Propaganda Combatant, as listed on Linkedin since May 2015 https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrea-iravani-a060a348 Was posting on Zero Hedge under Rebel Yell and then Rebelrebel7 and decided to start my own blog. I no longer post on Zero Hedge and haven’t since October 28th. Andrea Iravani – Solutions, Politics, Economics, Taxation, Federal Reserve, National Debt, Money Supply, Gold Standard Theory Failure, Heroin Epidemic, Government Corruption, Energy https://rebel0007com.wordpress.com/ The Wizard of Oz was originally written about bankers and the gold standard. In the novel, by L. Frank Baum, Dorothy wore silver slippers, because at the time, the national discussion was focussed on replacing the gold standard, with a silver standard. The movie featured ruby slippers, simply because it was in Technicolor. Cartoon version: Here is the Wizard of Oz full movie: Watch “The Wizard of Oz [FULL MOVIE] [FULL HD]” on YouTube https://youtu.be/d6N_toDW4Xo Peace, Andrea Iravani