Spies Like Them

Since I have never been a spy, or worked in the “intelligence” community, some things about it over the past several years, the past 3 in particular, have come to mind. The first being, how is it possible to be an honest spy, when the entire act of spying involves the never ending deception of everyone that you encounter? This leads me to believe that when spies are recruited, it must be for loyalty, and not honesty, because an honest spy, would disclose national secrets to people that it was supposed to be spying on, in addition to revealing that they are spies, which would have them executed in most circumstances. As we have seen, the level of loyalty to the most corrupt family in America is so pronounced, that Mueller, Comey, and Brennan have all been willing to throw themselves under the bus, for the Clintons. It is not for the good of America, since having the most corrupt people in power is not good for America. Do they have Stokholm syndrome? It appears that way.

Added below 12:55 am CT 07/25/18

Since spies lie on a regular basis, and their entire life is a lie, my guess is that it must change their brains in some way. When people change their behavior, it has been proven to cause changes to their brains. They lie with ease. They think nothing of it, as a coping mechanism, additionally engaged in as much self-deception as deception that they are engaging in with their victims. It is for that reason, I would guess that that is why it is so filled with corruption. Corruption is a way of life for spies. I do not know if they are able to distinguish between corrupt behavior that benefits the country, like knowing if an enemy will attack, and corrupt behavior that simply advances their own desires, like embezzlement.

Sorry, I forgot to include this earlier, but intended to.


Good Night And Good Luck America!

Andrea Iravani

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