Trump Is Relying On The Greater Fool Theory For Re-election and Republicans Maintaing Control

Donald Trump has been lying about Iran, as most people are fully cognizant of. He is gambling that the majority of Americans are as bigoted, ruthless, blood-thirsty, and as evil as he is, in addition to the greater fool theory for justifying multiple wars, policy clusterfucks including being caught red-handed aiding and abetting terrorists in the Middle East, bombing Syria twice on false flags on both occasions, and about what may be the start of the next 100 years war for the Kurds in a land redistribution campaign that has the potential and likelihood of ending up like the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Explained here:

It seems quite obvious that Trump’s sudden world view reversal over Russia after inauguration was nothing more than a forced policy compliance to appease both Saudi Arabia and Israel, since Russia has the largest total fossil fuel reserves. Saudi Arabia and Israel have become deadly liabities that America should sever all ties with.

The truth about Iran explained here:

The truth about Israel explained here;

What the American public wants and needs for survival is their rights back, as spelled out in the Bill of Rights, and legal reform freeing average citizens of the millions of pointless, fascist, regulations, ordinances, fees, fines, licensing requirements, and a reversal of the policy that has increased what were once misdmeanors to what are now considered felonies. Felonies should be limited to violent crime, grand theft, and sexual assault. The American public also wants and an end to world military occupation, interference, meddling, wars, and the same police-state fascism that we as Americans are subjected to by this evil and amoral, self-serving group of treasonous tyrrants. Those were the reasons that Trump was elected by most of the people that voted for him. He is betting that most people will overlook that he has epically failed at what he was elected to do.

The need for legal reform explained here:

The DNC does not offer any better alternative, regrettably.

Good night and good luck,
Andrea Iravani

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