.

Shame on Trump!

It’s Time to Stop Enabling Israel and Saudi Arabia

Andrea Iravani

4 thoughts on “The Demise of American Gullibility As A Young Nation Grows Up

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  2. #YearOfRealWomen ! Hillary lost thankfully, but truly heroic women, including but not limited to @VanessaBeeley, @Partisangirl and Ahed Tamimi have led the world risking their lives on the battlefield w/ terrorists that the US, Saudi, & Israeli govs have risked the women’s lives with!


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