Our Puppet Congress Of Whimps Doesn’t Even Know How To Fight For Their Own Constitutional Rights, Do You Believe That They Will Fight For Yours?

We clearly have a defunct puppet government, which Congress has all but come right out and admitted to, by allowing the gang of eight for top-secret security clearance of only eight, out of 535 elected members of congress.

If every member of Congress is not informed of all intelligence matters, we have a puppet Congress, that has been so insanely stupid and incompetent, despite the fact that the vast majority of them hold law degrees, that there is really zero point in even voting.

The gang of eight is entirely unconstitutional. The military, “intelligence” community, and police-state have been granted absolutely zero powers in the Constitution, yet, our Congress of baboons has voluntarily ceded their powers over to this body of over five million unelected people.

The CIA has been illegally importing heroin and cocaine into America, using the proceeds as seed money to fund their coups and terrorism throughout the world.

This unelected body is a terrorist network, involving criminal racketeering,  that Congress has foolishly and heinously submitted to the whims of, in the most reprehensible act of destruction of everything that America was originally intended to represent, a government of, by, and for the people.

Since our Congress of lawyers is too inept to know their own constitutional rights, and fight for them, as spelled out – plain as day,  in the constitution, do you seriously and foolishly expect them to fight for your rights as defined in the constitution including the Bill of Rights?!

The facade of police departments running black-market crypto-currency websites under the false pretenses of law-enforcement is an entirely illegal and unconstitutional abuse of power, racketeering, and organized  crime. The police departments must be charged with possession. Entrapment is illegal, and must not be tolerated as an excuse for organized crime commited by a corrupt, neofascist, terrorist network in police uniforms!

The constitution was written with the intention of limiting the governments’ power over the people in order to prevent tyranny, which decades of congress and presidential administrations have willingly handed the reigns over to the most corrupt forces on the planet.

In addition to the intelligence industry, is the Council On Foreign Relations, a body of 4,900 unelected people writing foreign policy, sold to anyone willing to pay $25,000 for membership, and is run by the Rockefeller Studies Institute.

The CIA started out as the Rockefeller Office. We have been fighting Rockefeller wars for a century now, in addition to fighting Israel’s wars.

Call your member of Congress and tell them that if they do not resume control of the powers granted to them in the Constitution, then voting for them is just a complete waste of time!

I’ve had it with America’s stinking bullshit!

Andrea Iravani

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