From The Scientific Fraud Of The Paris Accord And Chemtrails – To Truth -The Final Frontier

The Paris Accord is based on pure scientific fraud, using Co2 as its basis, carbon dioxide, exhaled by all animals and is a cooling agent in its pure solid form, which is dry ice.

Carbon Monoxide is the deadly gas that would be measured, if the goal was to save life on earth, and limit the most harmful greenhouse gasses.

While, people are not able to simply breath pure carbon dioxide and survive, it is not the agent that would be targeted, if this was anything other than scientific fraud for the purpose of enriching the fossil fuel industry for their losses, including the Rockefellers, and all Scandinavian socialist countries, countries in the Middle East,  and Venezuela who would be able to transfer the income source from fossil fuels, to carbon credits. All Scandinavian countries and Venezuela are heavily reliant on oil revenues for funding their socialist programs, in addition to the entire Middle East. It would also mandate that the US transfer China to renewable energy, and pay for it, prior to our own transition.

It is probable that the deadly carbon monoxide is not measured instead of carbon dioxide, because the production of plastics and metal smelting which would still release carbon monoxide into the atmosphere even with renewable energy used for its production, which would hurt the entire manufacturing industry, and all countries that are predominantly manufacturing based economies.

Having said that, I do support renewable energy:

The Fossil Fuel Industry is Living in the Ice Ages! – Andrea Iravani

There is also a high probability that the chemtrails may be caused by somehow expelling dry ice, or vastly increased carbon dioxide into the atmosphere in an effort to cool the environment. Having observered the chemtrails that last for several hours and do in fact turn into cirrus clouds, which are made by planes with extremely loud engines compared to planes producing normal contrails.

This is portrayed as a conspiracy theory, however, dry ice has in fact been used in America in the past for cloud seeding, and geoengineering is a UN violation, so there is unlikely any chance of any government admitting to it, combined with the fact that carbon dioxide is also an emission, making it hard to prove.

Update 5:17pm CT 7/10/18

I was going to include evidence of volcanic winter as supporting evidence of this, releasing massive quantities of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, but the internet has been besieged by scientific fraudsters, claiming that sulfuric acid causes volcanic winter, which is utterly false! Sulfuric acid is an exothermic ( heat releasing ) agent that absorbs H20 from the atmosphere! Massive snow storms and cooler temperatures occur during volcanic winters! Sulfuric acid is released during volcanic eruptions, but it is not the sulfuric acid which causes volcanic winter, but the carbon released into the atmosphere! NASA, Wikipedia, and many websites are just lying propagandists!

If you’ve ever lit a match, well, you get the picture!

Update 07/12/18 12:32 pm CT

Since publishing this article two days ago, the planes producing chemtrails have ceased flying over my house during the day, but are at night.  I wake up to an ugly blanket of man-made clouds, visibly different in appearance than normal clouds! Last evening at sunset, the grey clouds were taking on the strange shape of part of the clouds decending, appearing somewhat like a waterfall of clouds, but not raining.


Good luck!

Andrea Iravani

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