The DNC and RNC Are Neo-Fascist Organized Crime Rings!!!

The DNC and RNC are neo-fascist organized crime rings run by “super-predators that have to be brought to heel.” They are the ties that bind. The abolishment of the DNC and RNC are only the beginning of the lengthy war for liberty ahead of us. Both the RNC and DNC are filled with special interest NGOs that are responsible for writing the narrative that has destroyed America by destroying our liberty. Among the self-serving, parasitic NGOs are a cabal of “think-tanks”, which are actually propaganda tanks and hate-tanks, that pose as public-education non-profitable organizations, and therefore tax-exempt which serve as paid mouth pieces for their donors, including but not limited to the neo-fascist war industry, the neo-fascist police-state, the neo-fascist public employee unions, the neo-fascist school industry where the brain-washing propaganda and introduction to American neo-fascism begins in nursery school or kindergarten, the neo-fascist Eugenicists parading as the American Medical Association where the third leading cause of death in America is “medical error” and over 2/3 of prescription drug spending is spent on drugs not only proven not to work, but to endanger patients lives, the neo-fascist spy-industry parading as Silicon Valley tech companies, the neo-fascist media propagandists parading as news agencies, the neo-fascist debtors prison and court system, parading as the Department of Justice which is actually a strangling entanglement of neo-fascist Orwellian laws that serve no purpose other than promoting evil, since the most criminal people on earth are sipping Chardonnay on yachts and Champagne on Leerjets while upright and ethical ordinary Americans have their lives and families lives totally destroyed by sadistic narcissistic neo-fascists for minor, victimless infractions and are often imprisoned for those, or sometimes, for no reason whatsoever.

America was rightly outraged by children being separated from their parents and held in cages after immigrants crossing the Texas border were detained, but what about the tens of millions of American citizens who have had their lives destroyed by the sadistic, narcissistic, neo-fascists imprisoning millions of Americans, leaving wives or husbands without spouses, children without parents, parents without children, and siblings without siblings, not for doing anything amoral, but for being unable to defend themselves against the accostic neo-fascists?!

We are in desperate need of legal reform, wiping the millions of neo-fascist regulations, licensing requirements, fees, fines, and ordinances off the books completely!

Fascism – American Style – A Deadly Combination Of Sadistic Narcissism

American Schools Kill Intelligence, Curiosity, and the Creative Process

The Most Expensive and Deadly Healthcare System in the World

How The Zuckerberg Thought Police Are Inducing Mental Illness and Suicide

A Call For A National Homestead Act and The Fake Generosity Of The Democrats

Trump Is Relying On The Greater Fool Theory For Re-election and Republicans Maintaing Control

Good luck!
Andrea Iravani

Only Evil Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing Psychopaths and Ignorant People Would Support Crypto-currencies to Replace the Dollar

The federal reserve system is based on fraudulent math. That is an indisputable fact. Please see How to Give A Central Banker A Nervous Breakdown In 13 Minutes:

How to Give a Central Banker a Nervous Breakdown in 13 Minutes – Andrea Iravani

Replacing a fraudulent math based monetary and banking system with a monetary system reliant on extremely expensive and ever evolving technology, which is also known to be more fascist, controlling, abusive, and censorious than the federal government when it comes to civil rights, which every one in the world or in the country would be required to support the neo-fascist tech sector, communication systems, and entire world wide power grid to conduct transactions would only be advocated for by evil, super-predators that now or have worked on Wall Street.

The crypto-currency places a per user cost monumentally higher than the current rapacious system, which is evidently not rapacious enough for the crypto-currency advocates, requiring everyone to have a computer or smart device, internet service, and electricity, in addition to the constant updates, anti-viral, and anti-malware applications, and would also require everyone to buy new technology simply to survive.

In addition to the problem of extraordinarily high user cost, in the event of a disruption to a user’s or a region’s, business’, country’s, or world’s electricity, internet service, or computer or smart-device those affected by the disruptions would be immediately rendered incapacitated.

There is a guarantee that such disruptions will happen in the future. Such disruptions have always happened, and those advocating for this who have worked on Wall Street or currently are, are nothing short of extraordinarily dangerous wolf in sheep’s clothing psychopaths.
Reported by NASA here:
Cosmic Journeys – Solar Superstorms published 08/29/15

Had Thomas Edison won the AC/DC power war won by Westinghouse based on propaganda, disinformation, and lies, our country would be much safer!

There has been a long list of major-crypto currency heists, in addition to a completely volatile, unstable history.
Reported here:

EMP threats reported here:

WTF EMPs, LIBOR, and A Government and Fed That Nobody Can Believe In – Andrea Iravani

It was also pointed out that it is by Nouriel Roubini at The Milken Institute Conference that it would be impossible to conduct all transactions with crypto-currencies because the crypto-curremcies are techologically incapable of conducting the number of financial transactions that currently take place. In the event that the crypto-currencies solve that problem, it is merely one of many as to why crytpo-currencies are an unsustainable, and abusive monetary system.

Reported by Zero Hedge here:

Replacing a terrible monetary and banking system with an even worse banking system is so evil that it is hard to comprehend how anyone could be that predatory, and I watch, read and listen to these psychopaths in absolute wonder and astonishment that such deceptive, calculating, and conniving people could possibly exist.

Some of these psychopaths are also calling for decentralization, despite evidence that decentralization in absolutely no way would guarantee the end of corruption, war, or oppression, which they cite as their reasons for calling for decentralization, in fact, overwhelming evidence, proves that their is virtually a 100% guarantee that decentralization would increase corruption, oppression and war. I have pointed this out to some. They merely either revert to censoring my comments, ignoring them, or more circular logic, which is a trick used by psychopaths like Hillary Clinton, to name a currently famous psychopath that frequently relies on circular logic.

Explained here:
Don’t Decentralize, Unincorporate! The Largest Unincorporated Municipality of 91,000 People Is the 15th Safest City

One individual is even trying to create the United States of Bitcoin in Nevada, and is seeking to declare indepence from the United States. For a glimpse into how that will work out, look to Israel! I had posted that on Zero Hedge twitter page after reading about it there, and the owner of United States of Bitcoin asked me to read the prospectus, which I will not do, because of malware fears. I asked him if it would have a zero population growth mandate, and told him that in two generations, there will not be enough land if it does not have a zero-population growth mandate. He did not respond. Naturally despite the fact that it would be a bitcoin country, it is located near gold-mines.
Here is his Twitter page:

I’m sorry but after reading the Wikipedia page of the Protocol of The Elders of Zion, it appears that some decided to use the Protocols as a guide, whether they were original, forged, or faked or not.

Please see the Structure and Content section:

Please see:
Banking and Foreign Policy Conspiracy Too Hard To Overlook

It’s Time To End Jewish Supremacy

What most Americans would like:
Unite the Sane and Independent Center! – Andrea Iravani

At 1:11 while I was writing this, the village of Grafton employees have trespassed on my property and vandalized it as agents of Satan with the corrupt, abusive, neo-fascist Grafton Wisconsin Police. They left at 1:32 pm CT.

Good day and good-luck,
Andrea Iravani

American Schools Kill Intelligence, Curiosity and The Creative Process

The American “education” industry has killed intelligence and the creative process, and have deluded themselves, and society that the world would be filled with mindless morons, if it were not for them, and that society’s problems can be solved by giving the education industry more money which they claim will create more educated people, since the people who disagree with them are considered by them to be uneducated, despite the fact that most Americans were  in fact  subjected to the torture of K-12 public education.

The entire hypothesis is a laughable, charade of parastic, self- promotion and self-important, narcisstic delusions of grandeur.

The K-12 school system does not allow people the freedom to study what interests them on their own time table. It has killed the process of discovery, which is a fun and rewarding process and journey.

Stonehenge architects were using the Pythagorian Theorem 2,000 years prior to Pythagoras. The Aztecs, Myans, Egyptians, Persians, Arabs, Chinese, Cambodians, and Indians were all gifted astronomers. Light pollution has also destroyed much of this process of discovery, in addition to TV.

The Fake Generosity Of The Democrats

Added within parenthesis at 7:23 pm CT 06/20/18



(12:08 am CT 06/21/18- the best way to end school shootings is to end mandatory  schools! )

The University Hustle – Andrea Iravani

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The Zuckerberg Thought Police, and How the Mad Scientists Are Inducing Mental Illness and Suicide – Andrea Iravani
Good night and good luck,
Andrea Iravani

Fascism – American Style- A Deadly Combination Of Sadistic Narcissism

The word fascism does not do justice to fascism – American style. The word fascism minimalizes the injustices of the American government, the media, the tech sector, and the “education” industry, as well as the large corporate interests that support the entire useless, self-serving, psychopathic, parasitic, predatory, ruling American elite.

American style fascism is actually a deadly combination of sadistic narcissism.

It is obsessed with brutal, barbaric, anti-humanitarian punishment, for not worshipping the narcissists, and with the narcissists maintaing the narrative, by any means necessary.

America is in a death spiral as a result of decades of fascist control by the most evil, amoral, corrupt, self-serving people that the world has ever known.

Some may say, “Hitler was worse!” If what was taking place in Gaza and Yemen currently was not actually happening, I would probably agree.

Unfortunately, the barbaric, slow motion genocide is taking place in Gaza, which is actually a concentration camp, and in Yemen, whose government was corrupt and more loyal to Saudi Arabia than to the people of Yemen, so the Houthi rebels revolted. The Houthi rebels have the support of many sects and Islamic branches in Yemen.

After the US and NATO claim to support moderate rebels fighting brutal, civil-rights violating, dictators throughout the Middle East and North Africa- in Yemen, the Houthis are moderate rebels that the US and NATO allies are fighting against. The Houthi rebels have been fighting against Saudi and NATO terrorist groups, including Blackwater, Daesh, and other Al Qaeda affiliates.

Israel, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and America have the most barbaric anti-humanitarian policies that the world has ever known.

It’s time to start calling spades, spades. The US, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Israel are all more barbaric than Nazi Germany.

The censorship by the tech sector along with the surveillance has created Hitler on Steroids – cloned and installed in governments throughout the world.

We watch these NGOs like the World Health Organization, and Human Rights Watch, funded by these Satanists attempt to justify their legitimacy as humanitarian organizations. Human Rights Watch has no process for reporting human rights abuses in America, despite it being an American based NGO.

What would we do without the World Health Organization?!
We may die laughing at their absuridity, if we weren’t crying and dying from their complacency! When will they proclaim that the compulsive war mongers have a mental health issue?! When will they proclaim Silicon Valley’s & US governments OCD, fascist, Orwellian, censorship, control freaks as a narcissistic mental health condition?!

Israel – A Fascist Theocracy Cast System – Practicing Genocide and Holocaust On The Palestinians With A Concentration Camp

Our Allies Barbecue People, But Our Military Interrogates the People Before They Are Barbecued – Andrea Iravani

Good Luck!
This we know, that we are children of God and that the whole earth is under control of the evil one.

Added 11:32 am CT 6/18/18

Andrea Iravani

Added at 3:33 pm CT 06/18/18
The elite establishment’s sadistic, narcissistic, obsession with destroying dissenting voices, will not improve them, their standing, status, credibility, or respect. It will backfire, just as it has for every brutal dictator and ruling class throughout history. Trying to fight good behavior, with evil behavior only makes you more evil.

The Evil Orwellian Censorship Against Andy Rodriguez

The evil Orwellian fascist spy industry, sleeping with the devils, the DNC and the Israel Lobby and MIC has sunken to the truly pathectic levels of censoring Andy Rodriguez, a Twitter user with a large following, threatenning the viability of the Democratic Party, not because Andy has abused any policy on Twitter, but because he is popular for what he believes in, the Green Party, the anti-war movement, and an end to the Israeli brutality and illegal occupation, ethnic cleansing, poisoning, and Gaza concentration camp.

I have never met Andy Rodriguez, but I wish that i have. Andy Rodriguez and I share a very similar world view based on what I know of him.

Twitter closed his account, then another Andy Rodriguez followed me telling me that his account was shut down, and now the new account has been temporarily banned again.

Wake the fuck up DNC, MIC, Israel Lobby! You have continued to censor Julian Assange, Chris Hedges,
Gordon Duff from Veterans Today, Kevin Barrett, myself, and countless others!

Your ideas suck! There’s no there, there!

Insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting different results! We don’t want what you are offering! We wholly reject you and everything that you stand for and what and whom you represent!

Please read this excellent article by Kevin Barrett

The Twilight of the Psychopaths:

Your useless, self-serving, predatory, criminal services are no longer required!
A Call For A National homestead act!
The Fake Generosity Of The Democrats

A sliver of how I have been terrorized :
Grafton Wisconsin Police are trying to make me threaten the survival of a nesting Grey mother duck!

The Mossad Is In Control Of American Communications, Surveillance, and Extrajudicial Censorship Threatenning National Security, And Yeah, They Assasinated JFK vi

Good luck,
This much we know, that we are children of God and the whole earth is under control of the evil one.

Andrea Iravani

The Mossad Is In Control Of American Communications, Surveillance, and Extrajudicial Censorship Threatenning National Security, And Yeah, They Assasinated JFK

The Mossad has assumed command and control of communications and media in America and is on a censorious rampage in a desperate attempt to maintain the narrative and evade prosecution.

This is not limited to KKK members, or other radical white supremacist groups, as they would prefer to have you believe. It does include anyone critical of the Israel lobby and the actions of the Israeli government, unless they are Jewish.

I am thankful to prominent Jewish critics of Israeli ethnic cleansing policies, including, but not limited to Norman Finklestein, Max Blumenthal, John Mearsheimer and Joaseph Walt, but it is evil to marginalize dissent of non-Jewish critics of Israel.

The Veterans Today editor, Gordon Duff has had his Youtube account shut down, someone that I follow on Twitter named Andy Rodriguez has had his Twitter account closed for his anti-establishment policies of supporting the Palestinians, Jill Stein, and the Green Party. Andy had a large following

I have been shadow banned on both WordPress and Twitter. I had attempted to tweet to the FBI, since when I called to report government corruption, the message just kept replaying and continued asking me to repeat the same prompts.

If I view the FBI twitter page in non-secret mode,my tweets are visible, if I view the FBI twitter page, as well as any others, in secret mode, such as Bernie Sanders, Veterans Today, or Ray McGovern, my tweets do not appear.

When I use hashtags, my tweets do not appear under hashtags in secret mode, and I am unable to copy links to my own tweets in any mode. I have notified Twitter, and they have not responded.

The Jewish dominated media in America is less forthright about the criminal Israeli policies, than the media is in Israel, demonstrating just how corrupt the media in America is.

JFK was assassinated by The Mossad for two primary reasons, firstly, he was opposed to the Israeli nuclear program and wanted the IAEA inspecting within Israeli “borders”, and secondly, JFK wanted the Israel lobby registered as foreign agents with donors names enclosed.

This is not a whacky conspiracy, there is overwhelming evidence abounds, which the Jewish dominated media in America refuses to acknowledge, and attacks anyone critical of the Israeli lobby and Israel as an evil, anti-Semetic, nut-job. They have taken it upon themselves to act as jury, judge, and executioners, destroying truth tellers lives, and attempting to destroy the truth by rewriting history, and if Americans can overwhelmingly agree on any issues, they are media and government corruption!

We have witnessed unprecedented pathological lying for the past two years, in insanity gone to plaid.

Reported by The
The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)


“Since the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s incorporation in 1963 it has been periodically investigated by the FBI and US Department of Justice. The following archive presents a chronology of publicly released documents with links to other sections of the Israel Lobby Archive, shedding light on the origins and activities of AIPAC.”

Document/FileDate Contents
“AIPAC Founder Isaiah L. Kenen works for the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a public relations specialist for the “Israel Office of Information”

“Archive AIPAC Founder Isaiah L. Kenen works for the American Zionist Council until it is shut down by a Justice Department order to formally register as an Israeli foreign agent.”

“01/02/1963 Two months after the American Zionist Council is ordered to register as a foreign agent, Isaiah Kenen incorporates the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. However Kenen does not register AIPAC with the Justice Department as a foreign agent of the Israeli government.”

“11/27/1967 AIPAC applies for an IRS tax exemption 2.5 years after the Department of Justice finally closes its American Zionist Council foreign agent registration case and the AZC shuts down.”

“01/25/1968 The IRS grants AIPAC tax exempt status, retroactive to 1953 according to the determination letter, recognizing AIPAC to be the continuance of an unincorporated group called the American Zionist Committee for Public Affairs—which was never functionally separate from the American Zionist Council.
Archive AIPAC and the Israeli embassy are investigated by the FBI between 1984-1987 for illegally obtaining and circulating classified US documents about US-Israel trade.
09/30/1986 AIPAC begins to establish and coordinate political action committees, in violation of its tax exempt status and US campaign finance laws.”

“08/04/2005 Colonel Lawrence Franklin and AIPAC employees Steven J. Rosen and Keith Weissman are indicted under the 1917 Espionage Act for passing classified national defense information to Israel and persons not entitled to receive it.
2008 AIPAC Insider – Voting guide”

“On JFK’s opposition to Israel’s Diamon nuclear facility from the JFK Library website: please listen to tape 88:”

“Description: Sound recording of a meeting most likely held on May 17, 1963, between President John F. Kennedy, Secretary of State Dean Rusk, Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs Philips Talbot, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs James P. Grant, Special Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs McGeorge Bundy, and member of the National Security Council Robert W. Komer. They discuss the Middle East, specifically the hope that an arms limitation agreement can be coordinated for that area of the world. Israel had wanted the United States to sign a security guarantee with them as a step towards the arms limitation agreement, but the Kennedy Administration is cautious about making any moves which will seem to align the United States with one side or the other and then alienate the Arabs or Israel. There was considerable finger-pointing between the United Arab Republic and Israel over each country possibly creating nuclear weapons. The goal of the United States is an arms limitation agreement with inspections, and this meeting provides an overview of the steps the Kennedy Administration wants to take to aid in the peace of the region. Eight segments of the recording totaling 5 minutes and 10 seconds have been removed in accordance with Section 3.4 (b) (1), (3) of Executive Order 12958. Please note that this meeting does not seem to be a continuation of the last meeting on tape 87, which covers the same subject. From the paperwork, this meeting on Tape 88 seems to be the 5:00 p.m. meeting that occurred on the same day (May 17, 1963). This sound recording has been excerpted from Tape 88, which contains additional sound recording(s) following this one. See Related Records to access Tape 88 in its entirety.
Bundy, McGeorge, 1919-1996
Grant, James P.
Kennedy, John F. (John Fitzgerald), 1917-1963
Komer, Robert W. (Robert William), 1922-2000
Rusk, Dean (David Dean), 1909-1994
Talbot, Phillips, 1915-2010”

Reported by TheKennedySideShow.blogspot on Mossad involvement in the JFK assassination:
“However, on July 25, 2004, many of Piper’s critics were red-faced and silent when Israel’s respected Jerusalem Post carried a story headlined: “Vanunu: Israel behind JFK Assassination.” The newspaper reported that famed Jewish-born nuclear physicist, Dr. Mordechai Vanunu, recently released after spending 18 years in prison for exposing Israel’s covert atomic weapons program—had charged that supporters of Israel’s drive for nuclear weapons were involved in the JFK assassination precisely because of JFK’s interference with their ambitions.”

“The Israeli government dismissed Vanunu’s allegations, but what he said received attention in newspapers worldwide, with the notable exception of the United States where one and only one newspaper, mentioned Vanunu’s charges and that was American Free Press, the Washington-based weekly that published Final Judgment. {more at WikiSpooks}
Lee Harvey Oswald was setup to be the “patsy” by his connections to Clay Shaw and Permindex which was a Mossad front organization and also by CIA agent E. Howard Hunt who wanted a “fake” assassination attempt to implicate Cuba. The real assassins were French Corsicans set up by Yitzhak Shamir a Mossad assassin himself. The fatal shots were fired from the Grassy Knoll. Oswald was arrested and charged with 2 murders. Enter Jack Ruby to seal the plot. ”

“The Israeli government’s intelligence agency–The Mossad–apparently produced “a movie called A President On The Crosshairs, a detailed study of the November 22, 1963 assassination of John F. Kennedy,” which it screened during its training course for newly hired Mossad agents, according to former Mossad Case Officer Victor Ostrovsky’s book, By Way of Deception. Ostrovsky worked for the Israeli intelligence agency for four years before concluding that it was engaged in immoral activities, resigning and moving to Canada. According to By Way Of Deception:
“The Mossad believed that the official version of the assassination was pure, unadulterated hokum. To test their theory, they did a simulation exercise of the presidential cavalcade to see if expert marksmen with far better equipment than Oswald could hit a moving target from the recorded distance of 88 years. They couldn’t…”

“The Mossad had every film taken of the Dallas assassination, pictures of the area, the topography, aerial photographs, everything. Using mannequins, they duplicated the presidential cavalcade over and over again…”

“It was just an exercise. But it showed that it was impossible to do what Oswald was supposed to have done…The official versiion just isn’t believable…”

“It’s not too likely, however, that the U.S. Establishment’s CBS, NBC, ABC, Murdoch-Fox Television, CNN or PBS plans to televise The Mossad’s A President On The Crosshairs movie for an audience of U.S. citizens on the 50th anniversary of the JFK Assassination, since the film’s conclusion conflicts with the Warren Commission’s conclusion.”

Reported by Gordon Duff on Veterans Today on the Anthony Bourdain assassination, in which I had reached many of the same conclusions and had been tweeting about, although this video excludes Bourdain’s trip to Iran and how surprised he was at how modern, vibrant, and hospitipal Iranians are overall. I had joked that Parts Unknown was actually a reality show, in which Anthony Bourdain was attempting to escape Wolf Blitzer and CNN.

What has been going on in my neck of the woods, among other things:

Good luck America and World, God knows- we need it!
This we much we know, that we are children of God and the whole earth is under control of the evil one.

Andrea Iravani
Added 6/18/18 11:55 pm CT
What a coincidence that Netenyahu warned the world that he wrote a book in 1995 warning that terrorists would bomb the World Trade Centers! OMG! He confessed!

Harrassed and Threatenned By Grafton Wisconsin Police Department Again!

Yesterday, two really disgustingly creepy Grafton Wisconsin cops showed up while I was in my back yard to harass me. My skin felt like it was crawling for hours after they left, and I was up till 4:00 am traumatized by their creepiness.

They look and act like Mossad agents. Grafton police are not required to live in Grafton.

Grafton is a Mossad target because the library was named after the USS Liberty ship that was sunk by Israel. They do not want the library to be named that, and consider it to be anti-Semetic.

Here is my letter to Sergeant Aamodt, much of which I had copied and pasted from my article Mandatory Habitat Destruction- A Stupid Time Wasting American Tradition.

Hi Sergeant Aamodt,

Yesterday two male Grafton police officers came to harass me. I told them that I did not want to speak with them. They would not leave me alone and continued to harass me for at least 15 minutes. I told them to get off my property and they refused, saying that they were not on my property because they were on the other side of the fence, which was still my property extending several feet beyond the fence.

They claim that several neighbors have called about me. I asked them which ones and they said that they don’t know.

I am suspicious that the neighbors called and I believe that the police were lying.

If calls are made the police keep logs of calls. If calls were made, how do I know that it was neighbors that called?

If it was neighbors that called, I would like to know which neighbors did call to complain about my lawn. The police should have told neighbors that called that my lawn is not their property, and therefore, not their concern.

It is my first amendment right to practice my religion, which involves abiding God’s will.

I have a mother duck that has nested in my yard. I do not want to create stress through the noise pollution and exhaust fumes of lawn mowers and trimmers, in addition to removing the grass which keeps her less visible to predators. We have foxes and coyotes in Grafton.

The police threatened to fine me and hire the village to mow my lawn, and charge me for it, if I do not within 14 days of yesterday. They will be trespassing on private property, and vandalizing my property if they do. They have no right to fine me for exercising my 1st amendment rights.

The Supreme Court reiterated that the right to exercise my religious beliefs as stated in the first amendment, are not to be violated. I posted a note on my door stating my beliefs. The Grafton police said that they saw the note on my door, but have to enforce Grafton code. Perhaps the police are unaware the the Constitution is the supreme law of the land, and that the government of Grafton must abide by the Constitution, whether they want to or not.

There is a serious problem with both the governmemt of Grafton and the Grafton police department, if they cannot interpret and comprehend the Constitution, and Supreme Court rulings. That would mean that they are either incompetent, corrupt, or both.

The Anthony Kennedy decision on the June 4th 2018, cake bakers ruling was based on the cake bakers Phillips religious beliefs:

“To Phillips, his claim that using his artistic skills to make an expressive statement, a wedding endorsement in his own voice and of his own creation, has a significant First Amendment speech component and implicates his deep and sincere religious beliefs.”

“Phillips was entitled to a neutral and respectful consideration of his claims but the Colorado Civil Rights Commission, acting inconsistently with its consideration of similar cases, showed impermissible hostility toward his sincere religious beliefs. ” –

“In a 7-2 decision, the justices said that the Colorado Civil Rights Commission had shown “impermissible hostility” toward religion when it found that the baker, Jack Phillips, violated anti-discrimination laws by refusing to bake the requested cake.” – RT

I feel precisely the same way about nature that Phillips feels about cakes. To me, Nature is God’s creation and God’s work of art. The fact that man continues to spend hours battling God’s will over and over is verifiable proof that God does not intend mowed weedless lawns.

One of the most idiotic pastimes of Americans is mandatory habitat destruction, manicured emerald green lawns without a single weed, heavily poisoning the earth and land, killing off species in mass extinction as urban crawl moves further and further out, in addition to the complete waste of time, and harassment of stress inducing noise pollution from lawn mowers, power trimmers, edgers. and blowers.

It is stupidity on parade of proud environmental terrorism, destroying nature as God intended it.

Mathew 6:26
“Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?”
Destroy the land, destroy your freedom,destroy humanity, and increase your bondage to corporate interests!

These are edible and the leaves are used in salads in Italy:

Man’s OCD fascist war against nature and war against God’s will attempting to make the world look like astroturph, poisons the earth with toxins that seep into the ground-water supply, in addition to fertilizers causing toxic algae blumes from both nitrates and sulphates organic or inorganic fertilizing the toxic algae blooms.
I understand the need for some of these fertilizers in farming perhaps, but a goal of world wide astroturph looking lawns is ridiculous, stupid, and unsustainable!

Update 4:26 pm CT 6/15/18

I believe that I have been targeted by Mossad, and believe that they have a conspiracy to ethnically cleanse Grafton and fill it with Jews, to vote to rename the USS Liberty library, named after the ship sunk by Israel after they had named the Milwaukee public library, the Golda Meier library. The Grafton USS Liberty library outraged Jews and said that it was anti-Semetic.

Bayside Wisconsin is referred to as Bagelside by Jews because of the heavy Jewish population, and Fox Point is referred to as Lox Point by Jews for the same reason. Shorewood also has an extremely high Jewish population and is home to the Jewish Community Center.

If this is not a conspiracy, then it is one hell of a lot of coincidences, considering that only 2% of the population is Jewish!

I was also hit by the bus as a pedestrian a little over a week after checking the Farsi books out of the library in about 1990.

Substantiating my claim is that I was married to an Iranian for 25 years, and that Mossad has been operating within the US targeting Muslims, although I am not Muslim, I have been frisked and patted down at the airport almost every time, since TSA started, sometimes flying 6 or 7 times a year so 12 to 14 times a year total, since I always had return flights!

Mandatory Habitat Destuction – A Stupid Time Wasting American Tradition

These are all articles on the most corrupt state that I have ever lived in, Wisconsin!

It’s The Crime Stupid

One Nation Under Satan Without Liberty, Truth, Or Peace

Grafton Wisconsin’s Demonously Corrupt, and Self-Serving Government

America – A Country Run By Sadistic Police State Fascists

60 County Governments in Wisconsin Sue Big-Pharma and Plan To Keep the Award For Themselves While Running Debtors Prisons!

The Milwaukee Police Department, FBI, CIA, Congress, Wisconsin State Government, and Governor Were in Collusion With A Strip-Club Involved In Human Trafficking in 1985

The Mequon Wisconsin Police Department Unlawfully Entered A Private Citizens Home, Abducted The Citizen and Threw Him In Jail Without Charges

Fourth Major Bad Experience With Dangerous “Smart” Energy Meter – Andrea Iravani

Update 5:11 pm. 06/18/18
A sadistic fascist psychochopath stole the duck nest, eggs and all from my property. The evil in Grafton and in my neighborhood is unfathomable!

Good Luck,
Andrea Iravani