United States Adopts Declaration of Stupidity As Official U.S. Policy

The United States governments at all levels mysteriously adopted a Declaration of Stupidity as official U.S. policy while the vast majority of Americans sleep walked through the zombie apocalypse, anesthetized by opioids, other street drugs, alcohol, and legal snake oil drugs by licensed AMA drug pushers, pushing various psychotropic drugs – anti-anxiety, anti-depressants, ADHD drugs, mood stabilizers, and anti-psychotics on Americans, as well as 24/7 propaganda of blatant lies of American exceptionalism, American freedom, and America as the rescuing white knight against evil and oppressive dictators.

Only a supremely stupid government would commit the acts that this group of mentally and morally impaired degenerates have committed.

1,) Abuse the citizens in every way possible, including mass incarceration.

2.) Suck every last drop of blood, property, & productivity out of the citizens, like vampire parasites.

3.) Have foreign wars be the engine for economic development, so that voluntary homicidal maniacs are rewarded the most, and breed at a higher rate than the rest of the population.

4.) Invade as many nations as possible.

5.) Support terrorist networks

6,) Send hundreds of billions of dollars of weapons to the most violent, and oppressive regimes on Earth.

7.) Suspend all civil rights and articles of the constitution, but continuously reference them in propaganda, creating an illusion of justice, compassion, and credibiity.

8.) Have a government that is too large and too expensive for the public to support.

9) Borrow fiat money from a privately owned central bank that charges what ever interest rate they feel like charging, and give them complete independence and unaccountability.

America’s Kreptocratic Regime Spent Over A Trillion Dollars On War And Itself Just At The Federal Level Last Year

If you’re still voting Republican or Democrat, you really ought to check into a home for the feeble-minded.
Good luck America!
Andrea Iravani

2 thoughts on “United States Adopts Declaration of Stupidity As Official U.S. Policy

  1. Since I have never been a spy, or worked in the “intelligence” community, some things about it over the past several years, the past 3 in particular. The first being, how is it possible to be an honest spy, when the entire act of spying involves the never ending deception of everyone that you encounter? This leads me to believe that when spies are recruited, it must be for loyalty, and not honesty, because an honest spy, would disclose national secrets to people that it was supposed to be spying on, in addition to revealing that they are spies, which would have them executed in most circumstances. As we have seen, the level of loyalty to the most corrupt family in America is so pronounced, that Mueller, Comey, and Brennan have all been willing to throw themselves under the bus, for the Clintons. It is not for the good of America, since having the most corrupt people in power is not good for America. Do they have Stokholm syndrome? It appears that way.


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