America’s Kreptocratic Regime Spent Over A Trillion Dollars On War And Itself Just At The Federal Level Last Year

Updated at 9:25 PM CT 07/22/18
America has a kleptocracy, of crony socialist trickle-up wealth redistribution, awarding the biggest psychopaths the most, those who are willing to murder innocent people who have done NOT ONE DAMN THING to threaten national security, or the American way of life!

According to CNS news

“There were 21,995,000 employed by federal, state and local government in the United States in August, according to BLS.”

That is 11%, or one out of every nine of us, of the fulltime eligible workforce of people between the ages of 18 and 65. The labor force participation rate is only 62.7%, so roughly six workers are supporting every government employee that is currently employed. That does not include the retired government workers that Americans are forced to support, by means of extortion. This is not sustainable. Their salaries, health, and retirement benefits far exceed those of the average Americans that are forced to support them. The median average salary in America is now a pathetically low $31,099!

Included among the 21,995,000 government employees are 1,339,645 federal civilian, non postal employees from 375 agencies that walked off with $92.2 billion in salary, and average earnings of $69,344.22!

“Taxpayers spend more than $90 billion annually on retirement benefits for civilian workers, a figure that has made those benefits a prime target for Congressional budget cutters. A report released Tuesday by the Congressional Budget Office outlines some options lawmakers are considering as they seek to rein in costs.”

The average teacher earns $60,000, with superior vacation, health, and retirement packages than the average American that is forced to foot the bill, and all of these useless governmemt services have only damaged America. They are rewarded for incompetency, corruption, and sheer laziness! Only in the government sector, can someone get away with continuously producing lousy results, and keep their jobs!

The U.S. has the highest per pupil cost in the world, of over $13,000 per student, while simultaneously having the worst record in the industrialized world!

At least the post office is self-funding through postage stamps! Postal employees were not included in the 1,339,645 federal civilian employees.

In addition, according to,
“In 2017 the federal government spent $822.9 billion on Defense.
That includes $598.7 billion on the military,$177.9 billion on veterans, and $46.3 billion on foreign aid.”

Trump just raised federal employees salaries by 1.9%! He should have cut them by 50%!

What do we get for all of this spending? War, body bags, increased national security risks, the death of liberty, 330,000 opioid deaths, mass incarceration, and corporate and government corruption!

Good luck America!
If you haven’t yet concluded that both the DNC and RNC are nothing more than political cults of kleptocratic corruption, it’s not to late!
Walk away from both parties, or continue being brain washed with blatant lies during the robbery and murders in action!

Escaping The Matrix Of Logical Fallacies

Andrea Iravani

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