Hillary Clinton Personally Signed Uranium One Deal

Intellihub Has reported that Hillary Clinton personally signed the Uranium One Deal, and there is an actual record of the deal with Hillary Clinton’s signature on it here:

Government document bearing Hillary Clinton’s signature proves US-Russian Federation uranium deal occurred

Hillary Clinton and all mainstream news agaencies have repeatedly denied Hillary Clinton’s involvement in the Uranium One Deal.

Almost everything that Hillary Clinton, the DNC,  the FBI,  the CIA,  and the mainstream news agencies have reported since the the 2016 election, including the primary has turned out to be a colossal lie.

I will not list their lies, because it would break the internet. In the past, we had become used to the media simply not reporting relevant news. Now, it has moved to outright lies, everyday, all day long.

In fact, nearly everything that the Clintons,  FBI, CIA, DNC, and media have insisted to be true, has proven to be false, and almost everything that the Clintons,  FBI, CIA, DNC, and media have insisted to be false, has proven to be true.


Andrea Iravani

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