Failed US Policies Are Responsible For the SCO Genghis Khan 2.0

The older that we become, the more we witness people repeating mistakes of the past, despite having historical knowledge, and we ask ourselves, “What in the hell were you thinking?!”

That is how I feel about the SCO, one belt one road, and yuan gold and oil futures contract links to a new yuan based currency, because those were all done by Genghis Khan. He created an international trade currency, built the Silk Road, and a far reaching trade system.

If the US and our NATO allies had not been so imperialistic for the last few centuries, most notably the last one and current one, other nations may not be so desperate that they would repeat the mistakes of the past, particularly considering that Xi has now legislated his permanency, unless he decides on his own to relinquish his power. He does not strike me as the type that would be willing to do that.

My guess is that the SCO will probably see nations involved with increased growth for approximately thirty years.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends in a war between China and Russia, with countries involved being forced to choose sides.

Good night and good luck,
Andrea Iravani

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