Trumpenomics Will Blow Up In Our Faces, Literally!

MIC whore  and lap-dog US President Donald J. Trump is enacting policy after policy in complete violation of my religious rights. The anti-abortion, anti-birth control, anti-gay Christians keep stating that laws allowing for such activities, strictly violate their religious rights.

Well, the weapons deals, the wars, the massive oppression in America, the mass incarceration epidemic, the 1,184 police extrajudicial murders that occurred in 2017, the Orwellian fascist state, the massive poverty epidemic, the massive homelessness epidemic, the massive US military, CIA, big pharma  sponsored opioid epidemic responsible for 64,000 overdoses last year, the unbearable reality that is also responsible for the 75,000 alcohol related deaths every year are all in 100% violation and total contradiction with every single policy ever preached by my Savior Jesus Christ,  but also of Moses, and Mohamed as well.

Let the Dump Trump campaign begin! Idiot Supreme Trump has just decided to make US tax payer funded embassy workers across the globe, personal sales representatives of the private, murder for profit top 5 defense , or I guess that we should stop calling them defense, and just start calling them terrorist contractors because they are not defending us. Every year the government spends more money on the private murder for profit terrorist industry, and every year brings more war. Gee, how did that happen? Oh, yeah, they made war profitable and some people are so satanically evil and stupid that they will do anything and everything for profit, regardless of who or how many are harmed by it!

Reported by Tyler Durden from Zero Hedge here:

On the brighter side, the economy is FUBAR SQUARED, all bulls and bears are dead and the hogs are in control!

Great job plunge  protection team, at creating a market that nobody can believe in! Let’s just rename all averages to Ponzi Schemes 1,2,3,4&5!

The Federal Reserve is not Federal and there are no Reserves ! It is a team of economic Hitmen and Hitwomen with a single goal in mind! To destroy America and redistribute the assets and power to themselves and their Fed member banks!

Want proof of that allegation?! Fine! Here it is!

Dedicated to the pigs at the FEDERAL RESERVE!


Andrea Iravani

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