DNC and Deep State Invoke Policies Of Nixon, McCarthy, and Gestapo for Campaign Strategy and Desperate Attempt To Maintain Credibility

The Clintons and their co-conspirators frequently claim that “If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it.”

News flash to the Clintons and the DNC! If you repeat a lie often enough, people will think that you are pathological liars!

The DNC and deep state have decided to invoke the policies of Senator Joseph McCarthy, Republican from my home state of Wisconsin, who is evidently being channelled by an army of activists, in addition to the policies of Richard Nixon, since it has been disclosed that Obama ordered the surveillance of Donald Trump,  and the policies of the Nazi Gestapos, resorting to any means necessary of destroying anyone who will not support their policies and narrative of blatant lies. This is not limited to Trump supporters, establishment Republicans, or Alt-right Republicans. The Gestapo, McCarthy, Nixonian policies have also been used on Sanders supporters, Green Party supporters, and anti-war supporters.

Julian Assange is being accused of being an instrument to the Russian government, and the accusation is not only entirely devoid of facts, but their is physical evidence to the contrary, that the DNC computers were not hacked, but leaked, involving the physical down loading onto a thumb-drive from the Washington DC area.

Supporting the DNC is a crime against humanity! So is supporting the RNC!

United States Adopts Declaration of Stupidity As Official U.S. Policy

We are in a humanitarian crisis of monumental proportions, that appears to grow deeper,more pronounced, and abusive with each passing minute.

We do not need vigils, or protests. We need a world wide army of whistleblowers, yesterday, if not sooner!

Brain dead DNC and Deep State, let history be your guide.

From Wikipedia:
“In Gallup polls from January 1954, McCarthy’s approval rating was at 50%, with only 29% disapproving. By June, both percentages had shifted by 16%, with more people (34% approving, 45% disapproving) now rejecting McCarthy and his methods.[37. . ]”


An excerpt from It Is Time For Trump To Fire John Bolton:

” The Truth ought to be protected by a body guard of lies.” John Bolton is the male version of Hillary Clinton!

We are back to the OCD laundering of the Russian conspiracy hacking meme for about the 400th time! Still, the evidence remains!

See Trump run. See John Bolton lie. See John Bolton destroy truth, and take Trump down with him here:


Here is the campaign of lies!
Here is where the campaign of lies was sourced today:
The truth is, that the Russian behind all of this was none other than Moscow born Crowd Strike cofounder Dimitri Alperovitch, hired by the DNC, who claims that Russians hacked into their computers, despite evidence proving otherwise!

Here is forensic proof that the Gucifer 2.0 leaks were downloaded onto a thumb drive from a computer on the east coast!



Here is Julian Assange staying that the Russian government was not the source of the leaks!

Here is Kim Dotcom stating that he will provide Congress with evidence that Seth Rich was the leaker, which Congress has ignored!
Who will you choose to believe, the government, forensic evidence from the forensicator, Julian Assange, and evidence provided by Kim Dotcom, as well as Kim Dotcom?!
I know that I will not be choosing the government!


The U.S. government has failed to uphold the constitution, despite the fact that every one of them swore an oath to defend it.

The entire Atlantic Council members have equally failed to maintain the Atlantic Council. The only section of it that still remains a concern to any of them is the section on free-trade, and you can be 100% confident that it is not the result of any humanitarian goals.

Here is the text of The Atlantic Council, dated August 14th .


The eight principal points of the Charter were:
no territorial gains were to be sought by the United States or the United Kingdom;
territorial adjustments must be in accord with the wishes of the peoples concerned;
all people had a right to self-determination;
trade barriers were to be lowered;
there was to be global economic cooperation and advancement of social welfare;
the participants would work for a world free of want and fear;
the participants would work for freedom of the seas;
there was to be disarmament of aggressor nations, and a common disarmament after the war.



Israel has determined that the right to self determinitation is for Israel and Israelis alone. That is what they have determined for the world. Defending and supporting Israel is a crime against humanity for that, and this:

Israel – A Fascist Theocracy Cast System – Practicing Genocide and  Holocaust On The Palestinians With A Concentration Camp

Good Luck America! We’re flying on a wing and a prayer.
Andrea Iravani

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