The Federal Government Busted Itself As A Banana Republic Organized Crime Ring, In Addition To State and Local Governments

The United States federal, state, and local governments could not have chosen a more perfect symbol of their existence if they paid someone all the money in the world, than the TOR onion, funded and run almost entirely by the military, and broadcasting board of governors plays a small role in the operations of TOR.

With each stinking, eye-watering layer that is removed, another stinking, eye-watering layer is revealed. Draining the swamp in America,  would be the equivalent of disposing of an onion, a single micro-thin layer at a time.

56.8% of TOR websites are sites for illicit activity.

Police forces and the FBI in Texas have brazenly admitted to running child-porn BitCoin websites. They claim that it is for the purpose of busting pedophiles, which they have  created and entrapped with these illegal websites. Entrapment is illegal. Law enforcement has become corruption enforcement. The police and FBI belong in prison, along with the federal government and military, as well as state and local governments, for child endangerment and the aiding and abetting of other illicit activity that endangers the entire world and all Americans.

I’m all for whistleblower protection, but there has been very little whistleblowing, and a hell of a lot of hot air over the righteousness of the intelligence industry and police state, and hopefully most Americans realize that the government at all levels is nothing more than an organized crime ring, enforced by criminals in uniform!

So fuck you government at every reeking eye-watering layer that you have created!

Explained in further detail here:

The Untold Costs Of A Privately Owned Central Bank and War – Total Corruption and Total Tyranny

Also here:

The U.S. Treasury Was Seeking Business Contracts With Foreign Nations Employing Forced Child Labor Requesting Oral Only Contracts

The First Step Towards A Political Revolution Requires The Majority Of Voters To Drop Their Political Biases And Stop Lying And Omitting Inconvenient Facts

Good luck America!

The only way out is apparently death or moving to another country!

America! Open for corruption through the unconsented whole-sale of your lives!

Andrea Iravani

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