Zuckerberg Attempts To Create A Golem, But Creates A Lifeless Clod And Unleashes The Contents Of Pandora’s Box

Mark Zuckerberg lied again, because Mark Zuckerberg is a pathological liar with deviant and psychopathic personality disorder and is a dangerous predatory man, with dangerous predatory goals and should have all power and wealth removed so that he can no longer pose a danger to society.

I’ve heard the word Golem frequently used and didn’t know exactly what it meant until now, after briefly researching it.

From the Jewish Museum in Berlin:

“The question of whether humans can create artificial life – and if so, how – is addressed in the Talmud, one of the most important collections of Jewish writings since Antiquity. According to the Talmud, the righteous are theoretically capable of creating a world, but their creative abilities are limited by their sins.”
“The golem is brought to life with the word emet (אמת), or “truth,” consisting of the three Hebrew letters aleph, mem, and tav. Without the letter aleph, the word met (מת), meaning “death,” is formed, and the golem reverts to a lifeless clod.”


Mark Zuckerberg is obviously into some ancient Jewish mysticism meets World of Warcraft meets Dungeons and Dragons.

You can’t save humanity with an artificial army of bots programmed to promote lies, but you may succeed in opening Pandora’s box and unleashing it onto earth.

The first thing that I did when I bought my new phone was delete all Facebook owned apps, including Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. I have never had an account with any Facebook company. Facebook keeps illegally installing apps hidden in my phone, which I keep deleting. The man is a fucking creep that should be locked up!
















Andrea Iravani

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