Flashback To 1815 “The Year Without Summer” Volcanic Winter

Wisconsin is notorious for terribly long and brutal winters, among other despicable things, like being the home of Eugenics and Senator MCarthy, and McCarthyism.

As terrible and long as winters are since I moved to this wretchedly corrupt Orwellian state in 1985, we have never had two major snow storms this late in the year, as we have this year on April 16th and April 18th.

It seems apparent that we are in the mists of a volcanic winter as a result of the numerous volcanic eruptions.

In the year 1816, ( corrected at 1:00 pm CT previously stated 1815 year of volcanic eruption) a volcanic winter was experienced in the northern hemisphere and was known as The Year Without Summer. There was massive crop failure and thousands starved to death.

Now would be a good time to stock up on canned and dry goods.



Demistifying The Time-line In The Fog Of War

The fog comes
on little cat feet.

It sits looking
over harbor and city
on silent haunches
and then moves on.

by Carl Sandburg

The term fog of war could not ironically be more clear than it currently is, so I felt obligated to demistify the time line of events which are being overlooked either by accident, confusion, a rush to judgement, a rush to shift the blame, or simply TMI, too much information- aka information overload.

On February 10th, Israel launched air stikes against Syria.


February 28th, 13 Republicans call for special council investigations into the Clintons.


On March 4th, the Skripals were poisoned. Skripal was involved in writing the “Steele dossier” on Trump.

Julian Assange was tweeting and implying that it was the British government involved in U.S. election interfence, not Russia, and was also tweeting about the case of the mysteriously missing Mifsud, who was a Maltese university professor that suddenly vanished without a trace, despite being engaged and having a new-born son. Please note that the FBI obtained the original FISA warrants on Trump, his family members, associates, campaign team members, and cabinet appointees based strictly on statements made to Austalian British diplomat Alexander Downer who had claimed that he had ties to the Russian government and that the Russians had dirt on Hillary Clinton, and dealings with George Popadopolous led to the same.

Julian Assange’s last Tweet occured on March 27th and was suddenly silenced by the Equadorian Embassy using microwave weapon technology in the embassy to jam his equipment to prevent him from communicicating with the outside world.

On March 29th, Charles Ortel, a prominent accountant reported that the Clinton Foundation donated over half of its money to the Clintons. This is in violation of basically every law on the books and would without question be the basis for fraud and mail fraud charges to be filed against the Clintons.


On March 29th, Trump stated at an Ohio rally that we will leave Syria very soon.


On April 3rd it was reported by highly credible sources including British on the scenes reporter in Syria, Vanessa Beeley that Assad’s army, the Syrian Arab Army discovered a mass grave site in addition to chemical weapons manufacturing facilities in Deir Ezzor, formerly controlled by our allied terrorists misnomered moderate rebels. CNN was on this tour, and refused to report It!



On April 7th there were false allegations without a shred of evidence that Assad launched a chemical weapons attack on Syrian citizens.

On April 8th, Israel launched more air strikes against Syria.

Also on April 8th, the British government announces that the Skripals will be transferred to the U.S. to protect their identy, splashing their photos all over the world!



Do you believe that Assad would attempt to show chemical weapons facilities controlled by allied terrorists, discovered by his army to the entire world, which CNN and all western main stream media refused to report, and then use those on his citizens?!!!

After an exhaustive Orwellian nearly two year investigation of Trump and associates searching for indiscriminate ties to indiscriminate Russian government officials and coming up with nothing more than baseless allegations that the non-brain dead public realizes is a total political witch hunt, Mueller moved to raid the office of Larry Cohen, Trump’s lawyer, on April 9th over the non-Russian Stormy Daniels connection after Trump’s lawyer, not Trump filed suit against Stormy Daniels for violating the NDA, which Larry Cohen personally paid to Stormy Daniels, which was violated by Stormy because Trump did not sign it.

On April 11th, the Syrian Arab Army captured British troops in Eastern Ghouta in a failed ground assault, not worth reporting on by western media!


On April 13th the OPCW arrived in Syria to inspect if western government allegations were correct. ( added 9:19 a.m. 4/17/18)

On April 14th, U.S. bomb ” chemical weapons facilities.” Most of the world has recognized how extremely dangerous, reckless, and deadly bombing chemical weapons facilities would be!


Here is a prior summary as well.

The British Evasion, Poisoned Skripals, Missing Mifsud, Silenced Assange, MI6, the Clinton Foundation, and Syria

Please host a Mayday anti-war party on April 28th! Make it a 2/4! Delete Facebook while you’re at it!
Andrea Iravani

The British Evasion, Skripals, Missing Mifsud, Silenced Assange, MI6, The Clinton Foundation, and Syria

A great deal has happened over the past month and a half. The Skripals were poisoned and the British government once again blamed Russia without a shred of evidence, and again last night produced a “dossier” claiming to have evidence, which is nothing more than a letter of lies written by British national security advisor Mark Sedwell, providing zero proof of a single allegation, once again.

Here is my dossier on Mark Sedwell and the Clinton Family crime clan, to which high level official have a mysterious way of disappearing, or being silenced, in the case of Julian Assange,  my hero, and last ray of hope for humanity. While Theresa May blames Assad for chemical weapons attacks without a shred of evidence, and drags the U.S. into battle again, for which they did in both world wars, after America had initially wanted to abstain from involvement in both world wars, in addition to dragging us into numerous other wars, the outrage is that Theresa May is a total monster for silencing Julian Assange who was tweeting about Professor Joseph Mifsud who mysteriously disappeared without a trace, despite being engaged and having a new born son, and Julian Assange also implied that the British government was directly involved in influencing the 2016 election since the British government authorized the infamous Steele “dossier” to be handed to the Obama administration and that now missing Joseph Mifsud’s allegations to Australian High Commissioner to the U.K. – Alexander Downer, and Baby George Popadopolaus that he had ties to the Russian government and that the Russians had dirt on Hillary Clinton was the basis for the FBI obtaining the FISA warrant on the Trump campaign and administration. Julian Assange had also tweeted that the British government had also issued a silence warning on the government’s approval of the Steele dossier.


Reported by Zero Hedge:

“The Telegraph understands that Col Skripal moved to Salisbury in 2010 in a spy swap and became close to a security consultant employed by Christopher Steele, who compiled the Trump dossier. –Telegraph

If, as The Telegraph posits, Skripal assisted Steele in compiling the dossier – which notably relies on senior Russian officials, despite Steele never having traveled to Moscow – according to testimony by Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS, it could explain the motive behind the assassination attempt in Salisbury town centre. ”


Here is  the some of the last Twitter feed of Julian Assange:

Replying to @JulianAssange
4/ It was Alexander Downer in London, closely associated with Hakluyt (now Holdingham Group Ltd) a private MI6 outfit, that met with Papadopulos. The FBI used AD’s statement about Misfud to open the FISA interception warrants against the Trump camp.
UK worry over Aussie spy link
Julian Assange ⌛
Julian Assange


Mar 22
5/ It was former UK MI6 officer Christopher Steele who compiled the smear filled “Steel Dossier” funded by Hillary Clinton
Julian Assange ⌛
Julian Assange


Mar 22
6/ The UK government approved of giving the Steele dossier to the Obama FBI
Julian Assange ⌛
Julian Assange


Mar 22
7/ It was the UK government that issued a press suppression notice (DA Notice) about Steele
Julian Assange ⌛
Julian Assange


Mar 22
10/ CIA Director John Brennan:
CIA Director John Brennan: Multiple countries tried to influence US election but I won’t say who else (link: https://www.c-span.org/video/?428636-1/former-cia-director-saw-intelligence-information-warrant-investigation&start=3395) c-span.org/video/?428636-
Julian Assange ⌛
Julian Assange


Mar 22
Replying to @JulianAssange
correction, phone = photo.
Cristiano Arienti
Cristiano Arienti


Mar 23
Replying to @JulianAssange
Left-Right: F. Frattini: ITA Minister of Foreign Affairs (2002-2004/2008-2011) V. Scotti (ITA Under-Min of Foreign Affairs 2008-2011/LinkU. founder) Michael Cox (LSE/Chatam House) Adam Austerfield (LSE/UK Embassy in Spain) Joseph Mifsud Conference on Brexit at LinkU -20March’17

Buzzfeed reported:

“And while others like former Trump campaign aides George Papadopoulos and Carter Page — and their friends and girlfriends — told their stories, Mifsud went to ground. His biography disappeared from one university where he taught and he quit his job at another university. His email and cell phones went dead. And politicians, colleagues, and journalists can’t find him.

Neither can Anna, his 31-year-old Ukrainian fiancé, who says he is the father of her newborn child. And her story, snatched from the pages of a John le Carré novel, offers a glimpse at the human collateral damage of an intelligence operation in which the mysterious Mifsud was allegedly a central figure.

Anna, whom BuzzFeed News has agreed to identify only by her first name because she doesn’t want the attention, says she was seven months pregnant and engaged to Mifsud when he became the focus of world media attention as the professor who told Papadopoulos that Russia had “dirt” on Clinton.”



And the Disobedient Media had reported on Mifsud and the Brits:

Mifsud has become a feather in the cap for those pushing the Trump-Russia narrative. He is characterized as a “Russian” intelligence asset in mainstream press, despite his declarations to the contrary. However, evidence has surfaced that suggests Mifsud was anything but a Russian spy, and may have actually worked for British intelligence. This new evidence culminates in the ground-breaking conclusion that the UK and its intelligence apparatus may be responsible for the invention of key pillars of the Trump-Russia scandal. If true, this would essentially turn the entire RussiaGate debacle on its head.
  1. Mifsud allegedly discussed that Russia has ‘dirt’ on Clinton in the form of ‘thousands of emails’ with George Papadopoulos in London in April 2016.
  2. The following month, Papadopoulos spoke with Alexander Downer, Australia’s ambassador to the UK, about the alleged Russian dirt on Clinton while they were drinking at a swanky Kensington bar, according to The Times. In late July 2016, Downer shared his tip with Australian intelligence officials who forwarded it to the FBI.
Here is the preposterous excuse for “another British dossier”
Update 04/15/18 10:55 a.m.
Sorry, can’t believe that i ommited this from my dossier since I have been tweeting about it since the 13th! Syrian Army Captures British Military In Eastern Ghouta In Failed Ground Assault With U.S. and Israeli Allies On Wednesday April 11th 2018:
Very strange that there was a demand to bomb “dangerous chemical weapons facilities” that would release air born toxins into the air and kill civilians, thankfully none had died. It is also strange that this had to happen the day before chemical weapons inspectors arrived in Syria. So MI6, Clinton, and Mueller,  dossier that!
Let Assange Be FREE! Stop blaming Russia for your crimes! Stop the wars! Stop the lies! Stop the disappearaces of whistleblowers! Oh by the way, Ecuadorian journalists have  also disappeared!
With allies like this, who needs enemies?!
Please host Mayday Anti-war party on April 28th if the world hasn’t been destroyed by then.
Andrea Iravani

The Insane Clown Posse of Silly-Con Valley

The insane clown posse of silly-con valley has essentially admitted that the practices, policies, and people – including candidates that they support are not correct, justifiable, righteous, honest, and humane by their incessant obsession with 1st and 4th amendment civil rights violations and their perceived self-entitled right to surveille, silence, and sell any information on anyone that they choose to and to whom they sell it to. There is a term for that belief and practice. It is called the slave trade which happens to have been abolished in 1865 and is also the basis of the 13th amendment stating:

Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

Section 2. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

The common practices by Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook violate every single point in The Nuremberg Code in his unethical and illegal experimentions on people:

From Wikipedia:

The ten points of the Nuremberg Code

  1. Required is the voluntary, well-informed, understanding consent of the human subject in a full legal capacity.
  2. The experiment should aim at positive results for society that cannot be procured in some other way.
  3. It should be based on previous knowledge (e.g., an expectation derived from animal experiments) that justifies the experiment.
  4. The experiment should be set up in a way that avoids unnecessary physical and mental suffering and injuries.
  5. It should not be conducted when there is any reason to believe that it implies a risk of death or disabling injury.
  6. The risks of the experiment should be in proportion to (that is, not exceed) the expected humanitarian benefits.
  7. Preparations and facilities must be provided that adequately protect the subjects against the experiment’s risks.
  8. The staff who conduct or take part in the experiment must be fully trained and scientifically qualified.
  9. The human subjects must be free to immediately quit the experiment at any point when they feel physically or mentally unable to go on.
  10. Likewise, the medical staff must stop the experiment at any point when they observe that continuation would be dangerous.
Mark Zuckerberg has contracted with hospitals to obtain people’s medical records, without their consent to study their heart rates, in addition to his previously admitted llegal and unethical medical and psychological medical experimentation and perfectly content to overlook the fact that he is not a psychologist, or physician, but a college drop-out.
Apple has also contracted with hospitals:
Google gave this big brother practice up in 2012! Thank God that someone had the sense to stop it!
The practices by the tech industry in addition to slavery, and the slave trade also resort to the objectification of human beings.
According to Wikipedia:
  1. Instrumentality – treating the person as a tool for another’s purposes
  2. Denial of autonomy – treating the person as lacking in autonomy or self-determination
  3. Inertness – treating the person as lacking in agency or activity
  4. Fungibility – treating the person as interchangeable with (other) objects
  5. Violability – treating the person as lacking in boundary integrity and violable, “as something that it is permissible to break up, smash, break into.”
  6. Ownership – treating the person as though they can be owned, bought, or sold
  7. Denial of subjectivity – treating the person as though there is no need for concern for their experiences or feelings.
And there are many other illegal and unethical psychological experiments that Facebook has done on users as well:
Mark Zuckerberg told Ezra Klein that he would like to turn Facebook into a global governing system with its own supreme court for users:
Mark Zuckerberg should be impeached and in prison for life because he is a psychopathic control-freak, madman and a danger to civilization that connects criminal stalkers, thieves, rapists, kidnappers, human traffickers, and murderers to victims, in addition to everything else listed in this article!
Please host a Mayday anti-war party on April 28th and maybe a delete Facebook party while you’re at It!
Andrea Iravani

Wild Beast – Fit To Be Tried

Once practiced at the art of persuasion,

And mastered at the art of deception,

Decrepit, feeble-minded, arthritic, senile, delusional, obese, gluttonous, raging, violent, psychotic, psychopathic, sadistic, three-headed, untamed, WILD  BEAST- sweat -DRENCHED, trembling, cloven hooves-

DISGRACED  before twelve billion eyes, and twelve billion ears that witnessed the last fit of fury – in horror as the savage believed that it could yet again delude and deceive – as it cannibalized- just one more civilization – to stave off – the insatiable hunger for its addiction… but as any victim of addiction realizes – the only cure for addiction is to stop feeding the disease.


Andrea Iravani

About That War, Foggedabout It!

About that war that the politicians want in Syria, Iran, North Korea, Russia, where ever, foggedabout it!

We as Americans have moral and ethical obligations to ourselves, future generations, and the rest of the world.

The enemy is  clearly the US government, the for profit DC aka defense contractors, the establishment that they serve, including state, local, and county governments which provide the skeletal structure to the Federal government, the Federal Reserve, and their mouth pieces- the propagandists of terrtorists including every TV news channel and every TV news program, every print news  publication, and at least 80% of online news publications.

We must lead the way towards peace, liberty, and truth, which the establishment has declared war on. Protests do not accomplish anything, and are often inflitrated by the CIA acting as violent anarchists creating the need for police state intervention and more civil rights violating laws to be used against us.

Since March 14th I have been requesting that people around the world host anti-war Mayday parties on April 28th. With house parties, the war mongering fascist CIA is uninvited ! You and your friends and family will be much safer also!

Blog, Tweet, blog, comment, lather rinse, repeat! We need an army of online peace activists jamming the internet blowing the establishment’s contrived war support to smithereens! Start your own blog, just to piss them off!

Let them know that there are just too many people aware of the truth to get away with a war based on outright fabrications and half assed allegations without a shred of evidence!

You may be asking who can you trust? Great and valid question!

I would suggest the following:



Moon of Alabama


Dr. Paul Craig Roberts


Pat Buchanan


Dr. Ron Paul


Vanessa Beeley


The Anti Media


Tom Duggan


Truth Dig


The US Peace Council


Information Clearing House


The Saker


Global Research


The Strategic Culture Foundation


(Sorry can’t believe I failed to include these sites below! Added 4/11/18 12:05 pm CT)


Jane’s Defense

Andrea Iravani

Now you have sources, in the event that any of these sources suddenly start advocating for a pre-emptive war with any country, be confident that they have been hijacked and hacked by the DoD.

If you happen to be new to the peace, truth, liberty movement, welcome aboard! I realize that there is an overwhelming task ahead of you. If you would like, as information sources for your party, blogging, tweeting, and posting, please consider using the videos in the articles below as a starting point for spreading peace, truth, and liberty throughout your community, country, and world!

Silent But Deadly CNN Over Syrian Mass Weapons, Chemical Weapons,  and Grave Site


Stop the Bloody Wars!



Andrea Iravani