Israel – A Fascist Theocracy Cast System – Practicing Genocide and Holocaust On The Palestinians With A Concentration Camp

Norman Finklestein stated that Netenyahu was probably the most repelent monster on the world stage, and it is very difficult to find any reason to counter that argumemt, even when living under the brutal American fascist tyrrants.

Norman Finklestein also is worried that a massacre against the Palestinians will take place today, May 15th 2018. We pray for the Palestinians that this does not transpire.

Finkelstein also stated that Netenyahu is a master showman and knows how to work the world stage, and that if there would be a massacre of 500 Palestinians that it would get five hours of coverage, and then Netenyahu would just go and bomb Syria again to take everyone’s mind off of it!
Please see it Finkelsteins interview :


Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard have recently voiced criticism to their credit!

Human Rights Watch, the World Heath Organization, and the United Nations have all condemned Israel for this truly unimaginable barbaric brutality, to which Netenyahu dares to call anyone drawing criticism to these horrifying atrocities as an anti-Semite, and Haley, Powers, Bolton, and Trump, in addition to most of congress seem to be willing to defend this barbaric regime TO THE DEATH!

It is estimated that there are approximately 4 million Palestinians, roughly 1.9 million live in what is actually a concentration camp, and is the third most densely populated city after Singapore and Hong Kong, but Singapore and Hong Kong are filled with sky scrapers and modern luxuries, whereas in Gaza, children are winding up with brain damage as a result of drinking poisoned water, according to the U.N.,World Health Organization, and Human Rights Watch. Over 95% of the drinking water in Gaza has been found to have excessively high and toxic levels of nitrates, as a result of the lack of sanitation, and chloride as a sanitizer. The Palestinians are essentially forced to drink heavily bleached sewage, in which both the nitrates and chloride are 7 times higher than World Health Organization standards, and nitrate is considered to be a slow killer.

The women are in absolute hysteria, horror, and utter desperation knowing that they cannot deny water to their children, but each sip that they take, it poisons them. Dissentary is also a frequent problem, and the WHO has estimated that over 40% of critical medications are unavailable to the Gaza concentration camp victims.
Shown here:

They are prohibited from leaving Gaza also. Egypt has blockaded the southern end, and the Israelis will not allow them into the West Bank either.

Israel always blames the Palestinians, and while some American sources or organizations have been sympathetic to their suffering, it almost appears to be on a somewhat superficial level, and forgive me if I am wrong, but I say this because it is rarely pointed out that the Israelis now have stolen the land from over 500,000 Palestinians, and they have every bloody right to defend themselves, which the media shockingly fails to acknowledge!

In the West Bank, Israel controls water, which Palestinians are prohibited from using, even when it is on their land. They are required to purchase water from Israel, and are denied licenses for pipes for water from Israel and must pay Israel to have the water delivered.

Please see Al Jazeera’s video:

I’m sorry, but I am just not going to be intimmidated by being called anti-Semetic, because I know that I am not! I am anti-genocide, anti- concentration camp, anti-fascist, and anti-cast, so if that happens to be Semetic culture,yes, then I will accept being called anti-Semetic.

Below are many excerpts from several sources with links. Please familiarize yourself with this in the event that you are not already, and take action by informing others, contacting representatives, showing up at town hall meetings, raising hell, and then holding their feet to the fire!

BBC reports:
“The level of food insecurity in Gaza increased from 44% to 57% between 2012 and 2013. Eighty per cent of Gaza’s population receive some form of food aid as few have sufficient money to pay for their basic needs.”

“Israeli restrictions on access to agricultural land and fishing add to the challenges.”

“Gazans are also not allowed to farm in the Israeli-declared buffer zone – 1.5km (0.9 miles) wide on the Gaza side of the border – and this has led to a loss in production of an estimated 75,000 tonnes of produce a year. The restricted area coincides with what is considered Gaza’s best arable land.”

“Following the November 2012 ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas, the fishing limit was extended from three nautical miles to six. However, it has been periodically reduced to three nautical miles in response to rocket fire from Gaza. Israeli naval forces frequently open fire towards Palestinian fishing boats approaching or exceeding the limit. The UN says if the limit was lifted, fishing could provide employment and a cheap source of protein for the people of Gaza.”

“Power cuts are an every-day occurrence in Gaza. It gets most of its power from Israel together with further contributions from Gaza’s only power plant and a small amount from Egypt. However, this is less than its current needs.”

Al Jazeera reports:
Ramallah has more rainfall than London

“On the one hand, Palestinian water projects all over the West Bank need an approval by the Joint Water Committee (JWC), where Israel has a de facto veto power. Only 56 percent of Palestinian projects regarding water and sanitation were granted permits by the JWC (against a near 100 percent approval rate for the Israeli projects), and only one-third of those could actually be implemented.”

“The lack of water and other basic services resulting from Israeli policies has created a coercive environment that often leaves Palestinians with no choice but to leave their communities in Area C, allowing Israel’s land takeover and further expansion of its settlements.”

“But as recent events have shown, Areas A and B are not safe havens either. Due to the lack of sufficient water resources available, Palestine heavily depends on water bought from Mekorot (18.5 percent in 2014). Ironically, this is water that Israel takes from the rightful Palestinian share – which they are denied – before selling it back to them.”

“OCHA report that in Area C, where 180 Palestinian communities are not connected to the water network and 122 have a connection with no or irregular supply as a result of Israeli restrictions, water consumption can drop to 20 litres of water per person per day as people have to buy expensive trucked water.”

Human Rights Watch reports:
“Patients in Gaza seeking treatment outside Gaza faced lengthening delays in obtaining approvals from the PA. While the PA approved 99 percent of applications within seven days of submission between January and May, that number dropped to 36 percent between June and August and 32 percent in September, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). In addition, in September, Israel authorities denied or delayed permits with no response by the time of the appointment to 45 percent of patients seeking treatment outside Gaza. As of August, 40 percent of medications on the “essential drug list” were are at zero stock in Gaza, according to the WHO.”

“Israeli military authorities detained Palestinian protesters, including those who advocated nonviolent protest against Israeli settlements and the route of the separation barrier. Israeli authorities try the majority of Palestinian children incarcerated in the occupied territory in military courts, which have a near-100 percent conviction rate.”

“Israeli security forces arrested Palestinian children suspected of criminal offenses, usually stone-throwing, often using unnecessary force, questioned them without a family member present, and made them sign confessions in Hebrew, which most did not understand. The Israeli military detained Palestinian children separately from adults during remand hearings and military court trials, but often detained children with adults immediately after arrest. As of June 30, Israeli authorities held 315 Palestinian children in military detention.”

“Palestinian Bedouin citizens of Israel who live in “unrecognized” villages in the Negev suffered discriminatory home demolitions on the basis that their homes were built illegally, even though most of those villages existed before the state of Israel was established or were created in the 1950s on land to which Israel transferred Bedouin citizens.”

Andrea Iravani

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