The DNC Tone Deafness Amplifies

After the DNC lost the past election, one would think that they may have re-evaluated their positions to determine why they lost and modify those positions that failed to resonate with voters.

This is not the case. Not only are many of the candidates maintaining unpopular policies, but doubling down on them with the goals of growing government bigger than ever before.

We know that the majority of these citizen subsidized programs primarily rob the middle-class to benefit the elite in the education and medical fields by mandate of extortion, and mandate that the poor working poor, and middle-class pay for services for the poor by mandate in the education and medical communities to subsidize the opulent lifestyles of those in that field.

Granted, an elementary school teacher may not live an opulent lifestyle by 1980’s standards, however, teachers are not only paid twice the salary of average Americans, they also have far more vacation time, better healthcare, job-security, and far better retirement programs than all in the private sector, with the exception of CEOs.

The teachers and medical community subsidized by tax payers are living like it’s the 1980’s, and the rest of the country is living like it’s the early 1930’s in order to subsidize it.

University professors do usually live an opulent lifestyle, and barely work at all.

When it comes to education in America, we can change the educators slogan to we pretend to work, and we pretend that they don’t pay us.

The third leading cause of death in America is medical error, something that the majority of Americans have absolutely no interest in subsidizing.

We hear the educators and medical communities bleeding heart liberal pleas to help the poor and help the children, yet they are not willing to do anything to help the poor and the children unless they are handsomely paid by others to do it, so it is high time that we as a nation ask where the hearts and interests of the educators and medical communities actually are.

We never hear any of these DNC candidates suggest that they will do anything to help anyone unless they or their donors directly benefit financially from it.

Also worth bringing up is the Paris Accord, which I oppose as an environmentalist, not because I oppose renewable energy, but because I see the Paris Accord for what it truly is, a subsidy to Wall Street and the fossil fuel industry for the loss of profit in a carbon tax grand rip off scheme. Richard Haass would not be supporting it if it was anything less! It also would require Americans to finance the transition of developing nations to renewable energy, prior to our own transition!

Gun control is also still front and center as well, however with 987 homicides by police last year, maybe we just need to control a different group of people’s guns, considering that they are a far smaller percentage of the population with a far higher percentage of gun violence!

It would be great if they were commited to legal reform and wiping the millions of pointless, oppressive, fascis laws, ordinances, licensing requirements, and fees off the books, in addition to undoing the increases in felony counts.

A felony should be limited to violent crime, grand theft, and sexual assault.

Republicans are not off the hook either so do not misconstrue this critique of the DNC to be a GOP endorsement in any way, because it is not!

The DNC was the focus of this critique because after losing the election, they haven’t learned a damn thing, and have convinced themselves in their echo chambers that people don’t vote for them because they are not educated, when the reality is, people do not vote for them because they are not educators!

Added at 3:37pm CT to show that the GOP and Trump are not off the hook and in the spirit of impartiality which seems all but dead in America, and the lack of impartiality and the increased partisan loyalty is what ,aided the death of America.

Good luck,
Andrea Iravani

2 thoughts on “The DNC Tone Deafness Amplifies

  1. Evidently I have struck someone’s nerve since this is the third time that the paragraph stating that the working poor and middle-class are mandated to subsidize the services of the elite education and medical communities for the poor, has been hacked and changed to mandated that they recieve services.


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