The Truth About the Economy and Bubbles

I just read this article in Zero Hedge which is similar to many that have appeared over at least the last few years when I started reading Zero Hedge,  and from what I have previously read, that is kind of their nitche audience,  and in many respects, I tend to agree with the analyses,  however this recent article states that when the mother of all bubbles will pop, it will break the world.

Banks, particularly privately owned central banks, capitalize on these crises. The truth is though, that after the bubbles pop, the world will still have the same amount of natural resources, factories, trained people, houses, apartments, shopping centers, food, and water as it did prior to the bubbles popping. If all of those factors that I just mentioned were to suddenly vanish from the face of the earth, that would be true that the bubble pop would break the world.

The economy is and always has been a struggle between individuals and various sectors in the economy,  all seeking a bigger slice of the pie. It’s kind of like an ongoing symphony, or, a series of train wrecks if you prefer, or even if you don’t.

Ford Motors is blaming higher steel prices for not meeting economic forecasts, for some reason GM outperformed and is required to use much of the same materials as Ford and wasn’t affected for reasons which I have not looked into.

Suppliers, lenders, employers, employees, shareholders, and customers are all battling each other all of the time. The central banks only compound these matters.

Economics is by definition ,” The efficient allocation of the scarce means of production and resources toward the satisfaction of human wants. ” The economists and central bankers have done an award winning bang-up job of satisfying the human wants of 1% and the worst conceivable job possible of satisfying the human wants of 99%. They are obviously in business for themselves- the 1 percent.

So. There you have it. The illusion that the world has gone to hell in a hand-basket will be as equally outrageous as the claims that the economy has been doing well.

( The world has gone to hell in a hand basket because of wars and oppression, not because of the fedgeneered bubbles popping.)


Andrea Iravani



Cognitive Dissonance Caused by the Establishment Propagandists Over Russia and the Debilitating Effects on America and the World

On December 27th 2017, I was being actively attacked by black-hat hackers, after posting the following :

Something very strange is taking place with this entire Clinton/FBI/Russian/ Uranium One Deal that the media is not acknowledging. The U.S. and Russia agreed that Russia would reprocess nuclear fuel from U.S. nuclear weapons in 2000.

Hillary Clinton signed an agreement with Lavrov on April 13, 2010 for Russia to Reprocess the fuel and this was publicly acknowledged at the time.

Starting in April of 2016, the Russian government had decided to withdraw from the agreement for multiple reasons,  including NATO buildup of defense systems targeted at Russia over the Crimean and Magnitsky Act disputes between the US government and Russia,  finacial disputes over agreements between the two countries for the cost of construction of the reprocessing plant, and for the costs of operating the plant, disputes over the way that the US compromised the nuclear material by adding other elements to the nuclear material, the US Congress decided ex post facto that they insisted on Russia using a burner reactor which would burn nuclear fuel at a faster rate than nuclear material is produced, as opposed to a breeder reactors which produces more fuel than it consumes, even though there are no burner reactors in existence, and they are not even possible, it is a physical impossibility.

The Clintons were without question, completely guilty of using the State Department for personally capitalizing over their efforts to not only lobby the federal government to have Russia reprocess the nuclear material, but the Clinton Foundation also lobbied for all of Europe to have Russia reprocess their nuclear material.

The Clintons benefitted to the tune of $145.5 million dollars. Using any public office for personal enrichment whether it compromises national security or not, is a truly disgusting and despicable abuse of power that gives the US government a banana republic image. It is a national security threat to use public office for taking bribes, which they did, without question!

So now, we have been under going melt downs frequently at the Hanford Nuclear Site, because of a neocon/ Obama, Crimea/ Magnitsky Act dispute.

RT reported:

“President Vladimir Putin has signed an act suspending a 2000 agreement between the US and Russia on reprocessing weapons-grade plutonium extracted from decommissioned warheads.

The bill has already been published on Russia’s official legal information website, meaning it’s now in force.

The deal between Moscow and Washington was ratified in 2000. As a means to safely utilize weapons-grade plutonium, it suggested a specific procedure to turn it into nuclear plant fuel. Starting from 2018, it was planned to reprocess 34 tons (68,000 pounds) of plutonium, which would have been enough to produce thousands of nuclear weapons, RIA Novosti reported.

Yet, while Russia has prepared the infrastructure necessary for the process, the US said it found the procedure too costly and instead opted for mixing plutonium with special dilutants to store it indefinitely.

Russia suspended the deal “due to drastic changes of circumstances, the rise of threat to strategic stability as a result of hostile actions of the US towards the Russian Federation and the inability of the US to provide for the accepted obligations to utilize the excess weapons-grade plutonium in accordance with the agreement,” the new bill read.

For the agreement to be resumed, Washington should reduce the US military presence on the territory of NATO members that joined the bloc after 2000, cancel its Magnitsky Act which bans entry to the US to a list of Russian citizens, as well as lift other anti-Russian sanctions and compensate the loss Moscow suffered as a result of such policy.”

Plutonium Disposition Working Group

“[PMDA 2000] In 2002, the Bush Administration directed a review of nonproliferation programs that included the plutonium disposition program. … During the April 2010 Nuclear Security Summit in Washington, DC, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov signed a… :
“Sputnik News Reported:

Earlier, US media reported that the White House plans to terminate the US program to manufacture mixed-oxide (MOX) fuel for “incinerating” weapon-grade plutonium because of alleged technological problems and the project’s exorbitant costs. Instead, the United States plans to mix weapon-grade plutonium with other, non-radioactive, materials and to store the mixture inside special facilities. Experts stress that this option makes it possible to remove the mixture and to obtain plutonium from it using relatively simple methods. The plutonium thus obtained would be enough to make several thousand nuclear warheads.”

Gerry Images reported:
“U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton (L) and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov smile after signing an agreement on eliminating excess weapon-grade plutonium from their defense programs during the Nuclear Safety Summit at the Washington Convention Center April 13, 2010 in Washington, DC. Clinton said the irreversable process of desposing of each countries excess weapon-grade plutonium, enough material for several thousand nuclear weapons, will prevent it from falling into the hands of terrorists.”

“Arms Control .org reported:

U.S. officials and others have long said that Russia never fully supported the plan for LWR disposition, preferring instead to use fast-neutron reactors. Russia and the United States eventually began renegotiating that aspect of the agreement and in November 2007 issued a joint statement outlining a plan for use of fast-neutron reactors by Russia. They said they planned to negotiate a protocol to change the PMDA accordingly. (See ACT, December 2007.)

The switch to fast-neutron reactors has drawn criticism from some nonproliferation specialists because such reactors, unlike LWRs, can produce more plutonium than they consume. The protocol includes “certain nonproliferation conditions,” as the State Department described them, that are designed to minimize the potential nonproliferation drawbacks of using fast-neutron reactors.

Another significant change from the original PMDA is that the protocol caps total U.S. funding for the effort at the $400million amount that the United States previously pledged. As the protocol notes, the funding is subject to U.S. congressional appropriations decisions.”

I previously reorted, in The Fossil Fuel Industry is Living in the Ice Ages:

There is no safe form of nuclear energy and there never will be. Safe nuclear energy is a physical impossibility. Once the process of nuclear fission begins, it cannot be stopped, unless there is an explosion or nuclear meltdown in a nuclear chain reaction that occurs. The nuclear waste must be fed like a monster. It is done so in the reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel. New metals are added in attempt to weaken the radioactive levels, and to cool It with moltent metals!  It is the equivaent of trying to walk up the down escalator going at 75 miles per hour. It is my belief that the 50’s sci-fi movie,  The Blob was actually about nuclear waste.

The Hanford nuclear plant is undergoing heat decay in the process of a nuclear meltdown in a nuclear chain reaction which will eventually result in a nuclear explosion. Using nuclear waste for nuclear energy production also creates more nuclear waste.

Cold fusion is not safe either. It is an outright lie that it is. The nuclear reactors are called breeder reactors because they breed radioactive material in the process of nuclear fission. The waste is not burned in the process. Large quantities of radio active tritium are released into the atmosphere.…

Watch “David Gilmour – “There’s No Way Out Of Here”” on YouTube

Watch “The Doors – The End (original)” on YouTube

Watch “Trailer – The Blob (1958)” on YouTube

The Fossil Fuel Industry is Living in the Ice Ages! – Andrea Iravani

So, we will see how it is that the entire Congress, Clintons,  and Obama, who knew of this all along attempts to explain this bribery fest away.

The larger scandal at issue, is the way that the MIC has jeopardized national security for profit and personal gain over defense buildup at Russian borders over Crimea and the Magnitsky Act, as Hanford nuclear plant undergoes heat decay.

The US currently has 70,000 metric tons of Nuclear waste.


Andrea Iravani

The US Signed an Agreement With Russia in 2000 for Reprocessing of Nuclear Weapons Fuel – Andrea Iravani

Andrea Iravani


In an attempt to prevent the same incident that had occurred in June of 2017, since black-hat hackers started hacking me again after posting that article, I disabled the cookies and Java Script on my phone. Since I do not understand technology, when attempting to login to WordPress, they didn’t recognize my phone with the disabled cookies and Javascript. It said that I had no account when I entered my email address. After enabling the cookies again, I was able to post in my comments section, but was unable to create a new blog, until I re-enabled Javascript, which was not as straightforward of a process as it could be, and is hidden on my phone under another app. In June, my  IPhone, Gmail, LinkedIn, ITunes,  Disqus, along with Zero Hedge,  Fox news,  accounts were all hacked and disabled in a black-hat onslaught all-out attack. My car also stopped working at that time, and I went to Verizon Wireless,  whose employees and management refused to accept a Wisconsin drivers license and US passport for ID, or let me open another account, since I already had one, and three employees, including the manager had attempted to get me to disclose my passwords from other accounts to them, which I had refused to do. After the managers third attempt to get me to disclose other passwords, I yelled, No! How many times do I have to tell you that I did not use those passwords for Verizon?!!!,  at which point, he kicked me out of the store, and yelled, ” THAT’S IT!!! GET OUT!!!!

I bought a new phone at another store in July, since I was unable to contact anyone other than 911 on my disabled phone. The Grafton police and Verizon employees were telling me to go to the Apple store in Bayshore mall,  which happens to be an abduction capital in the US, which I refused to go to because my house is also broken into and vandalized and things are stolen every time that I leave, even if it is to walk my dog around the neighborhood.

Doug “Uncola” Lynn had an  article which appeared in The Burning Platform :

 The article is about a disagreement with a liberal friend over the Clinton Uranium One Deal and the FBI investigation of Trump.
The liberals who have decided that the New York Times is the only credible paper of record in America have been proven wrong hundreds of times within the past year. The NYT is one of the least credible print  news sources,  in addition to The Washington Post. However, if it is the New York Times that is the only acceptable evidence of the Clinton, Uraniuim One Deal, so be it. I guess that they all must have missed this article, which does not name Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation,  or Uranium One,  but does mention the Russian / US nuclear agreement, the Obama administration,  and the US State Department. It is an inability to read between the lines, and delve deeper into the issue.
 Here is the only acceptable evidence for the radical left:
It is cognitive dissonance, caused by these establishment propagandists which has led the left to believe that if the Trump supporters do not believe that Trump is a Russian double-agent, they must be crazy, because what would be the alternative to the left not believing that the right is crazy for not believing that Trump is a Russian double agent? The alternative would be for the left to admit that they are either crazy, incompetent,  or totally foolish for believing that Trump is a Russian double agent! Which option do you suppose that they will choose?!
If owning hotels in Russia means that someone is a Russian double agent, then yes, I guess that Trump is a Russian double agent, but how will the left rationalize the Clinton, Obama, Justice Department,  FBI, congressional collusion? I guess that the answer is to move onto shit-hole gate, and fogedda bout it! ( This is not a defense of Trump’s statement. It is proof of Trump’s outrageously incompetent  behavior which has once again assisted his foes in taking him down. He has tied the noose with which he will be hung- his inability to maintain any sense of decorum.  Yes. We should expect decorum from the president. )
Andrea Iravani


Just a Thought on the U.S. Bond Market and Whether It Will Enter a Bear Market or Not

There has been speculation for the last several years that the bond market is officially dead, or about to be by giants like Bill Gross.

After QE and the zero interest rates a couple of years ago, I asked a friend if he thought that we would be in a similar situation as Japan. He just gave me a blank look.

From my perspective, it is the “I’ve fallen, and I can’ t get up economy.” It is a trap, and there is not a clear way out, at least not under a privately owned central bank.

The rates were reduced, in an effort to stimulate growth, which failed to occur, at least not to the levels that were required. So the question is, if the economy failed to grow in Japan and the US after free money, maybe we should be asking if we are giving the money to the correct people.

If the economy is struggling on all but Wall St., the MIC, the medical community,  and government sector, then the captain obvious question is what will rising interest rates do to the economy? When banks issue loans, money is created in the amount of the principal of the loan, but the bank does not create the interest that is due on the loan, and the game of musical chairs begins in a robbing Peter to pay Paul economy. Those in the US with  credit card debt, student loans,  ARMs, and car loans, in addition to business loans will suffer more now than they have in the past. The businesses caught what I would guess to be a two year patch with the tax cut. Eventually, that will fail to add any additional juice to the economy, although raising business taxes would definitely worsen matters.

Check out these charts:

Without question, I lack the expertise of Bill Gross, but this seems like quick-sand to me!

The Economy is FUBAR SQUARED and everyone knows it!

How to Give a Central Banker a Nervous Breakdown in 13 Minutes – Andrea Iravani


Andrea Iravani


The Reunited Democratic-Republican Uniparty System

I always laugh at the imbeciles that say it’s not a democracy, it’s a republic, proving their total idiocy, in both the United States government and comprehension of the English language. The United States, is in fact a constitutional federal republic with a democratic form of government.
Here is the definition of republic, to prevent them  from making complete fools out of themselves in the future.

One would think that having public in the word might have clued them off.




a state in which the supreme power rests in the body of citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by representatives chosen directly or indirectly by them.

any body of persons viewed as a commonwealth.

Here is the definition of democracy:

Definition of democracy

plural democracies

1a : government by the people;especially : rule of the majority

b : a government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections

2: a political unit that has a democratic government

3capitalized : the principles and policies of the Democratic party in the U.S.from emancipation Republicanism to New DealDemocracy —C. M. Roberts

4: the common people especially when constituting the source of political authority

5: the absence of hereditary or arbitrary class distinctions or privileges

It is like saying it isn’t fall, it’s autumn, and that is why both political parties offer the same bullshit every damn time! The public democratically elects the Congress of baboons and fascist presidents that make campaign promises that they break, rob us blind, take away our rights, and do what ever the f-ing donors tell them to do. The Clinton’s reunited the two party system in 1992. It is now a uniparty once again.
Unite the Sane and Independent Center reprint below:

The central banking third-way, triangulation strategy of the neocons and neoliberals,  is to unite the country ( and the world ) around perpetual war, the anhialation of the Bill of Rights and the constitution, globalist free-trade policies in a race to the bottom, pitting US workers against those earning $2 a day, through a  central banking debt financed money supply which enslaves virtually everyone in the world with only a few notable exceptions, North Korea, Iran, Syria, Lybia, and Venezuela who have rejected privately owned Central banks!  The false flag against communism and socialism is nothing more than that, with communist China and socialist EU countries to varying degrees as proof! We must do the opposite! We outnumber them on a scale of 1,000 / 1!

Americans should unite around issues that we can all agree upon. These issues are all ignored by the establishment elites of the neocons and neoliberals.

1.We must repeal the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and abolish the Federal Reserve. Congress must resume its responsibility and coin money and regulate its value as granted to Congress in Article 1 Section 8 Clause 5 of the constitution.

( please see my It’s the Math Stupid article )

IT’S THE MATH STUPID! ‹ ‹ Reader —

2.The military should be used for defending our borders. We should close the 698 permanent foreign military bases and 400 temporary military bases. Our international meddling is jeopardizing national and international security, human life, and economic prosperity. We should retract from all war on foreign soil.

Watch “Rage Against The Machine – Bulls on Parade” on YouTube

3. The prison industrial complex and the war on drugs must end. It is a horrific human rights abuse and is completely unacceptable. People should be released from prison and jail for non violent drug and alcohol related crimes. Some estimates state that 80% of the prison industrial complex population are such victims of a profiteering and tyrranical industry.

4. All laws which violate the Bill of Rights must be immediately repealed. The NDAA, The Patriot Act, HR6393, The American Freedom Act are all grotesque unconstitutional violations of the 4th amendment.

5. Freedom of speech and of the press , and  the right to assemble, must be protected.

6. The 11th amendment must be repealed! Congress has all but repealed the first ten and has relied on the 11th, making them accountable to nobody!

11th amendment:

“The Judicial power of the United States shall not be construed to extend to any suit in law or equity, commenced or prosecuted against one of the United States by Citizens of another State, or by Citizens or Subjects of any Foreign State.”

7.) Campaign contributions must be abolished! Money talks, but it isn’t speech, it’s bribery! There is no need for an honest and intelligent person to require campaign financing with today’s mass media, and social media.

8.) We need to allow for snap elections when Congress becomes entirely dysfunctional and corrupt. Twenty three other countries allow for this!

9. ) Lifetime supreme court appointments have been horrifically abused and they must end. They are not infallible. They are prone to the same short comings as every other human. Guarantying a permanent seat in the highest court in the land, has been abused and has resulted in our loss of liberty, and in a tyrranical government that believes that they are exempt from the law, and above the law.

10.) We need whistle blower protections. Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, and Julian Assange are heroes that should be celebrated for their selfless bravery , not criminals! Federal corruption is not a national secret, it is a national crime, and a national disgrace! All that the whistleblowers did was bring attention to it! We owe them a debt of gratitude!

11.) Anybody with dual citizenship or merely residency must be forbidden from any government position at any level. It is asking for treason, and it has been answered with treason!

12.) AIPAC, JStreet, and any other Zionist lobby must be registered with the Foreiegn Agents Relation Act of 1938,( FARA ) which was created after a number of Japanese and German lobby groups were used to influence foreign policies for those nations. No other country on earth holds more political power and influence in our government than Israel, which is not even our ally! In order to be an ally, a treaty must exist between two nations, by definition. Israel has never signed a treaty with the U.S. because treaties include borders, and the Israeli government has no intention of drawing borders!

The government has removed the common thread that wove the fabric of our nation, our liberty, in a futile attempt to take the heat off of them, where it rightfully belongs, and to incite civil war, leaving corruption as usual in charge!

Unite the Sane and Independent Center! – Andrea Iravani

Trumpenomics Will Blow Up In Our Faces, Literally!

MIC whore  and lap-dog US President Donald J. Trump is enacting policy after policy in complete violation of my religious rights. The anti-abortion, anti-birth control, anti-gay Christians keep stating that laws allowing for such activities, strictly violate their religious rights.

Well, the weapons deals, the wars, the massive oppression in America, the mass incarceration epidemic, the 1,184 police extrajudicial murders that occurred in 2017, the Orwellian fascist state, the massive poverty epidemic, the massive homelessness epidemic, the massive US military, CIA, big pharma  sponsored opioid epidemic responsible for 64,000 overdoses last year, the unbearable reality that is also responsible for the 75,000 alcohol related deaths every year are all in 100% violation and total contradiction with every single policy ever preached by my Savior Jesus Christ,  but also of Moses, and Mohamed as well.

Let the Dump Trump campaign begin! Idiot Supreme Trump has just decided to make US tax payer funded embassy workers across the globe, personal sales representatives of the private, murder for profit top 5 defense , or I guess that we should stop calling them defense, and just start calling them terrorist contractors because they are not defending us. Every year the government spends more money on the private murder for profit terrorist industry, and every year brings more war. Gee, how did that happen? Oh, yeah, they made war profitable and some people are so satanically evil and stupid that they will do anything and everything for profit, regardless of who or how many are harmed by it!

Reported by Tyler Durden from Zero Hedge here:

On the brighter side, the economy is FUBAR SQUARED, all bulls and bears are dead and the hogs are in control!

Great job plunge  protection team, at creating a market that nobody can believe in! Let’s just rename all averages to Ponzi Schemes 1,2,3,4&5!

The Federal Reserve is not Federal and there are no Reserves ! It is a team of economic Hitmen and Hitwomen with a single goal in mind! To destroy America and redistribute the assets and power to themselves and their Fed member banks!

Want proof of that allegation?! Fine! Here it is!

Dedicated to the pigs at the FEDERAL RESERVE!


Andrea Iravani

Cults and Group-Think Have Destroyed America and Americans

American group-think and cultist  insanity is alive and thriving in America and is largely responsible for a great deal of the whacky establishment insanity that has reached dizzying heights, as they failed to get their way, that being, electing the most corrupt political candidate for president in US history.

We can attribute a great deal of this mind altering establishment display of lunacy induced propaganda to the Citizens United ruling, effectively changing the term bribery into free speech, with the creation of tens of thousands of 501 and 503 c 3s collecting money from the donor class and heavily lobbying- bribing Congress to allow their respective groups to actually write the laws of our nation. Politicians are now nothing more than ambassadors between the vested monied interests and the voters. Congress does not even bother to read the legislation that they pass, let alone write It!

There are just too many cults in America. People don’t even realize it. Just all of the 501 and 503cs alone! Thousands of them! Then they combine, and you get the DNC and RNC, which essentially have reunited into the Democratic-Republican party since the Clintons, rallying around permanent war, unfettered trade, Wall St. dominance, anarcho-corporatism, police state fascism, and both parties with their conned sheeple freaks and varying fringe groups rallying around the same principles, and totally clueless.

I have had personal experience with the effect that these groups have had on the political process. First I was involved with the RNC and abandoned them at the speed of light after TARP. I actually volunteered 40 hours a week for the RNC in 2004 for over 6 months, and minimally in 1992, since I was working about 50 hours a week at that time.

I joined the DNC in 2010, and never voted for Obama, since he passed TARP also, and because I had read about the Utah Data center in Wired Magazine, prior to Snowden dox release, had warned friends in the DNC, who basically thought that I was nuts when I told them that the NSA was collecting data on all of us on our communications and basically every move. That article appeared prior to the 2012 election.

While in the DNC, I was elected to the Resolution and Platform Committee of the Wisconsin Democratic Party. Granted, political platforms are often ignored by politicians,  but it did give me an insight into the way that the various 501 and 503c3s attempt to subvert the political process. Suddenly, to be a Democrat means to support all of their 501 and 503cs which really have such small fringe groups uniting together, forcing their agenda on the majority,  and the same thing goes for the RNC with vested fringe groups forcing their agendas on the majority that could in most case care less about those particular platforms.

So now all Democrats are supposed to unite around bathroom choices of people’s choosing and all Republicans are supposed to unite around ” I’m an energy voter?!” Of course those are just two examples of the hundreds of issues that these vested interests force on both parties, and it is also why people are leaving both parties in droves!

This is what we must do to save ourselves and our country:

Unite the Sane and Independent Center! – Andrea Iravani

The ironic thing is, that I suspected that the government would use the internet to spy on us from the onset of the internet, and wasn’t even online until less than a decade ago.

One valuable lesson  that I have learned in life is that when you have the insight to see the behind the scenes manipulations and blatant crimes taking place, which I have personally witnessed and discovered many,  and have the guts to talk about it, it creates so much cognitive dissonance with people who do not want to accept these brutal realities, so they decide that you must be crazy, because if you are crazy, you imagined it, therefore it is not true, because that reality would be completely unacceptable and intolerable.

Well, very powerful forces have gone to extreme lengths to silence, isolate, intimidate,  and discredit me, but thanks to certain people like William Binney, Ted Gunderson , Dr. Robert Duncan,  too name a few in the surveillance industry, and to online activists like, I can know that I am not alone in this fight against the diabolically evil and Orwellian establishment. I’ m not sure who is targeting me. I have been very vocal and politically active for my entire life.

My smart meter has been getting my appliances to be singing extremely annoying songs that don’t make sense and have no meaning what so ever. It is simply done to annoy, intimidate, disrupt, torture, and harrass.

The fact that the establishment has gone to such extraordinary lengths to do this to me and evidently so many others that there are online and community support groups for victims of these American terrorists is proof that they are extremely weak, don’ t have a legal leg to stand on and have no intellectual argument what so ever to counter my many criticisms of this demonstratively corrupt system.

So, establishment, whoever you are. I suggest that you know when to fold them and walk away, and leave me and the thousands or millions of others alone. Your evil histories will exist past my and your other victims deaths. We are not your enemies. You are your own enemies, and you are too stupid to realize It! The truth will still exist after all of our deaths! It will continue to be discovered, and people will continue to be outraged by it and fight against it. Your own moral and intellectual failures  are your enemy.

I have also been gang stalked and attacked by online trolls so terrified of their own incompetency, stupidity and evil histories. They gang up and Group attack.  I have experienced this from the right and the left. They never have anything intelligent to say, and usually resort to referring to me as a stupid cunt or crazy person. So what. I really don’t care.

To any other victims or people who care about victims, please learn the facts here:

Here is proof of  this unbeliveable Orwellian fascist surveillance state by ex intelligence agents.



Please watch all ten epidodes of Ted Gunderson, ex FBI agent.

Watch ex FBI agent Ted Gunderson 9/11 truth symposium

It Is Time to Crash the Surveillance State That Has Destroyed America and Increased Crime – Andrea Iravani
You Are Powerful!
Andrea Iravani