The Fake Generosity Of The Democrats

The DNC is filled with fake generosity that permeates the bleeding heart liberal ideology and only manages to force useless, harmful, and inadequate services on the entire population, to be paid by the entire population, and only manages to improve the lives of those providing the services to the entire population, for the most part.

These institutions are highly inefficient, costly, self-serving bureaucracies ranging from public K-12 schools, in which the national average per pupil cost exceeds $13,000 anually, universities, the most expensive and deadly healthcare system in the world, and fascist militarized police departments, for starters.

The Democrats say that we need to help the young and the poor by funding these useless services.

Bernie Sanders said that we have schools that can’t afford to buy books or pay teachers. We should be asking, where the money went, and why the books are so outrageously priced!

What would truly help the millenials and the poor would be a national homestead act!

If you are going to spend a ton of money to help people, then they should have something tangible to show for it!

We are in a national state of emergency because the millenials, who I truly do sympathize with, are so debt-laden that they are not getting married and having children because they can’t even afford to live on their own! This is all because they did what they were instructed to do to improve their lives by teachers and parents – to go to college.

They have lived their entire lives under the war on terror, the war on drugs, and the war on poverty, and under total surveillance. The terrorism has been increasing world wide, because the US has been assisting the terrorists, drug addiction is at an all time high, because the government has been importing Afghani heroin and Big Pharma lobbied Congress to have opioid prescription use moderated to increase prescriptions, and warnings reduced or altogether eliminated, and people have been getting poorer each year, to the point of a national homelessness epidemic that is now so bad that it has disrupted the lives of the $4.00 a cup coffee drinkers at Starbucks!

If we fail to act as a nation, the future of America is doomed, because a future without births will soon die off like the Shakers did.

We also are in dire need of legal reform, with millions of pointless laws, regulations, licenses, fees, fines, and ordinances strangling the last dying breath of liberty out of America. Millions of people get caught up in the crib to debtor’s prison pipeline as a result of this heinous and evil legal system that also prevents business creation in addition to preventing people being allowed to provide for themselves! A kid can’t even open a lemonade stand without the parents winding up in legal trouble, but Wells Fargo can steal from its customers in new quarterly scandals, and Monsanto can sell us food that is known to be carcinogenic, collude with the Obama administration and justice department to conceal it, and continue to sell poisonous food that the rest of the world does not want to kill their populations with, and Big Pharma can kill us off with drugs.

We need legal reform in addition to prison reform because people are going to jail and prison who are not any danger to society and having their lives destroyed as well as their entire families, and the most evil criminals that pose the greatest dangers to society are sipping Chardonnay on yachts and Champagne on Leerjets!

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Good night and good luck,
Andrea Iravani

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