The Untold Costs Of A Privately Owned Central Bank and War – Total Corruption and Total Tyranny

TOR is the dark-web which is almost entirely funded and run by the U.S. military. It is also filled with illegal black-market websites including child pornography websites. The only logical conclusions are that the U.S. military is running illegal black-market websites, or they are fighting for the freedom of pedophiles, and nobody else’s.

Many police departments in America and the Texas FBI are also running illegal black-market BitCoin websites, under the false pretenses of law enforcement. People see it for what it truly is, a government that has turned into an organized crime ring, now involved in corruption enforcement and racketeering for profit.

Of course, Congress has willingly and criminally tolerated this transfer of power from an honest economy and government, over to a black-market banana republic and organized crime ring, by tolerating the gang of eight as the only members out of 535 elected members of Congress that are allowed to know what is actually taking place.

Since this black market economy is funding the day to day operations of the military and governments at all levels, it is classified information, which Congress has willingly chosen to ignore.

The military, CIA, NSA, FBI, and police departments have been granted absolutely zero power in the Constitution, yet, Congress handed the reigns of power over to 5 million unelected criminals and decided that their virgin ears are not to be subjected to the truth, and have additionally tolerated child sex trafficking and child pornography, in addition to forced prostitution, narcotics trafficking, illegal gambling, and the unconsented whole sale of every man’s, woman’s, and child’s life in America. They have fought for the freedom of terrorists and criminals in uniform to rob us blind and perpetrate the raping and pillaging of America and Americans.

Voting is without question, a complete waste of time, since Congress has chosen to ignore the black market economy keeping the criminal element afloat, and in power!

Call your DNC and GOP candidates and tell them to take their self-elevating ballots, and wipe their asses with them, because then, at least the ballots would serve a useful purpose.

The legal system does not work for 99% of Americans!

Corporate corruption is rampant and the entire government has chosen to tolerate corporate corruption at the local, state, and federal levels!

As just one of MANY examples of the corporate corruption that has entirely destroyed and disupted my daily life is WeEnergies, the monopolistoc energy company in  South-Easten Wisconsin, forcing customers to use smart-meters, which are not only spy devices, but can also be hacked, and remotely controlled! My lights, microwave, garage door, air- conditioner, thermostat, and alarm system have all been remotely controlled by a psychopath.

WeEnergies will do nothing about this! Their employees actually told me to buy new appliances and lights! The manager, Julia Schneider insisted that smart- meters could not be hacked when I spoke with her about my appliances and lights turning on and off by remote control. She said someone would not be able to hack into your smart meter and control your appliances, but we can, then, later denied saying that.

Here is proof that smart meters can in fact be hacked:

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Good luck America!
Andrea Iravani

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