Mohammed bin Salman’s Mysterious Absence Still Remains While Assault On Yemen Appears Imminent

Press TV had reported on May 27th that they had confirmation that Saudi Arabian Crown Prince MbS, had been shot in the attack on the palace on April 21st involving what was claimed to be a toy drone.

MbS has not been publicly seen since the attack. Still photos have been circulated, as well as news articles from all over the world, yet none of these articles directly quote MbS.

Surprisingly, Sky News Reported that Theresa May had a phone call with MbS on June 3rd suggesting that the situation in Yemen is best handled politically, which is in compete contradiction of today’s news reporting that embassies in Yemen are being evacuated because of an ensuing military operation.

Reported by Sky News:

“The prime minister and the crown prince agreed that ultimately the dire situation in Yemen could only be resolved with a political solution, and welcomed the efforts being made by the UN’s special envoy Martin Griffiths on the matter.”

“They discussed the humanitarian situation in the country and agreed the importance of doing everything they could to ease the suffering of Yemenis.

“The prime minister emphasised the UK’s commitment to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, as the best means of preventing Iran acquiring a nuclear weapon.

“But they agreed on the need to tackle Iranian destabilising activity in the region.

“As part of this the prime minister noted the importance of cooperation between their two countries to protect Saudi Arabia from ballistic missile attacks.

Today’s News on Yemen reported by Zero Hedge:

To prove what a hypocritical joke western and US foreign policy are, please watch Heather Nauert in the video-clip in the Zero Hedge article marked by her terse comments and refusal to answer any questions contradicting the contradictory US foreign policy narrative over various Middle Eastern countries, including Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel, Syria, and Yemen. It is infuriating. I swear to God, I almost smashed my phone after watching it!

Today’s News on on MbS reported by Sputnik news:

Today’s News on Saudi Arabia reported by The Hill:

Today’s News on MbS reported by Haaretz:

The common thread is no direct quotes or public speeches, and right before a war campaign?! Really?!

Contradicting Theresa May’s June 3rd phone call?!

This is all very strange!

Also worth noting, since probably at least 25% of Republican voters have become QAnon obsessed, QAnon has also mysteriously vanished from existence and hasn’t posted in months.

QAnon is a pro-war, pro-Israeli, anti-Iranian war monger with spotty inside information, war propaganda, blatant lies and both QAnon and MbS are MIA, which is just too many coincidences to overlook.

Many Republicans became convinced that Q was Trump. If Trump is indistinguishable from MbS, what does that say about Trump?! Treason!

I have been tweeting about that for the past few days.

Evidently, knowing that nature abhors a vacuum, nobody is willing to acknowledge MbS’s mysterious absence.

Goid night and good luck,
Andrea Iravani

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