Only Evil Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing Psychopaths and Ignorant People Would Support Crypto-currencies to Replace the Dollar

The federal reserve system is based on fraudulent math. That is an indisputable fact. Please see How to Give A Central Banker A Nervous Breakdown In 13 Minutes:

How to Give a Central Banker a Nervous Breakdown in 13 Minutes – Andrea Iravani

Replacing a fraudulent math based monetary and banking system with a monetary system reliant on extremely expensive and ever evolving technology, which is also known to be more fascist, controlling, abusive, and censorious than the federal government when it comes to civil rights, which every one in the world or in the country would be required to support the neo-fascist tech sector, communication systems, and entire world wide power grid to conduct transactions would only be advocated for by evil, super-predators that now or have worked on Wall Street.

The crypto-currency places a per user cost monumentally higher than the current rapacious system, which is evidently not rapacious enough for the crypto-currency advocates, requiring everyone to have a computer or smart device, internet service, and electricity, in addition to the constant updates, anti-viral, and anti-malware applications, and would also require everyone to buy new technology simply to survive.

In addition to the problem of extraordinarily high user cost, in the event of a disruption to a user’s or a region’s, business’, country’s, or world’s electricity, internet service, or computer or smart-device those affected by the disruptions would be immediately rendered incapacitated.

There is a guarantee that such disruptions will happen in the future. Such disruptions have always happened, and those advocating for this who have worked on Wall Street or currently are, are nothing short of extraordinarily dangerous wolves in sheep’s clothing psychopaths.
Reported by NASA here:
Cosmic Journeys – Solar Superstorms published 08/29/15

Had Thomas Edison won the AC/DC power war won by Westinghouse based on propaganda, disinformation, and lies, our country would be much safer!

There has been a long list of major-crypto currency heists, in addition to a completely volatile, unstable history.
Reported here:

EMP threats reported here:

WTF EMPs, LIBOR, and A Government and Fed That Nobody Can Believe In – Andrea Iravani

It was also pointed out that it is by Nouriel Roubini at The Milken Institute Conference that it would be impossible to conduct all transactions with crypto-currencies because the crypto-curremcies are techologically incapable of conducting the number of financial transactions that currently take place. In the event that the crypto-currencies solve that problem, it is merely one of many as to why crytpo-currencies are an unsustainable, and abusive monetary system.

Reported by Zero Hedge here:

Replacing a terrible monetary and banking system with an even worse banking system is so evil that it is hard to comprehend how anyone could be that predatory, and I watch, read and listen to these psychopaths in absolute wonder and astonishment that such deceptive, calculating, and conniving people could possibly exist.

Some of these psychopaths are also calling for decentralization, despite evidence that decentralization in absolutely no way would guarantee the end of corruption, war, or oppression, which they cite as their reasons for calling for decentralization, in fact, overwhelming evidence, proves that their is virtually a 100% guarantee that decentralization would increase corruption, oppression and war. I have pointed this out to some. They merely either revert to censoring my comments, ignoring them, or more circular logic, which is a trick used by psychopaths like Hillary Clinton, to name a currently famous psychopath that frequently relies on circular logic.

Update in parenthesis added 06/28/18 7:23 pm CT

( cryptocurrenncies also maintain the requirement for the government to tax income, estates, corporations, and capital gains, in addition to the government relying on a privately owned and controlled currency system, in addition to the government being required to borrow or tax vast sums of money. For that reason, crypto-currencies still continue to enslave the nation, and the individual.)

Explained here:
Don’t Decentralize, Unincorporate! The Largest Unincorporated Municipality of 91,000 People Is the 15th Safest City

One individual is even trying to create the United States of Bitcoin in Nevada, and is seeking to declare indepence from the United States. For a glimpse into how that will work out, look to Israel! I had posted that on Zero Hedge twitter page after reading about it there, and the owner of United States of Bitcoin asked me to read the prospectus, which I will not do, because of malware fears. I asked him if it would have a zero population growth mandate, and told him that in two generations, there will not be enough land if it does not have a zero-population growth mandate. He did not respond. Naturally despite the fact that it would be a bitcoin country, it is located near gold-mines.
Here is his Twitter page:

I’m sorry but after reading the Wikipedia page of the Protocol of The Elders of Zion, it appears that some decided to use the Protocols as a guide, whether they were original, forged, or faked or not.

Please see the Structure and Content section:

Please see:
Banking and Foreign Policy Conspiracy Too Hard To Overlook

It’s Time To End Jewish Supremacy

What most Americans would like:
Unite the Sane and Independent Center! – Andrea Iravani

At 1:11 while I was writing this, the village of Grafton employees have trespassed on my property and vandalized it as agents of Satan with the corrupt, abusive, neo-fascist Grafton Wisconsin Police. They left at 1:32 pm CT.

Good day and good-luck,
Andrea Iravani

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