Some Cold, Hard, and Ugly Facts About Norway’s Democratic Socialism

Bernie Sanders and now Alexandria Ocasio Cortez have held up the Scandanavian model as the basis for their economic model of Democratic Socialism, while totally ignoring some very ugly realities, that fly in the face of their other favored issues, renewable energy, and Wall Street bashing.

Norway’s economy, in addition to the majority of socialist countries, barring China and North Korea rely heavily on the export of fossil fuels, and rapacious international banking in order to fund their socialist programs. Norway now has 50% of its exports in fossil fuels,  is now the 5th largest oil exporter, and the third largest natural gas producer. They also heavily rely on drilling in the ocean. It is because of the Scandanavian countries, and other oil exporting socialist countries that the Paris Accord exists, so that they can fund their programs with carbon credit transfers when people stop buying what now amounts to 50% of their exports.

Additionally the Paris Accord is based on scientific fraud and is just a subsidy to the fossil fuel industry and Wall Street! CO2 would not be measured, but CO, carbon monoxide, would be, if this was truly to be a scientific theory, since all living animals exhale CO2.

We do not need the Paris Accord to transfer to renewable energy,  which would punish America financially, and prohibit us from transitioning to renewble energy, prior to us paying for the transition of developing countries, including China to renewable energy!

From The Scientific Fraud Of The Paris Accord And Chemtrails – To Truth  – The Final Frontier

The Fossil Fuel Industry is Living in the Ice Ages! – Andrea Iravani

Ironically, Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez have expressed absolutely zero interest in socializing the most oppressive force in America! The central bank, which controls our money supply!

When you have a privatized central bank like we do, you get two things for the price of one! national debt, and taxes, of which there would be no need for either if the government owned the central bank and controlled the money supply, as did Andrew Jackson , the Lion that beat the Biddles, a wealthy banking family, providing America with the only debt free year in our history in 1835! Had Andrew Jackson not erred by adopting the gold standard, we would likely still be debt free, without the bloody history of war, for over 95% of our history!

Banking and Foreign Policy Conspiracy Too Hard To Overlook

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Bernie Sanders want everyone to pay for free college for everyone, without any guaranty that the student would find employment in their field. Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez also support Medicare for all, while medical expenses have risen by over 100% over the past two decades, while the rest of the economy has stagnated, struggling to pay for run away healthcare and education inflation, both producing often catastrophic results for the consumers! Medical error is the third leading cause of death in America, and 2/3 of prescription spending is spent on drugs proven not to work, and endanger patients lives!

The Most Expensive and Deadly “Healthcare” System in the World – Andrea Iravani

University tuition and college book prices have risen by 200% over the past two decades, while primary education and childcare costs have risen by 100% over the past two decades, with one of the worst records in the industrialized world, while simultaeneously having the highest per pupil cost, in excess of $13,000.

The University Hustle – Andrea Iravani
The entire medical system and education system are rife with corruption, waste, fraud, and abuse, and these issues first must be addressed!
* In 2015, healthcare spending reached $10,000 per person. This is nothing less than criminal robbery. The scumbags belong in prison!
When there is a fee for services in medical care, there will be more fees and more services! 20% of the patients, use 80% of medical costs. We currently have a system, that profits off of health mismanagement. I’ve been misdiagnosed numerous times, only to find out after discontinuing a medication, that it was the medication that was responsible for the symptoms that I sought treatment for, for which another expensive medication would be prescribed, along with an incorrect diagnosis of the problem! Of course they always want to run expensive diagnostic tests, which have also proven to give incorrect results, since  I have learned that in hindsight, that it was the medication was the cause!
The Medical Mafia, Eugenics, and the Silent Civil War
The truth is that America cannot have Scandanavian style Democratic Socialism, because we are a consumption based economy, currently and for the last several decades with a trade deficit.
We should have a government run and owned central bank though, but the government should not make the mistake of taking ownership of private banks like they did with the takeovers of Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac.
In truth, all economic systems have the potential to either succeed or fail. It is because of human faults that economies fail. All economic systems have opportunity costs. In true socialism, the trade-off being less financial freedom, as well as freedom of economic opportunity, since the means of production are owned and operated by the state, with laziness being the weakness that leads to its demise, and in capitalism, the potential for both failure and greed, in which greed leads to the demise of capitalism.
In closing, America needs to clean up its act, and stop the corruption and lying that has become a sadly common part of everyday life in America.
Good luck!
Andrea Iravani
* added 7/15/18 at 7:04 pm CT

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