DNC Half Measures Will No Longer Be Tolerated

The DNC candidates in many elections have once again resorted to sadistic half measures on the under-class, in order to protect the upper-class that feeds off of the under-class in a parasitic and frequently sadistic and torturous fashion.

It will no longer be tolerated. Many DNC candidates are promising the desperately needed prison and legal reform, but epically fall short of anything less than the continuation of profiting off of the sadisic and torturous behavior on the under-class by only promising to pardon those in prison and jail for marijuana. Millions of Americans became addicted to opiates by their jet-setting doctors – the protected class – with a license to murder and torture!

The lawyers, prison guards, parole officers, probation officers, police, bail bondsmen,  court system employees, treatment community, and medical community will no longer be entitled to profit off of their sadistic, self-serving, parasitic, torturous, savage, barbarian reign of terror over Americans.

Alcohol is a legal substance, sold in stores, restaurants, and bars all over the country. The legal limit has become extremely low. One & 1/2 drinks for women, and two & 1/2 drinks for men, can place them over the legal limit, with their lives, and their families lives destroyed for their remainder of time on earth. I do not condone drunk driving, but denying that it is significant part of American culture is sadistic, and insane. Why aren’t breathelizer test devices installed in cars after someone’s first offense, knowing full well that alcohol is an extremely addictive substance?

Is it because the judges want people to die in the road, or because they know full well that there is an extremely high likeihood that the individual is likely to drink and drive again, based on tons of statistics and they enjoy throwing them back in jail, or is it because they are mentally deficient, brain-dead, imbeciles incapable of a humanitarian and life saving act, or is it because having a revolving door for addicts and alcoholics feeds the parastically sadistic industry that they are a part of?

The CIA has been importing heroin and cocaine into America for decades, in order to fund their coups and terrorist activities all over the world, because Congress would not be required to approve the budget or activities perpetrated by the CIA.

If we have a government that is running operations that are unaccountable to the elected government, we merely have a puppet government and in that case, there is really zero point in voting for any candidate.

The gang of eight is in and of itself an admission by Congress that your vote isn’t worth a damn thing. All of Congress must be fully aware of all activities of the entire government.

The intelligence community, police state, and military have been granted absolutely zero power in the constitution.  Don’t fall for their stinking shit when Congress fallaciously claims to deny the powers granted to every single member of Congress in the Constitution. Hold their feet to the fire, and tell your congress member that if they are not entitled to all U.S. intelligence, then there is no reason to bother voting for them!

As I stated yesterday, you cannot torture people into sobriety, here:

Snake Oil Fraudsters Removed Sadistic Personality Disorder From The DSM In 1994, Which Is Why Sadists and Torturers Are Controlling America

And here:
And if this is not 100% indisputable proof to you exactly how sadistic, self-serving, and parastic these monsters are, I don’t know what to tell you:

“60 County Governments  in Wisconsin Sue Big-Pharma and Plan To Keep the Award For Themselves While Running Debtors Prisons!”


The Most Expensive and Deadly “Healthcare” System in the World – Andrea Iravani

The Zuckerberg Thought Police, and How the Mad Scientists Are Inducing Mental Illness and Suicide – Andrea Iravani


Andrea Iravani

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