If America and Other Nations Didn’t Have Corrupt “Law Enforcement”, Government, Corporations, and Judicial Systems, Wikileaks Never Even Would Have Started!

Julian Assange may be forced out of the London Equadorian Embassy and into prison within the next few days.

The U.S. government and the U.K. government have been brutal towards their treatment of Julian Assange, detained for excerising what is America’s first Amendment right. The first Amendment states, in part, that freedom of the press shall not be abridged. The U.S. government claims that Julian Assange has violated U.S. law by disclosing national secrets. Even attempting to deny someone the right to disclose national secrets is an abridgement of the first amendment, which would deny Julian Assange of first amendment rights. Government crime is not a national secret. The perpetrators would like it to be, but it is not.

If a government is so corrupt, that knowing what its actions are would threaten national security, it is a government that should be wiped off of the face of the earth.

More explained here:

DNC and Deep State Invoke Policies Of Nixon, McCarthy, and Gestapo for Campaign Strategy and Desperate Attempt To Maintain Credibility

In America, reporting crime is pointless. I’ve tried it. When I called the police on shoplifters in downtown Milwaukee after chasing them down the street almost every day, even handcuffing one to a chair, the police would come. That was before 1991. Now the only crime fighting that police do is handing out traffic tickets, and citations. They are more like modern day pirates, feeling entitled to help themselves in civil asset forfeiture, by running black market bitcoin websites, and illegally spying on residents. The police are now really nothing more than criminals in uniform. The police murdered 987 people in cold blood last year. The police threw 78 year old national hero, former CIA agent, truth teller, and whistle blower – Ray McGovern to the ground and dislocated his shoulder for protesting the confirmation of Bloody Gina Haspel as CIA director.

The U.S. government is the biggest threat to national security in the world, and they have inadvertently admitted it, whether they realize it or not!

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Good night and good luck America!
Andrea Iravani

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