The Markets Are Saying That Everything Is So Overpriced, That They Would Rather Pay $15,000 For Nothing, Than Any Offered Price for an Ounce of Anything

Mike Krieger, an expert on Bitcoin and former Wall Street oil analyst had an article published in The Hill.  Mike Krieger also writes for his own blog Liberty Blitzkerig which is frequently featured on Zero Hedge. Mike Krieger says that Bitcoin is not in a bubble. Who am I to argue that? I am baffled by Bitcoin and it scares the daylights out of me, particularly after governments and central banks in China, Australia, and South Korea are cracking down on cryptocurrencies which threaten their viability.

Here is Mike Krieger’s article:

One thing that Mike Krieger and I can certainly agree upon is that a privately owned central banking cartel holding governments and citizens hostage in an armed robbery that has been under way for the last 105 years in America will never provide any answers for those who are not part of the 37% of banks in America which are Fed member banks claiming a bank tax on citizens, for which they have no right to claim.

Bitcoin also frightens me because of its reliance on technology, because I am terrible at it, have zero patience to learn about it, place almost no trust in it, and because of the 56 governmemt EMP threats, or things that could cause EMPs since Hillary started losing ground in the general election, that could cause the technology that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies rely on to become inoperable, which would result in a 100% instant loss. Maybe that is what the threat is about,  but I doubt it, because the market in cryptocurrencies is still too small at this point in my estimation to create such alarm that could prove to be equally disruptive to Fed approved and financed markets.

In this article are the 56 articles on EMP threats or things that could cause EMPs which appeared at various times since Hillary’ s victory appeared less than inevitable on Zero Hedge ( Not trying to shoot the messenger here.)

WTF EMPs, LIBOR, and A Government and Fed That Nobody Can Believe In – Andrea Iravani
But back to the original discussion on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency fever, ,mania, or whatever you would like to call it. On the one hand we have the Fed that has been demanding inflation, or I should say more inflation,  because anyone who has been responible for paying their bills and doing the shopping realizes, YES! WE HAVE INFLATION! The Fed has been resorting to inflation minimalization accounting gimmicks at least since the Bill Clinton presidency. Inflation shot up tremendously under Bill Clinton after his tax increase, and I knew that it would cause inflation. How? Because in order to pay for the tax increases, businesses would be forced to raise prices.  I was also managing a store at that time, and saw prices from every distributor go up. I ordered all of the merchandise, and did all of the book keeping. The store that I managed was also included in the CPI.  Every month, someone from the CPI would call and ask the price of a regular pack of cigarettes. They probably chose my store because it was one of three owned by my father that had the lowest cigarette prices in town. There are hundreds of items listed in the CPI,  and they would call the same stores all over America and ask the regular price of a specific item at that particular store. The inflation never showed up after Bill Clinton’s tax hike though, because Bill Clinton decided to start including sale prices in the CPI. It was an accounting gimmick. I recall that a 100% cotton  300 thread count set of queen sized sheets used to average about $27.00 in the mall. Suddenly, I went to the mall to buy new sheets, and they were $127! I couldn’t believe my eyes! Barack Obama also resorted to the accounting gimmick of chained CPI, if the price of beef is high. No problem, people, will buy chicken instead, chicken is too high, people will buy eggs, eggs are too high, people will buy beans, beans are too high, people will go dumpster diving. No problem. While the Fed is demanding higher prices,  from people that have no more money to pay higher prices cryptocurrency holders are rebelling and saying FU! Take your assets and shove them, along with your currency! The price of everything is too damn high! I think that that is pretty damn cool whether I am willing to personally invest in cryptocurrencies or not!
Previously, I had predicted increased volatility in cryptocurrencies, which has turned out to be the case:

When Everyone Jumps Off of A Bridge for Cryptocurrencies In a Fountain of Youth – Andrea Iravani

Stop the Charade!The Economy is FUBAR SQUARED and everyone knows it!


Andrea Iravani


Stop the Charade! Economy is FUBAR Squared! Everyone Knows!

David Stockman had an excellent article in The Burning Platform, please take the time to read it:

My response to David Stockman’s analysis is the following:

Ha. Well, what is the alternative to ending the Plunge Protection Team? Trump stated that maintaining gone to plaid is a national security priority. Why? Because the alternative is to let the government employee pension plans with over 50% of their portfolios in equities suffer even more shortfalls than they already have, and also to admit that the 190,000 corporations listed as defense contractors receiving government subsidies by the defense department, not even remotely involved in defense is a complete scam, con, and swindle!

Fine by me. As a humanitarian, I believe that Kevorkian was the best doctor and he is just what this gangrenous economy needs.

Makes me laugh that the most ramped up capitalists are living in a corporate communist system and are 100% clueless about it!

The US has been debt free only in 1835, and had Andrew Jackson not made the error of adopting the gold standard, we would likely still be debt free, prosperous, and without the bloody war history that we have had.

Under the current system, the national debt has increased every year. Is anyone noticing a pattern after 105 years?!

Luxembourg, with the second highest per capita income in the world,of $104,000 annualy, after Qatar, has an external debt to GDP ratio of over
7,000 %! Seven thousand! Not a typo! We know where this is heading. Try looking at a 100 year table of compounded interest . Choose your rate.–of-nominal-gdp

How to Give a Central Banker a Nervous Breakdown in 13 Minutes – Andrea Iravani

The Best Creative Minds in America Have Moved From Art, Into Accounting, Pentagon Audit Will Be the Mona Lisa of Creative Accounting – Andrea Iravani

WTF EMPs, LIBOR, and A Government and Fed That Nobody Can Believe In – Andrea Iravani

A Facade of Rationality – Covering Up a Kiting Scam – Andrea Iravani

The Swamp Creatures That Ate Over 2/3 of GDP

Compounded interest is the eighth wonder of the world. Those who understand it earn it, and those who do not, pay it. – Albert Einstein


Andrea Iravani

One Nation Under Hypocrisy and Tyranny

The Burning Platform had an excellent article by the contrbuting author- Stucky, today which I hope that you will take the time to read, on the 1983 Templeton prize winner, Solzhnitsyn in the link posted below:
Here are my personal thoughts on Stucky’s article  from The Burning Platform :

Many leave religion as a result of the hypocrisy in holy wars. Man is in charge of religion, and taints it, like everything else. When people realize that religion is not God, and stop confusing man’s failed attempts at spreading the word of God, while simultaneously murdering people whose religious beliefs are different than theirs, or for the pedophilia rings, or for the bedazzled and pimped up jeweled and limo chauffeured evangelical preachers, whose members are often in extreme poverty, at that point they can begin their journey with God.

One of the things that is sure to make my blood boil, is the outrageously self- entitled and self- exalting notion in determinism that everything is exactly as God intended it, therefore, removing any personal responsibility for relieving the suffering of others. How antithetical to humility is the belief that everything is exactly as God intended it, while living in absolute luxury while so many are suffering unfathomable misery, or even comfortably while others are immensely suffering?!

The Protestant work ethic is a term that resulted from the belief in the Protestant movement of determism and the Calvinist doctrine predestination and the electorate, ( those who would be granted eternal life in heaven) and the hell-bound which were also predetermined prior to birth, which offered a single way out – through hard work, benefiting the King of England :

Here are what my personal guiding religious principals are

John 5:19

We know that we are children of God, and that the whole world is under the control of the evil one.

Ephesians 6:12


Ephesians 6:12
For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.


Philippians 4:13

For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful individuals can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead


Andrea Iravani

Make Trumplandia America Again

Donald Trump ran on the Make America Great Again ( MAGA) campaign, swearing to end the wars and form a diplomatic relationship with Russia.

Well, that certainly doesn’t appear to be in the cards. Donald Trump,  Nikki Haley, Jared Kushner, Mattis, and Kelley make new enemies almost weekly.  The only level headed penurson on the team appears to be Rex Tillerson, who was surprisingly not another Dick Cheney as a result of his oil background.

So far the gang of five have inflamed every nation other than Guatemala,  Honduras,  Israel, The Marsall Islands. Micronesia, Nauru, Palau, and Togo, and I suspect that it is merely because we could afford to buy them off.

Trump is literally hell bent on destroying the progress that the Obama administration made with Iran.  It was Obama’s singular achievement.

Even our allies in the terrorists trio of Saudi Arabia and Israel have run off to meet with Putin, as well as Angela Merkel. Since trade between the EU and Iran has increased by 93% since the JCPOA, the EU solidly backs the JCPOA that Trump is attempting to destroy, for no apparent or logical reason.  Netenyahu hates the JCPOA, but Netenyahu wants to dominate the Middle East himself, and Netenyahu is not in Congress, even though he was transported to Congress in a time machine several years ago and addressed the US Congress attempting to subvert diplomatic efforts by the democratically elected President of the United States. I think that I will invite Rouhani to address Congress this year, explaining the dangers of the illegal Israeli settlements,  declaring Jerusalem as the Capital, and moving our embassy to Jerusalem, in addition to the urgent necessity of making IAEA inspectors make regular checks and visits throughout Israel, and making sure that they don’t have the BeBe Bomb that Netenyahu  showed up at the UN with on an illustration board several years ago. ( Even though everyone knows that they do.)

Pakistan and Turkey are the most recent critics of Trumplandia, over Trump, Haley, and CIA interference in Iran.  It is really surprising how unworldly Trump is, since he has hotels all over the world.  It is as if he thinks that these are going to be popular ideas. Regarding the Jerusalem issue, 63% of Americans oppose the Capital recognition and the embassy move, and that percentage also holds up for Jewish American voters.

There is a famous saying, choose your battles wisely.  Trump is not choosing battles wisely. Trump is choosing battles like a homicidal maniac. The sick as hell tweet “my nuclear button is bigger than yours.”  was the last straw for me. There have been so many last straws though, but nothing other than pure insanity, pure evil, pure carelessness, or pure stupidity could explain that tweet. It is not as if we are the only country in the world with nuclear weapons. It was the most irresponsible thing that he  has done  to date, and there is no reason to think that Trump will suddenly become sane, intelligent, and rational. Each tweet and statement, and action appears more outrageous than the last, as if he is competing against himself in a twit off, and winning every time.

Trump is also as maniacally focused on North Korea as he is on Iran.  Neither of these countries have done anything to harm us.  War mongering Haley, Kushner, Mattis, and Kelley seem to be sadistically and psychopathically enjoying this, in addition to Trump.

China, Russia, Hong Kong, and South Korea have all supplied North Korea with oil, making complete fools out of the US, and rightfully so. Embargoes are punishments against innocent civilians,  and they can, and often do cause civillians to die of starvation, disease, exposure, and related factors as a result of embargoes.

No other country in the world imposes embargoes as frequently as the US does. I actually cannot think of another country that has placed an embargo on another country, not led by the US, since the oil embargo placed on the US by Middle Eastern countries in 1973. But what would you expect from a country that treats its own citizens as the US does, with rampant homelessness, poverty, incarceration, addiction. and unemployment?! Rather than building a wall, lets turn the hundreds of empty malls into apartment buildings and new schools. I bring up schools, because I had read about the 40 degree classrooms, because they are having trouble with an outdated heating system, in Baltimore. My town just decided to spend $7 million for new plumbing for the school. It seems to me, that they could build an entire school for $7 million, or turn one of the shopping centers into a school.

Donald Trump continues training and transporting the terrorists.
US military helicopters were caught transporting ISIL terrorists AGAIN! ON TAPE!
I would like to make Trumplandia America Again, not a recent president’s America but a sane, peaceful, honest America.
Andrea Iravani

Hey Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branches, America Called, and We The People Want Our Rights Back!

While Nikki Haley has been exhaustingly busy in bombastic bimbo behavior calling on Sweden to hold an emergency session at the UN, over the protesters that she cares nothing about in Iran, over human rights violations, that the bimbo aficionado also cares nothing about, American citizens have been executed by police in America,  at nearly 100 times the rate of Americans executed by terrorists.  This calls into question who the terrorists in America actually are, from any logical persons perspective! 1,184 Americans extrajudicially murdered by police in 2017:

The entire establishment, including the government, the corporations,  the education system, the utility companies, the banking industry, and even the “healthcare” system treats its own citizens and customers like animals caged in a zoo at best and the objectification of human beings is the status quo and modus operandi of the establishment.

According to Wikipedia:
  1. “Instrumentality – treating the person as a tool for another’s purposes
  2. Denial of autonomy – treating the person as lacking in autonomy or self-determination
  3. Inertness – treating the person as lacking in agency or activity
  4. Fungibility – treating the person as interchangeable with (other) objects
  5. Violability – treating the person as lacking in boundary integrity and violable, “as something that it is permissible to break up, smash, break into.”
  6. Ownership – treating the person as though they can be owned, bought, or sold
  7. Denial of subjectivity – treating the person as though there is no need for concern for their experiences or feelings.”
A great deal of the human rights abuses in America are through 4th amendment rights violations. The Church Committee in the 1970’s had expressed concerns over 4th amendment violations through Project Shamrock and Project Minaret:
What has been referred to as the Keith Decision over the federal government’s 4th amendment rights violations, in which Judge Keith ruled that the federal government had abused the 4th amendment by not obtaining a warrant for unlawful surveillance was upheld by the Supreme Court, and the incompetent Supreme Court under the past 2 presidents and the current president have thrown the entire 4th amendment, the Keith Decision,  and Stare Decisis completely out the window. The Supreme Court may have well just pissed all over the constitution,  the flag, and all over America.  At least that would have washed off, and we would still have our rights!
According to Wikipedia:
The Keith Decision according to Wikipedia:
“The Court held government officials were obligated to obtain a warrant before beginning electronic surveillance even if domestic security issues were involved. The “inherent vagueness of the domestic security concept” and the potential for abusing it to quell political dissent made the Fourth Amendment protections especially important when the government engaged in spying on its own citizens.:
At least Russia has the brains to call a spade a spade, over the absurd hypocrisy of Nikki Haley and the Trump administration, which is more than I can say for Trump and his administration!

RT reports:

Russia’s envoy to the UN Vassily Nebenzia blasted the US:

“If we follow your logic, then we should have meetings of the Security Council after the events in Ferguson or after the dispersal by force of the Occupy Wall Street movement in Manhattan.”
I am certainly  no fan of the Ruling Clerics in Iran, but how completely stupid would we have to be to want to fight for the civil rights of the Iranians , when we have none of our own rights?
Obviously the entire establishment has zero sense of shame. They all look like complete tyrrants and complete buffoons, and they could clearly care less!
Great Articles by John Whitehead on Trump’s continuation and escalation of tyrrany:
Great video of Ex Intel William Binney on governmemt 4th amendment rights violations and abuses:

Watch “NSA Whistleblower William Binney: The Future of FREEDOM” on YouTube

The sad reality is that all three branches of government are nothing but a colossal clusterfu<×! So is the MIC, and so is nearly every institution in America.
Andrea Iravani


The Swamp Creatures That Ate Over 2/3 of GDP


Are you an ordinary American wondering where your fair share of the Obama and now Trump recovery proceeds disappeared to?

Well, I’ve got news for you! In 2013, over 2/3 of GDP went to pay federal, state, and local government employee pensions!

The Federal Reserve states that 2013 State and Local government employee pension payments were a whopping $4.9 trillion! There are currently 15 million state and local governmernt employees.

The U.S. Treasury states that 2013 Federal employee pension payments were $6.5 trillion rounded off! There are currently roughly 8 million federal employees.

Compare that to the 57 million Americans that recieved $807 billion in Social Security,  WHICH THEY PAID INTO, AND POLITICIANS THAT WALKED AWAY WITH 2/3 OF GDP SAY THAT THE NATION CANNOT AFFORD TO PAY IN THE FUTURE!!!

Therefore, less than ten percent of the population hogged over two thirds of the entire U.S. GDP in 2013! These people add no value to America or GDP! They are parastic swamp creatures that must be starved!

It is why Obama spent the remaining one third roughly propping up the stock market in $4.5 trillion in QE.

Of course assholes like Paul Ryan blame food stamp recipients starved by the Swamp Creatures, of which Paul Ryan is one of since they recieved something that didn’t go to the gluttonous government swamp creatures!

Government employees are paid roughly 80% more than the private sector, and I think that we can all agree that the roughly 23 million government employees are the most stupid, corrupt, and evil people on the face of the earth!

I do not know how many retired government employees there currently are. We can compare the government employee population to the retired population at large, and all though technology could have conceivably reduced the number of employees, in combination with privitazation efforts, in areas such as waste management,  and emissions testing, the population has continued growing steadily. 

This PDF shows annual projected federal retirees entering the pension system, but it does not state how many there were prior to 2006, nor does it account for reductions through mortality, yes, even government employees die.

I have attempted to find this information on government pension payments for governmemt employees for over a decade, and have never found it until recently, and  I was posting this earth shattering and economy shattering news in my  comments section. Mnuchin said that he was going to have the most transparent treasury ever, and I am shocked that it was not simply rhetoric! 

Financial experts in ZERO HEDGE and Business Insider have been writing about employee pension shortfalls for years. Here is just one of the hundreds if not thousands of articles pre-Trump and pre Mnuchin:

As long as government employees do not have to live under the same economic conditions that they have forced on us, there is no reason to believe that anything will ever improve for the rest of us.

Government employees should not earn more than the median wage in America, and should not recieve defined benefit retirement packages.

They should recieve social security and Medicare just like everyone else.

Hardly anyone in the private sector has a defined benefit retirement package.

I would like to see Paul Ryan living strictly off of a median salary and attempting to save for retirement, the way that he has forced everyone else to!

Zero Hedge article says that it is different this time because markets no longer reflect price discovery, so it’s different this time because it is admittedly a Ponzi scheme?! How romantic!

From my A Facade of Rationality Covering Up a Kiting Scam:
Goldman and Barclays claim that the bull market will continue, because we will enter rational exuberance from corporate tax cuts.


1.) $4.5 trillion in QE

2.)$4 trillion in corporate stock buybacks

3.) And $4 trillion in corporate bond sales.

All since the financial crisis?!

Na, it’s probably just a coincidence.
From FT:
“where the size of the market has soared by 42 per cent to $7.7tn, the number of dedicated SEC staffers has barely budged: one employee devotes half his time to it.
The Bank for International Settlements estimates that the bond holdings of the 20 biggest asset managers jumped by $4tn between 2008 and 2012, growing to account for 40 per cent of their collective $23.4tn portfolio. At least $766bn has flowed into US bond funds alone since 2008, according to EPFR data, far outstripping all other asset classes in the same period.”

A Facade of Rationality – Covering Up a Kiting Scam – Andrea Iravani

The Best Creative Minds in America Have Moved From Art, Into Accounting, Pentagon Audit Will Be the Mona Lisa of Creative Accounting – Andrea Iravani

Of course, none of this would even be an issue if we didn’t rely on a privately owned central bank:

How to Give a Central Banker a Nervous Breakdown in 13 Minutes – Andrea Iravani


Andrea Iravani
Update January 6th 2017
Found more fraud. It’s

 Basically  everywhere you look! US census survey claims that only $488 million was paid in property taxes!

The US Signed an Agreement With Russia in 2000 for Reprocessing of Nuclear Weapons Fuel


Something very strange is taking place with this entire Clinton/FBI/Russian/ Uranium One Deal that the media is not acknowledging. The U.S. and Russia agreed that Russia would reprocess nuclear fuel from U.S. nuclear weapons in 2000.

Hillary Clinton signed an agreement with Lavrov on April 13, 2010 for Russia to Reprocess the fuel and this was publicly acknowledged at the time.

Starting in April of 2016, the Russian government had decided to withdraw from the agreement for multiple reasons,  including NATO buildup of defense systems targeted at Russia over the Crimean and Magnitsky Act disputes between the US government and Russia,  finacial disputes over agreements between the two countries for the cost of construction of the reprocessing plant, and for the costs of operating the plant, disputes over the way that the US compromised the nuclear material by adding other elements to the nuclear material, the US Congress decided ex post facto that they insisted on Russia using a burner reactor which would burn nuclear fuel at a faster rate than nuclear material is produced, as opposed to a breeder reactors which produces more fuel than it consumes, even though there are no burner reactors in existence, and they are not even possible, it is a physical impossibility.

The Clintons were without question, completely guilty of using the State Department for personally capitalizing over their efforts to not only lobby the federal government to have Russia reprocess the nuclear material, but the Clinton Foundation also lobbied for all of Europe to have Russia reprocess their nuclear material.

The Clintons benefitted to the tune of $145.5 million dollars. Using any public office for personal enrichment whether it compromises national security or not, is a truly disgusting and despicable abuse of power that gives the US government a banana republic image. It is a national security threat to use public office for taking bribes, which they did, without question!

So now, we have been under going melt downs frequently at the Hanford Nuclear Site, because of a neocon/ Obama, Crimea/ Magnitsky Act dispute.

RT reported:

“President Vladimir Putin has signed an act suspending a 2000 agreement between the US and Russia on reprocessing weapons-grade plutonium extracted from decommissioned warheads.

The bill has already been published on Russia’s official legal information website, meaning it’s now in force.

The deal between Moscow and Washington was ratified in 2000. As a means to safely utilize weapons-grade plutonium, it suggested a specific procedure to turn it into nuclear plant fuel. Starting from 2018, it was planned to reprocess 34 tons (68,000 pounds) of plutonium, which would have been enough to produce thousands of nuclear weapons, RIA Novosti reported.

Yet, while Russia has prepared the infrastructure necessary for the process, the US said it found the procedure too costly and instead opted for mixing plutonium with special dilutants to store it indefinitely.

Russia suspended the deal “due to drastic changes of circumstances, the rise of threat to strategic stability as a result of hostile actions of the US towards the Russian Federation and the inability of the US to provide for the accepted obligations to utilize the excess weapons-grade plutonium in accordance with the agreement,” the new bill read.

For the agreement to be resumed, Washington should reduce the US military presence on the territory of NATO members that joined the bloc after 2000, cancel its Magnitsky Act which bans entry to the US to a list of Russian citizens, as well as lift other anti-Russian sanctions and compensate the loss Moscow suffered as a result of such policy.”

Plutonium Disposition Working Group

“[PMDA 2000] In 2002, the Bush Administration directed a review of nonproliferation programs that included the plutonium disposition program. … During the April 2010 Nuclear Security Summit in Washington, DC, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov signed a… :
“Sputnik News Reported:

Earlier, US media reported that the White House plans to terminate the US program to manufacture mixed-oxide (MOX) fuel for “incinerating” weapon-grade plutonium because of alleged technological problems and the project’s exorbitant costs. Instead, the United States plans to mix weapon-grade plutonium with other, non-radioactive, materials and to store the mixture inside special facilities. Experts stress that this option makes it possible to remove the mixture and to obtain plutonium from it using relatively simple methods. The plutonium thus obtained would be enough to make several thousand nuclear warheads.”

Gerry Images reported:
“U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton (L) and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov smile after signing an agreement on eliminating excess weapon-grade plutonium from their defense programs during the Nuclear Safety Summit at the Washington Convention Center April 13, 2010 in Washington, DC. Clinton said the irreversable process of desposing of each countries excess weapon-grade plutonium, enough material for several thousand nuclear weapons, will prevent it from falling into the hands of terrorists.”

“Arms Control .org reported:

U.S. officials and others have long said that Russia never fully supported the plan for LWR disposition, preferring instead to use fast-neutron reactors. Russia and the United States eventually began renegotiating that aspect of the agreement and in November 2007 issued a joint statement outlining a plan for use of fast-neutron reactors by Russia. They said they planned to negotiate a protocol to change the PMDA accordingly. (See ACT, December 2007.)

The switch to fast-neutron reactors has drawn criticism from some nonproliferation specialists because such reactors, unlike LWRs, can produce more plutonium than they consume. The protocol includes “certain nonproliferation conditions,” as the State Department described them, that are designed to minimize the potential nonproliferation drawbacks of using fast-neutron reactors.

Another significant change from the original PMDA is that the protocol caps total U.S. funding for the effort at the $400million amount that the United States previously pledged. As the protocol notes, the funding is subject to U.S. congressional appropriations decisions.”

I previously reorted, in The Fossil Fuel Industry is Living in the Ice Ages:

There is no safe form of nuclear energy and there never will be. Safe nuclear energy is a physical impossibility. Once the process of nuclear fission begins, it cannot be stopped, unless there is an explosion or nuclear meltdown in a nuclear chain reaction that occurs. The nuclear waste must be fed like a monster. It is done so in the reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel. New metals are added in attempt to weaken the radioactive levels, and to cool It with moltent metals!  It is the equivaent of trying to walk up the down escalator going at 75 miles per hour. It is my belief that the 50’s sci-fi movie,  The Blob was actually about nuclear waste.

The Hanford nuclear plant is undergoing heat decay in the process of a nuclear meltdown in a nuclear chain reaction which will eventually result in a nuclear explosion. Using nuclear waste for nuclear energy production also creates more nuclear waste.

Cold fusion is not safe either. It is an outright lie that it is. The nuclear reactors are called breeder reactors because they breed radioactive material in the process of nuclear fission. The waste is not burned in the process. Large quantities of radio active tritium are released into the atmosphere.…

Watch “David Gilmour – “There’s No Way Out Of Here”” on YouTube

Watch “The Doors – The End (original)” on YouTube

Watch “Trailer – The Blob (1958)” on YouTube

The Fossil Fuel Industry is Living in the Ice Ages! – Andrea Iravani

So, we will see how it is that the entire Congress, Clintons,  and Obama, who knew of this all along attempts to explain this bribery fest away.

The larger scandal at issue, is the way that the MIC has jeopardized national security for profit and personal gain over defense buildup at Russian borders over Crimea and the Magnitsky Act, as Hanford nuclear plant undergoes heat decay.

The US currently has 70,000 metric tons of Nuclear waste.


Andrea Iravani