The University Hustle

America’s problem cannot be solved by increasing university graduates, because the universities are at the apex of the nightmare in which many Americans are suffering from.

The very notion that membership to participate in society for sustenance and survival at a cost of four years of precious lifetime, and tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars is without question, the most offensive moral outrage of our country!

Yet, despite that we have  the most degreed population in U.S. history, businesses resoundingly and repeatedly state that they cannot find qualified people to fill positions! Well, when the universities are teaching outright lies as facts, that is hardly surprising!

The basement dwelling millenial has tragically become a national meme, despite the fact that this is by far the most degreed generation in American history. The generation has been wiped out by student loan debt, and they have even more tragically opted for heroin addiction as a coping mechanism, which has killed over 100,000 people!

The universities are more than willing to blindly ignore the very basic laws of supply and demand, and keep fattening their wallets at the expense of the young, impressionable, and hopeless! They probably steal candy from babies too!

This is no laughing matter! The professors in their self righteous indignation claim that the problem is Donald Trump, who has only been in office for 11 months, and these problems were mounting way before Trump  became president!

There are also too many success stories of the richest people in America who were in fact college drop outs, like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, who are at the top of the heap. Most Silicon Valley CEOs were drop outs!

Here is a list of America’s 10 wealthiest individuals without degrees :

In fact, 63 individuals on the Forbes 400 list only have high school diplomas!

Nearly 1/3 Of the world’s billionaires do not have a college degree:

20% of millionaires in America only have high school diplomas:

Universities do not teach. Universities indoctrinate with lies and propaganda in their least offensive policies, and conduct abominable monstrosities in their worst behavior, in addition to hijacking the lives of their victims, ( their students and people that the universties extract hundreds of billions of dollars from the federal government to study in R&D programs which fund the fascist institutions) along with the rest of society.

Universities do not guarantee that the most hard working and brightest students can find work in their fields of study. I have personally been acquainted with such people.

Who on earth ever granted the evil universities to make such determinations as to who is and is not qualified in the first place, and who ever granted the universities the ultimate authority of determining what is important to learn and know, and what is not?!

If this were a prosperous, well adjusted, and just society full of righteousness and humanitarian compassion, I would not be writing this critique, and calling for an end to the university system.

It is this elitist B.S. placed forth by the ivy-league, ivory tower parasites , which have resorted to the tactics of any abusive person in a relationship, in Stolkholm syndrome control, and cult like tactics,  of their victims upon which they prey, you need me! You would be nothing without me! You can’t survive without me! When in fact, anyone with common sense, that is not illiterate is perfectly capable of educating themselves.

Student loan debt currently stands at $1 trillion dollars, over 5% of GDP! That’s a hefty allocation of economic resources to a single industry, particularly when it has resulted in colossal disaster! There are 2,618 universities and 130 vocational systems in America, that have seized over 5% of GDP and enlisted students as debt slaves to Federal Reserve member banks! The universities and vocational schools are in the slave trade!.

In order to pay for college, 2.5 million students have entered the sex slave trade on seeking arangemts:

The most offensive policies being taught by the universities are the legitimacy of the Federal Reserve, combined with the failure to teach the truth about the Federal Reserve which I am happy to teach you for free, here:

IT’S THE MATH STUPID! – Andrea Iravani

And here:

BULL$#!+ On Parade! – Andrea Iravani

The universities have also continued to teach life threatening lies and establishment propaganda of the AMA and pharmaceutical industry, which I am also happy to teach you about for free, here:

The Most Expensive and Deadly “Healthcare” System in the World – Andrea Iravani

The universities have also failed miserably in teaching the truth about law, proven beyond a reasonable doubt by the Congress of Baboons,  most of whom have law degrees, and the absolute Kangaroo Court system in America, that makes zero effort to live within the letter, and or, the spirit of the law and justice,  but looks to create and exploit legal loopholes which increase tyranny and corruption. I am happy to teach you the truth about law for free here:

The universities are full of self-serving monsters and tyrrants. It’s time to end the university system which has destroyed America, and I am happy to prove the universities’ unforgivable,  repeated abuses and system of Orwellian fascisism, also for free, here:

American Universities – Of Lab Mice and Mad Men – Andrea Iravani

And here:

Is Professor Elizabeth Warren on Commission With Federal Reserve?! – Andrea Iravani

I would like to ask the universities 2 questions.

1.)  who died and left you boss?!

2.) Who are you?!

Watch “The Who – Who Are You?” on YouTube


Andrea Iravani

6 thoughts on “The University Hustle

    1. Thank you very much. That is very kind of you. To state that it is progressivism, which the universities are fighting for is the oxymoron of the era. The universities actually have regressive policies.

      The progressive movement was actually a Republican movement spearheaded by TR and Fighting Bob LaFollete.

      I’m actually a true progressive combined with aspects of libertariansm. Above all, I guess that I would label myself a constitutionalist.

      Explained here:

      Pledging Allegiance – Andrea Iravani


  1. So how should medical doctors, nurses, scientist, engineers, attorneys, accountants, stock brokers, financials analysts, investment portfolio managers, architects, and TEACHERS be trained? What basic qualifying credentials should these professions require if not a college degree? What qualifying credentials should anyone have to provide for entry into the world of white collar work?
    Did you attend college? Usually, those who proclaim that universities are bastions of indoctrination, have never set foot on a college campus, or washed out after one semester. For if they did, they’d know that university faculties normally have viewpoints that span the political spectrum. However, most courses simply deal with the subject matter at hand. I’m not sure how one could be indoctrinated in Business Calculus, Managerial Accounting, or a statistics course.
    Student loan debt is an issue that should be addressed. However, no one forces anyone to take on loans. I went to socialized community college for my first 2 years or 60 credit hours; it cost me $3000 in tuition. Then I transferred to a socialized state university for the final 2 years. All the time I was in school I worked during the day and took classes at night. I was able to pay cash and had no trouble finding work because I had, EXPERIENCE. I did take out a loan for my MBA however, my compensation spiked once I graduated. People just have to make smart decisions for themselves and their future. As for the heroin epidemic that’s plaguing white America, those addicts are mostly the non-college educated whites who have been left behind in this new economy.


    1. Yes. I have been to college. It is incorrect to state that most people who state that universities indoctrinate rather than educate. In fact, the only people that I have EVER heard that statement from are people who have been to universities. My philosophy teacher suggested that we would learn more back packing around the world, rather than going to school, and my early American history teacher dedicated 90% of the class time campaigning for Dukackis.

      What is the point of having a certificate that certifies that one has bought the lies hook line and sinker?

      Accounting is basic math. Law is common sense.

      As far as the medical community, I don’t know what the answer is, but you are wrong to claim that most heroin addicts are not college educated. That is simply wishful thinking on your part.

      The pharmacuetical industry runs the show in medical education, at the expense of the patient.

      Perhaps banning funding , grants, patents, and paid research in universities would end the conflicts of interest that are killing Americans

      With the MBA, my guess is that you were never taught the truth about the Federal Reserve .

      My father was an economics major, and I had received am A in economics, and learned the truth not in school, or from my Dad, and not even an economist, but through Ellen Hodgson Brown J.D.
      How to Give a Central Banker a Nervous Breakdown in 13 Minutes – Andrea Iravani


      1. How does one become an engineer, architect, or nurse through backpacking?? Of course a philosophy professor would suggest that you can learn more by backpacking around the world. He’s a philosophy major!! Who’d most likely be unemployed and homeless (also known as backpacking) if not for his faculty position. LOL But I fully support him and his decision to study philosophy.We need liberal arts too.

        I was a political science and history major for a time and we tended to be overly-political, but after a while people will tune you out. Especially college aged students who have already been programmed by their PARENTS.
        Were these the only two courses you took? If not, was every professor a backpacking stoner philosopher, and rabid Dukakis supporter? If you graduated, you had many professors who spanned the political and ideological spectrum. However, most stuck to the subject matter at hand.

        You are just like those indoctrinating professors you anecdotally write about. For you too have an agenda, you care nothing of the “Hustle” that is higher education. You’re simply using this topic as a platform to spread your message about the illegitimacy of the Federal Reserve. Otherwise, you are implying we should all drop out of Harvard and start the next Microsoft or Facebook and become billionaires. LOL
        Ignoring the fact that most on the Forbes list inherited their wealth.
        Definitely make no mention of the fact that the executives and financiers who actually took these startups to the levels they are today are all college educated professionals.


      2. Actually, most of the people on the Forbes list are self made.

        What I would suggest is online, free study, and testing in state centers, combined with internships.

        You are extremely presumptive, and also extremely incorrect in all of your assumptions about me, my motives, and agenda.

        It was my early American history teacher that was the rabid Dukakis supporter, who was far from a back backing stoner,and was also a nun.

        They are not the only courses that I have taken, and the Federal Reserve is merely a single example of the the fraudulent whacko incorrect scams being perpetrated onto students.

        There is also the nuclear energy con, which universities are awarded patents in partnership with private industry.

        The cold fusion con being the latest among them, because safe nuclear energy of ANY type, is and ALWAYS will be physically impossibility:

        Proven here, at the bottom of the article:
        The Fossil Fuel Industry is Living in the Ice Ages! ‹ Andrea Iravani ‹ Reader —


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