Starting A War That May Never End

The U.S. decision to back the SDF in a land redistribution campaign to the Kurds may never end in our lifetimes.

It didn’t work in Iraq, it won’t work in Turkey, and it won’t work in Syria.

There is too much at stake, too much oil, too much land, too much history, and too much pride.

The US and NATO allied SDF has been engaged in a civilian killing spree, including dozens of women and children over the past few days.

A Twitter user World_War_Watch alerted me to the situation, which I was able to confirm through Veterans Today’s website.

I always try to find sources from all sides for a clearer picture in any conflict.

The strange thing is that I was following SANA, Syrian Arab News Agency, which was mysteriously deleted, not by me, from accounts that I was following.

When I attempted to search Twitter for it, it landed me on a fake account stating the following:
[SANA Administration]
This twitter account is used for a virtual game, and any tweets should not be credited or used in real life, as it’s for a video game. Tagging this account is leaving lots of people uninformed, for those who want real news not news from a video game.

Imagine my shock to find out that this entire war was only a game that the entire media and government including the military was tricking us all into believing that there was an actual war!

Unfortunately, there are many wars being played on a single front.

I was able to relocate the SANA official website through a Yandex search.

We are in a world without heroes. Many hoped that it would be Trump since he was so Anti-War in his pre-political life, but aren’t they all? Obama was also very anti-war prior to entering the White House.

Then people held out hope for Putin, who met with the war monger of all times, Netenyahu three times this year, and Putin will be meeting with Trump for the second time this year.

This has the potential and the very strong likelihood of ending up like the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which has never known a day of liberty and peace for many for over seventy years.

Good night and good luck,
Andrea Iravani

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