Infamous and Gluttonous, Money Hungry MIC Propagandists Claim That North Korea Is Still Developing Nuclear Weapons

The MIC has been in an uproar over Trump’s sole achievement to date, a reconciliation and process towards peace with North Korea, which has ended a steady stream of income for the American terrorist industry, ending South Korean and American military exercises over a weak common enemy, North Korea.

What the blood thirsty, money hungry, sadistic, narcissistic, MIC propagandists have failed to disclose to the media and American public is that nuclear waste sites cannot simply be ignored and left alone without endangering the entire population and region in immediate terms, and the entire world in the very near future.

Here is an excerpt from The Fossil Fuel Industry is Living In The Ice Ages, explaining precisely why.

Once the process of nuclear fission begins, it cannot be stopped, unless there is an explosion or nuclear meltdown in a nuclear chain reaction that occurs. The nuclear waste must be fed like a monster. It is done so in the reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel. New metals are added in attempt to weaken the radioactive levels, and to cool It with moltent metals! It is the equivaent of trying to walk up the down escalator going at 75 miles per hour. It is my belief that the 50’s sci-fi movie, The Blob was actually about nuclear waste.

The Hanford nuclear plant is undergoing heat decay in the process of a nuclear meltdown in a nuclear chain reaction which will eventually result in a nuclear explosion. Using nuclear waste for nuclear energy production also creates more nuclear waste.

Cold fusion is not safe either. It is an outright lie that it is. The nuclear reactors are called breeder reactors because they breed radioactive material in the process of nuclear fission. The waste is not burned in the process. Large quantities of radio active tritium are released into the atmosphere.…

The Fossil Fuel Industry is Living in the Ice Ages! – Andrea Iravani

If you doubt what I have stated, consider the following as conclusive evidence –  reported by Sputnik:
“Hanford was decommissioned after the Cold War but remains the storage site for 53 million gallons of liquid nuclear waste and 25 million cubic feet of solid nuclear waste, the DoE website notes. Neither the stored waste nor the waste from production has been properly stored, and large radiation leaks have contaminated much of the area, which remains the nation’s largest environmental cleanup site. According to Earth Island Journal, between 1944 and 1972, “as much as 1.7 trillion gallons of liquid waste, radionuclides and hazardous chemicals” were dumped into the Columbia River or into the ground.”

Is it conceivable to you that the government would create that much nuclear material for even several thousand nuclear weapons, capable of destroying the world, several times over? Only 3.5 pounds of weapons grade nuclear material are required for producing a bomb with detonation capabilities of the Hiroshima bomb.

Also consider the following as conclusive evidence of the above, reported by Tyler Durden from Zero Hedge:
“According to the SCMP report, a group of researchers found that the most recent blast tore open a hole in the mountain, which then collapsed upon itself. A second group concluded that the breakdown created a “chimney” that could allow radioactive fallout from the blast zone below to rise into the air.”

“A research team led by Wen Lianxing, a geologist with the University of Science and Technology of China in Hefei, concluded that the collapse occurred following the detonation last autumn of North Korea’s most powerful thermal nuclear warhead in a tunnel about 700 metres (2,296 feet) below the mountain’s peak. The test turned the mountain into fragile fragments, the researchers found.”

“The mountain’s collapse, and the prospect of radioactive exposure in the aftermath, confirms a series of exclusive reports by the South China Morning Post on China’s fears that Pyongyang’s latest nuclear test had caused a fallout leak. The scientists warned that radioactive dust could escape through holes or cracks in the damaged mountain.”

Also consider the following as conclusive evidence that the MIC and defense, think-tank industry is nothing more than gluttonous, money hungry, sadistic narcissistic terrorists, will do absolutely anything to maintain their narcissistic supply:

Reported by NBC
“However, other experts argue that ongoing work on the site of a reactor that is producing fuel for nuclear weapons shows that North Korea has no intention of disarming.”

Reported by Zero Hedge:
“Still, the findings underscore a belief that’s widely held by national security strategists, including Harry Kazianis, the director of the Center for the National Interest think tank, who told the Hill that “there is no way North Korea will ever give up its nuclear weapons – ever.”

Good luck!
Andrea Iravani


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