Harrassed and Threatened By Grafton Wisconsin Police Department Again!

Yesterday, two really disgustingly creepy Grafton Wisconsin cops showed up while I was in my back yard to harass me. My skin felt like it was crawling for hours after they left, and I was up till 4:00 am traumatized by their creepiness.

They look and act like Mossad agents. Grafton police are not required to live in Grafton.

Grafton is a Mossad target because the library was named after the USS Liberty ship that was sunk by Israel. They do not want the library to be named that, and consider it to be anti-Semetic.

Here is my letter to Sergeant Aamodt, much of which I had copied and pasted from my article Mandatory Habitat Destruction- A Stupid Time Wasting American Tradition.

Hi Sergeant Aamodt,

Yesterday two male Grafton police officers came to harass me. I told them that I did not want to speak with them. They would not leave me alone and continued to harass me for at least 15 minutes. I told them to get off my property and they refused, saying that they were not on my property because they were on the other side of the fence, which was still my property extending several feet beyond the fence.

They claim that several neighbors have called about me. I asked them which ones and they said that they don’t know.

I am suspicious that the neighbors called and I believe that the police were lying.

If calls are made the police keep logs of calls. If calls were made, how do I know that it was neighbors that called?

If it was neighbors that called, I would like to know which neighbors did call to complain about my lawn. The police should have told neighbors that called that my lawn is not their property, and therefore, not their concern.

It is my first amendment right to practice my religion, which involves abiding God’s will.

I have a mother duck that has nested in my yard. I do not want to create stress through the noise pollution and exhaust fumes of lawn mowers and trimmers, in addition to removing the grass which keeps her less visible to predators. We have foxes and coyotes in Grafton.

The police threatened to fine me and hire the village to mow my lawn, and charge me for it, if I do not within 14 days of yesterday. They will be trespassing on private property, and vandalizing my property if they do. They have no right to fine me for exercising my 1st amendment rights.

The Supreme Court reiterated that the right to exercise my religious beliefs as stated in the first amendment, are not to be violated. I posted a note on my door stating my beliefs. The Grafton police said that they saw the note on my door, but have to enforce Grafton code. Perhaps the police are unaware the the Constitution is the supreme law of the land, and that the government of Grafton must abide by the Constitution, whether they want to or not.

There is a serious problem with both the governmemt of Grafton and the Grafton police department, if they cannot interpret and comprehend the Constitution, and Supreme Court rulings. That would mean that they are either incompetent, corrupt, or both.

The Anthony Kennedy decision on the June 4th 2018, cake bakers ruling was based on the cake bakers Phillips religious beliefs:

“To Phillips, his claim that using his artistic skills to make an expressive statement, a wedding endorsement in his own voice and of his own creation, has a significant First Amendment speech component and implicates his deep and sincere religious beliefs.” -Justia.com

“Phillips was entitled to a neutral and respectful consideration of his claims but the Colorado Civil Rights Commission, acting inconsistently with its consideration of similar cases, showed impermissible hostility toward his sincere religious beliefs. ” – Justia.com

“In a 7-2 decision, the justices said that the Colorado Civil Rights Commission had shown “impermissible hostility” toward religion when it found that the baker, Jack Phillips, violated anti-discrimination laws by refusing to bake the requested cake.” – RT

I feel precisely the same way about nature that Phillips feels about cakes. To me, Nature is God’s creation and God’s work of art. The fact that man continues to spend hours battling God’s will over and over is verifiable proof that God does not intend mowed weedless lawns.


One of the most idiotic pastimes of Americans is mandatory habitat destruction, manicured emerald green lawns without a single weed, heavily poisoning the earth and land, killing off species in mass extinction as urban crawl moves further and further out, in addition to the complete waste of time, and harassment of stress inducing noise pollution from lawn mowers, power trimmers, edgers. and blowers.

It is stupidity on parade of proud environmental terrorism, destroying nature as God intended it.

Mathew 6:26
“Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?”
Destroy the land, destroy your freedom,destroy humanity, and increase your bondage to corporate interests!

These are edible and the leaves are used in salads in Italy:

Man’s OCD fascist war against nature and war against God’s will attempting to make the world look like astroturph, poisons the earth with toxins that seep into the ground-water supply, in addition to fertilizers causing toxic algae blumes from both nitrates and sulphates organic or inorganic fertilizing the toxic algae blooms.
I understand the need for some of these fertilizers in farming perhaps, but a goal of world wide astroturph looking lawns is ridiculous, stupid, and unsustainable!

Update 4:26 pm CT 6/15/18

I believe that I have been targeted by Mossad, and believe that they have a conspiracy to ethnically cleanse Grafton and fill it with Jews, to vote to rename the USS Liberty library, named after the ship sunk by Israel after they had named the Milwaukee public library, the Golda Meier library. The Grafton USS Liberty library outraged Jews and said that it was anti-Semetic.

Bayside Wisconsin is referred to as Bagelside by Jews because of the heavy Jewish population, and Fox Point is referred to as Lox Point by Jews for the same reason. Shorewood also has an extremely high Jewish population and is home to the Jewish Community Center.

If this is not a conspiracy, then it is one hell of a lot of coincidences, considering that only 2% of the population is Jewish!

I was also hit by the bus as a pedestrian a little over a week after checking the Farsi books out of the library in about 1990.

Substantiating my claim is that I was married to an Iranian for 25 years, and that Mossad has been operating within the US targeting Muslims, although I am not Muslim, I have been frisked and patted down at the airport almost every time, since TSA started, sometimes flying 6 or 7 times a year so 12 to 14 times a year total, since I always had return flights!


Mandatory Habitat Destuction – A Stupid Time Wasting American Tradition


These are all articles on the most corrupt state that I have ever lived in, Wisconsin!

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Update 5:11 pm. 06/18/18
A sadistic fascist psychochopath stole the duck nest, eggs and all from my property. The evil in Grafton and in my neighborhood is unfathomable!

Update 07/02/18 7:48 pm

The Grafton Sergeant never replied to my email, but did show up before way before the date that they had told me of 06/29/18 and showed up on 06/21/18 instead. They conveniently dated the bill 06/28/18, proving precisely how corrupt they are, and that they spy on residents, tresspass, and vandalize their property and date it falesly. They showed up while I was writing this article, and I suspect that they showed up to prevent me from publishing it, which I had mentioned in the article:

Only Evil Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing Psychopaths and Ignorant People Would Support Crypto-currencies to Replace the Dollar


The village mowed only my front lawn and was here for about 15 minutes. Today I received a bill from the neofascist village of Grafton government, proving their extortion, highway robbery, and sadistic narcissism, trespassing on and vandalizing my personal property, without my consent, and against my explicit No consent! The total Bill for their 15 minutes of tresspassing and vandalism totaled $199.75 for mowing my front and side lawn, and a small area behind the back fence.

Grafton police and government are corrupt, sadistic, narcissitic agents of Satan!

Good Luck,
Andrea Iravani

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