Escaping The Matrix Of Logical Fallacies

In order to reach self-actualization, one must be able to be totally honest, at least with themselves, if not also with everyone else.

It is impossible to be completely honest with yourself if you are living in the Matrix of logical fallacies forced upon us by the nation’s leading parasites.

This American con that has lasted for over a century has created a state of cognitive dissonance in at least 70% of Americans, who are incapable of telling the truth to anybody, since they have not yet accepted that they have spent most of their lives wrapped up in logical fallacies, forced upon them by powerful parasites. Some even refuse to leave the Matrix when a way out and the truth are presented to them, since they have invested so much time, effort, money, and human capital in the Matrix of logical fallacies.

New logical fallacies are already being presented as a way out of the Matrix, which only leads into a deeper Matrix than before. These are the logical fallacies of crypto-currencies to replace the Federal Reserve, decentralization to replace the federal government, and socialism to replace capitalism – that still relies on a debt based monetary system, because both systems are guaranteed to fail under a debt-based monetary system.

The Federal Reserve and federal government have abused their power, the American people, and people all over the world. The federal government has totally ignored the constitution and the Bill of Rights. There is not a shred of evidence, and much to the contrary that decentralization from the federal government will create a less corrupt and more humanitarian form of government. It has been the local and state governments and police that have been the most fascist and abusive, in a litany of repeated abuse against citizens. Ending the federal government would be the final coup de grace (attacked by hacker) to the constitution and the Bill of Rights. Since they are suggesting decentralization, they will have no control over anything other than their locale, if it is not in fact someone else that wields absolute power over them, which is far more likely to be the case! Explained here:

Don’t Decentralize, Unincorporate! The Largest Unincorporated Municipality of 91,000 People Is the 15th Safest City

The logical fallacy of crypto-currencies replacing Federal Reserve as a solution, is  that it would actually create more problems than it would solve, and it would not end debt enslavement of individuals and governments. It is merely a transfer of power from the Federal Reserve to the tech sector, requiring everyone to have the technology necessary for crypto-currencies which has monumental user costs, and far more abuses on their individual customers than the Federal Reserve has ever had! Imagine what these people will resort to if they also control the money supply! It has been said that if you want to test a man’s character, give him power. So far, the entire tech sector has colossally failed the test, objectifying their customers, endangering our lives, and property and pimping all of us against our will as their merchandise!

Explained here:

Only Evil Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing Psychopaths and Ignorant People Would Support Crypto-currencies to Replace the Dollar

Zuckerberg The Wolf That Cried Boy:
A Banking And Foreign Policy Conspiracy Too Hard To Overlook – Rothschild and Israel

Another Matrix of logical fallacy exists in the false dichotomy and false choice between the Republican Party and Democratic Party, in which the reality now is that both parties continue the logical fallacy of the Federal Reserve, which has resulted in totally unnecessary Federal Reserve extortion, a bank tax on citizens, for which they have no right to claim!
Both the Republican Party and Democratic Party have united around the destruction of liberty, permanent war, and the Federal Reserve. We must do the opposite! We outnumber them at least by 1, 000 to 1!
Explained here:

Unite the Sane and Independent Center! – Andrea Iravani

Another logical fallacy that is currently underway is that we need prison reform, which is true, but everyone fails to address that in order for prison reform to occur, we also need legal reform, wiping the millions of oppressive, tyrannical, abusive laws, fees, permits, licenses, citations, ordinances, and fines completely off the books on average Americans. The government has been letting the most corrupt abusive corporations commit crime after crime, and walk away unscathed, or with token fines, while children and their parents have actually been harrassed by law enforcement for selling lemonade and water!

Explained here:

It Is Time For Laws To Reflect Virtue And Ethics

Other logical fallacies of the Matrix are that the federal government should suddenly provide every American with a free college education and forgive all current student debt, when the universities are guilty of outright fraud, not only teaching blatant lies to their students in courses, but if the universities are suddenly funded by every one, it will in no way guaranty a job in the field of study, or a better life for the student.  It is merely an expensive welfare system for the university, and not the students, that they feign to care about! If universities themselves were actually held accountable and provided the loans to the students themselves, we would expect an immediate about face on admission and loan policies! The universities all have very large endowment funds, and have all condoned the asset forfeiture of various private universities and corporations, so let the universities pay  the students’ debts!

Explained here:

The University Hustle – Andrea Iravani
The healthcare Medicare for all Matrix neglects the fact that medical error is the third leading cause of death in America and over 2/3 of prescription drug spending is spent on drugs proven not to work, that also make patients worse off, by endangering their lives!
(In parenthesis added 2:13 pm 07/02/18
Medicare for all in its CURRENT form, would be welfare for the wealthy, for killing the poor!)
Explained here:
The Most Expensive and Deadly Healthcare System in the World
Another logical fallacy of the Matrix is that renewable energy is more expensive than fossil fuels, yet fails to add the cost of the wars, military, and destruction of the environment, and costs of environmental clean-up, in addition to income lost as a result of habitat destruction from fossil fuels. The left fallaciosuly claims that anyone opposing the Paris Accord and carbon credits, carbon taxes, carbon trades, are environmental terrorists, while denying that those policies are totally unnecessary for renewable energy, which are really nothing more than a hand out to Wall Street and the fossil fuel industry for their loss of profits! explained here:

The Fossil Fuel Industry is Living in the Ice Ages! – Andrea Iravani


Another logical fallacy is that we can tax cut, or tax ourselves back to economic prosperity, but economic growth has never occured without innovation, explained here:

There Cannot Be An Economic Recovery Without A Technological Revolution

A Call For A National Homestead Act and

The Fake Generosity Of The Democrats

Trump Is Relying On The Greater Fool Theory For Re-election and Republicans Maintaing Control

Anyways, free yourself from the Matrix! This above all, to thine own self be true!

Are any of these politicians or political parties worth losing your self-respect, sanity, or the respect of others over?

Good luck!

Andrea Iravani

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